Beauty is Love!

This poem is dedicated to anyone who has witnessed, been victimized and/or survived Domestic Violence!

Love to the Limit

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1: The Beauty of Strength!

Beauty is being naturally you; baring it all without filters!

Today, I am being naturally me and baring it all without filters! I am sharing a side of me that I don’t share that often because I hope to bring awareness to my readers and I believe that beauty starts from the inside out.

As a child, I watched my father abuse my mother, as a teen I was abused physically by a high school boyfriend and verbally as an adult. Today, I realize that I am beautiful and love is not abusive!

I wrote a poem from the heart in the late 90’s as a dedication to my younger self and any woman who has experienced domestic violence.

This is not just a poem from what I have seen, heard or experienced, it is a poem for anyone who has been affected by domestic violence or someone who is in denial. I pray and hope that this helps someone to seek shelter and help. 

Domestic Violence is a disease. Please understand that love does not hurt. Love is not abusive – verbally, mentally, physically or emotionally. Love is patient and kind. Love is happiness and joy. Love is you!

If you or someone you know suffers from Domestic Violence, please call the hotline 1.800.799.7233 or call the police. Be strong, be a conqueror, believe in you and be free! MUAH

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