Universal High Pigment Shadows

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A few months ago I attended to The Makeup Show Chicago, which is the end all to be all for a beauty junkie like me as there are brands galore to showcase their products and industry icons to share their knowledge through workshops and seminars. It is so exciting but one could become overwhelmed with all the amazing sights to see and people to meet!!! However, I did not let that stop me…I made a plan of who, what, when and where I wanted to see and meet and then I quickly put that plan into action!!! LOL

During my exploration of new brands (at least for me)…I came across Magnolia Makeup, a beauty brand based out of New Awlins (and I say this with love in my most Southern Gal drawl…no, for real, I used to live in the South…LOL). They are devoted to color that is high in pigment and they believe in quality as well as fun for every occasion!!! Yep, this sounds like a brand I want to explore; so I did…*giggles*.

It is funny because I had this brand on my list to investigate but, before I could get to it, several of my blogger friends kept telling to make sure I stopped by Magnolia before I left…so I hoped that it would be all that and then some!!!

When I approached the booth, I was amazed at all the colors. I was like a kid in a candy store and the all the makeup were my sweet treats…LOL!!! Any who, as you can read, it was love at first sight but the true test will come during my trial of wearing the product for a few weeks. While there was so much to chose from, I was able to narrow my selection down to 3 eyeshadows and 2 lip colors in a pot to purchase (and believe me…that was hard to do)!!!


Today, I am only prepared to share my analysis on the Individual Pigment shadows and here is what I liked: I absolutely positively loved the pigments!!! While all you MAC girls are ranting and raving over their colors and pigments, I suggest you stop, look and listen to a new sheriff in town!!! Now, before you MAC junkies go all crazy on me, for the record, I’m not hating…IJS, give this brand a try because MAC is not the end all to be all when it comes to colors and pigments. Not only that, Magnolia is not as expensive as MAC and the overall quality is great!!! The loose pigments are easy to use and they will work on all skin tones. A little goes a long way and the color last a long time without creasing or fading…FTW!!!


Now, I know this sounds like a match made in makeup heaven but there are a few dislikes and here they are: I am not one for loose shadows and or powders as they can get a tad messy but this is not a deal breaker for me if the product is great (and this is…teehee)!!! I am not sure if the Individual Pigments are mineral based or not as there is nothing on the website or the product which indicates a yay or nay and to my understanding, loose shadows are mineral based. Again, this is not a deal breaker; inquiring minds would just like to know…LOL, IJS!!!


So after several weeks of the trial investigation, I have my final grade for you… I give the Individual Pigment shadows by Magnolia Makeup 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! If you are interested in purchasing the shadows, you can do so at magnolia.com for $10 each (the colors featured here are Truffle, Citrine and Gold Nugget). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…Happy blending!!!



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My Fall 2013 Makeover Experience


A few days ago I attended an event at Ulta Beauty for a fall makeover from Smashbox Cosmetics. It’s funny because I was really nervous, as I have not had a full makeover in years. Yes, I know…I am a beauty blogger and you would think that this would be the norm but I never make the time, I am nervous about the look I am going to receive and I am a closet germaphobe (don’t judge me)!!! Believe it or not, I have witnessed some makeup artists with dirty brushes, blowing on a powder to remove the access or not sanitizing the brushes. Plus, you never know what little kid or teen has been playing in the makeup when no one is around…. IJS!!! So, I usually stay clear and just apply products on my hand. However, last Saturday, I took a leap of faith closed my eyes (literally) and took a chance…LOLIMG_0532

When I walked in, I did not know what to expect and I was hoping that I would get the best makeup artist that would beat my face (as they say in the industry…meaning make it fierce) if not, this post would have a totally different tone… giggles!!!

Anywho, I was approached by Rose, the Prestige Manager who organized the event to check in and get assigned to my makeup artist. Moments later, I was introduced to Christine with Smashbox Cosmetics and she asked me what look did I want her to achieve. Fall, was my answer as it only makes sense so I can show you…my Beauty Scholars the haute colors for this season :-).

Here, you will see a collage of pics from start to finish…bare face and all :-).IMG_0528After my fierce, fab, glam look from the awesome Christine, I was able to take a mini photo-shoot in the Smashbox photo booth. Yep, I felt like I was on ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) and Tyra was about to tell me that I was the new winner…LOL!!!IMG_0534IMG_0538

I had so much fun and I must admit that I am mad that I have not taken the time or the guts to this a long time ago :-(. I was so pleased with my complete look that I purchased almost everything (and that my friends is how and when a makeup artist knows if you really love the look).

IMG_0530After my new fall look, I had dinner and margaritas too see if my lipstick would last like my lip stain and guess what… it lasted but not as good. Good enough for me to give it 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!!IMG_0531The overall look and the total experience was a 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! Ulta Beauty, I loved the event and Smashbox…bravo on your new fall colors!!! Beauty Scholars, I highly recommend that you get a makeover every season to change your look, get pampered and try some new products. It makes you feel great, look glam and be fabulous!!!

Special shout out to my fellow blogger in crime Ms. Travel Chic for joining me on my fall makeover adventures!!! IMG_0542





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Twitter Party Alert

Do you tweet??? Come join the #BeautyTalk twitter chat tonight at 9:00 PM EST!!!


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Just My P.O.V. – Shecky’s Girls Night Out

Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out
Shecky’s Girls Night Out is a social event that started in New York where boys are not allowed!!! Over the past 10 years, it has grown form NY to Chicago, Atlanta, LA, DC, Philadelphia, The Hamptons and Boston. This is where you and your girlfriends get together and just have a fun night out with shopping from different vendors, drinks, goodie bags and more. It is usually held in a fairly large location to accommodate the vendors and all the girls hanging with their gal pals.
My first Shecky’s event was 2 years ago in Chicago at Union Station with one of my good friends and I must say, we had a ball!!! There were so many vendors and a huge goodie bag with all sorts of products to try (and that was just perfect for a product junkie like myself) LOL. Most vendors had something they wanted you to try so there were plenty of demos and samples galore!!! So when I received my email that Shecky’s was returning, I was excited and ready to go!!!
Last Friday I met 2 of my blogger friends Toya Nicole of http://www.mstravelchic.com and Toni Carr of http://prettydarkgirlstyle.blogspot.comto experience a girl’s night out blogger style!!! We went, we saw, we conquered every vendor, free demo and sampled anything we could. We even sat in on a few Girl Talk Workshops like Spring Forward Your Fashions with Aramide “Dee Dee “ Esubi and Celebrity Beauty Secrets with Tia Dantzler. The workshops were filled with good tips and tricks with fashion and beauty trends for spring. Dee Dee’s outfit is a great a example of what to wear this spring and Tia did a great spring look before and after on her model.
The workshops were a great addition from 2 years ago and I am glad they added them. There were just a few things that could be improved for the next girl’s night out… the microphones were too low to hear over the music. The makeup artist should have had a microphone pinned on her clothes so we could hear her at all times and the door should have been closed to the room during this time to help minimize the loud sounds of some of the music. I may not be an event planner but I think this is just basic event planning 101 but that is just my P.O.V. IJS!!!
I was excited to see new vendors and companies that I have never heard of as well as local companies to represent Chicago. Some of my favorites were: Tru Blossoms Chicago, a fragrance company made from locally sourced ingredients grown by the residents. OMG…the scent is so amazing that I can’t wait to get my very own bottle!!! Another brand that I was excited to meet was Natural Passions Inc. They offer therapeutic natural and organic personal care products that smell and feel awesome!!! I also found a new skincare line called Lulu Blossom, which is a vegan/vegetarian bath and beauty line. They are all about good, nature, natural ingredients that are great for the skin and body!!! Tgin is another merchant that believes in a healthier natural lifestyle from the inside out. I tried a great hand cream that was so moisturizing without the stickiness or greasiness. Yes, I was introduced to some marvelous new companies and I can’t wait to try out some of their products to review and rate them for you!!!
As you can read, I really enjoyed myself but I was disappointed in the lack of vendors from 2 years prior. I was also disappointed with the goodie bag giveaway; it do not have as many products as before. This bag included snacks, books and products. Don’t get me wrong, the snacks were good and I love to read but the books offered were not of my liking. Now don’t get me wrong…I will be back next year with bells on but my expectations will not be as high as before. If you are interested in finding out when and where Shecky’s Girls Night Out is coming to your area, check out sheckys.com and get some girl time in with your gal pals!!!

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