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Report Card Review for: Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia
Last night I tried the Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia from a sample that I received from Sephora. I was so excited because it’s a mask that you have to peel off and there are not as many of those around like there used to be.
Boscia is a preservative free revolutionary skincare brand with clinically proven active botanicals. The philosophy around their products are all about anti-aging, boosting and increasing cell rejuvenation as well as evening out the skin tone which all improve the health of the skin.
The Luminizing Black Mask is a peel off mask that boosts the skins clarity with the use of Vitamin C. It minimizes the appearance of pores, removes impurities, dirt and debris and absorbs excess oil with the use of Montmorillonite Clay. The Pine Bark Extract acts as an antioxidant to fight against free radicals (smoke, smog and pollution). Jojoba Oil acts an antioxidant to protect against anti-aging and Willowherb acts as a unique anti-inflammatory to reduce irritation and redness. Sounds like a great mask, right??? That is exactly what I thought and so I tried it.
I applied the mask just as the directions suggested with a thick opaque layer and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. I avoided my eye, lip brow and hairline as they said on dry skin. After time elapsed, I gently started the process to peel it off and that is where the drama began!!! It was hard to get a hold on an edge of the mask and as I started to peel it off, I felt pain as I have never felt before. It was as if the mask was glued to my face…. it brought tears to my eyes. I went as slow as I possibly could but it did not matter, I was still in pain. Instead of telling you how my face felt, I decided to post pictures so you could get the full effect!!! Just be forewarned that it is not pretty!!! FYI…I tried it on my hand and the same thing happened.
I was not having an allergic reaction because it did not bother me until I started to remove it and it was fine once I rinsed my face. The sensitivity came from the reaction of peeling the mask off. Although I experienced irritation with the removal of the mask, believe it or not, I did like how soft and smooth my skin felt after the swelling went down…LOL. My face was as smooth as a baby’s bottom; it was brighter than I have ever seen it and the black heads on my nose were gone!!! I was in pain and impressed all at the same time!!! Crazy, I know!!! BTW…my face did go back to normal after an hour or so.
My overall review of the Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia is 3 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! Due to the pain, I will not use the mask on my entire face but I may consider using it on my nose during the summer. If you have tough skin and a high tolerance for pain, you can purchase this mask at Sephora or Ulta for $34. Good Luck and Happy Peeling!!!

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