A Moisturizing Cream???

Report Card Review for Moisturizing Skin Cream by Yu-Be
Since we are in the winter months, I will test and try many moisturizing products for the face, body and skin!!! The winter months can be very harsh on the skin and you may experience more dryness than usual and I want to help you find the right products to help combat dry skin!!!
I was introduced to the Yu-Be brand a few years ago when I worked at a prestige brand cosmetics store in Houston. They are said to be the #1brand in Japan and they were established in 1957. They offer a small range of products that are all Glycerin based, enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and Camphor.
My hands are always dry because I am constantly washing them or using a hand sanitizer because as you show know by now, I am a germ-o-phob (don’t judge me)!!! I just hate being sick, I work in a customer service oriented environment where I have to shake hands and interact with tons of people and I don’t know how often they wash their hands throughout the day (I’m just saying)!!! LOL
Sometimes my hands are so dry that they are peeling and they hurt because I don’t always have time to put on hand cream. The first time I tried Yu-Be, it saved my unappealing dry hands from cracking and peeling so from there I was sold. It gave instant moisture from the Glycerin, it was not greasy, it absorbed into my skin immediately and the Vitamin E and B2 help to heal my very dry damaged skin. I was so exited for the instant gratification that I have been using this as my go to hand cream for a couple of years.
Yu-Be has stated on their website that the moisturizing cream can be used on the face, lips and body. While I have not tried it on those areas, I would not rule it out!!!
The only negative is the smell of the Camphor but the food news is that is doesn’t last long. My final grade for the Moisturizing Skin Cream by Yu-Be is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! You can purchase Yu-Be at Sephora, Ulta or yu-be.com for $16 for 1.25oz or $25 for 2.5oz. If you try Yu-be, let me know your final grade…MUAH, Happy moisturizing!!!

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