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Oily Face Blues…

General Inquiry from Beauty Scholar Regina D. Brooks of Régine Danielle Events & Design:
Q. I have a question for Beauty School ScArlet!!! What can I use so my foundation stops running off my face? LOL. Everything I come within an inch of gets my foundation on it. Maybe it’s my foundation?
A. Regina thanks for your inquiry!!! Here are a few suggestions that I think may help.
It could possibly be the foundation that you are wearing or maybe the skincare that you are using as well. If you have oily skin or sweat a lot, your foundation may smear or run. Here are a few products that may help your situation…  Try using a mattifying moisturizer. It will help minimize the appearance of oil and prevent the dewy shiny makeup look. I suggest you try the Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Moisturizer.
You can also use a silicone free primer. Primers containing silicone mixed with water based foundation equals the bad witch from The Wizard of Oz melting away when Dorothy removed the ruby slippers…LOL (water and silicone do not mix)!!! Silicone free primer is great for oily skin and prevents your foundation from melting away. I suggest you try Nars Oil-Free Pore Refining Primer.
I would also suggest that you invest in some blotting papers. Blotting papers can be a girl’s BFF!!! Instead of reapplying foundation (which I am sure you don’t do) J I suggest the use of blotting papers to absorb excess oil. When you reapply powder, you are using a sponge that usually has old powder, built up oil, debris and dirt, which means, you are contaminating your powder and causing your face to break out. I suggest you use the Clinique Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets.
Regina, these products should put you in the no melting mattifying oil-free makeup zone!!! Let me know what you decide and if and how they worked. Good Luck and Happy Mattifying!!! MUAH

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Secret and Not So Secret Beauty Tips

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! It’s Friday night and it is about to storm in the Chicago area so, I thought I would giveaway some of my best secret and not so secret beauty tips for your weekend enjoyment 🙂 Some tips I have heard from friends, some from beauty mags or beauty segments; none the less…they are great tips and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me…enjoy!!!

I was watching Dr. Oz one day and he had a beauty secret that I could not pass on and I have only shared this publicly once so you are in for a treat!!! If your feet get sweaty or stinky, use deodorant on the bottom to keep them dry!!! Yep, that’s right, deodorant is not just for keeping your underarms dry and smelling fresh, it is also for feet too!!! LBVS…don’t judge me but it works.


Even though I have beautiful brown skin…I sometimes want that sun kissed look!!! So, instead of laying out in the sun, I use a liquid bronzer on my body to give my skin that beautiful bronzed glow!!! Mmm, hmm it is one of my best-kept secrets for fake hosiery on my legs…LOL


Did you know that if your skin is oily that you could blot it with a toilet seat cover??? I know, I know…it sounds crazy but the paper is made out of the same material as blotting papers. Who knew??? If you are a little leery using those, try a paper napkin, it is not the same but it helps the shine and keeps you from looking like an oil slick…LOL. But remember to blot not rub or the paper will be all over your face and then you will look a little crazy…IJS.


You want whiter teeth quick fast and in a hurry??? No problem, apply your best red lipstick and wallah…just like magic; you have the appearance of whiter and brighter teeth!!! Easy, breezy, amazing, I know!!! Giggles


Do you have shampoo/conditioner or shower gel that you purchased and did not return??? Use them as shaving cream or use the shower gel or shampoo as hand soap. No need of wasting it or throwing it out. It does the same thing, the same thing, the same thing…LOL.


Speaking of shaving your legs, to get a closer shave, use a body scrub before you shave to remove the dead skin cells. This will give you super soft skin and if you use self tanner, it will prevent you from having that streaky look. You know that uneven look you hate; well, it’s all gone if you scrub before you tan!!! I know, thank me later 🙂


Last but not least, stop using a towel to dry your hair. Why??? Well, the little loops in the towel catch onto the hair and pulls it. Towels absorb a lot of moisture and you need a little moisture if you are going to blow dry the hair. Plus, when you rub the towel in your hair it causes the hair to get frizzy and tangled…boo!!! So what should you use, you ask??? A cotton t-shirt will save the day and your hair!!!  And who doesn’t want great hair???


So there you have it…my secret and not so secret Friday night beauty tips!!! MUAH

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