To Buy or Not To Buy A Hair Steamer

A few months ago I attended The Little Black Dress gala for the In Her Shoes Foundation and they held a silent auction to kick off the event. I noted many things I wanted to place a bid on but I only wanted to win one. The Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer was up for grabs and there was no way that I was going to let someone out bid me (in the name of charity…of course)! I stalked the list several times throughout the night to ensure that I would go home with the prize.


At the end of the night, they called my name. I won; I won the bid on the Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer! I was so excited to try this steamer as it has been on my wish list for quite some time and I had heard so much about it at the Huetiful grand opening in Chicago.

So, it’s been a few months and I have tried it a few times to see if this steamer was all that it claimed to be. Now I have only used the steamer for my hair and not my face so this review will be on that and the Huetiful Straightening Hair Masque. So, with no further ado, I give you The Glam it, The Slam it and The Final Review.


The Glam: When I used the Huetiful Hair Steamer with the Straightening Hair Masque, I had less shrinkage with my curls. I also noticed that my hair was easier to blow dry and it was softer than usual. The best thing is, that when I worked out, my hair did not get as curly from the sweat as it normally does. Now when I used it without the Straightening Hair Masque, I had the normal amount of shrinkage, my blow dry time was not as good and my hair was not as soft. It’s easy to assemble and there is an automatic shutoff so the steam won’t burn you.


The Slam: The cover for the steamer does not extended that far up so I have to slouch in the chair to keep my head under the hood. The Straightening Hair Masque was not as effective without the hair steamer.


My final grade for the Heutiful Hair and Facial Steamer is 4.5 out of 5 smooches…. MUAH! If the hood was easier to adjust and if you could experience the same outcome with your hair without the Straightening Hair Masque, then my final grade would be a 5. I have come to love my steamer and conditioner and I use it every week. This steamer and masque together, is just everything to my hair! If you are interested in purchasing the Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer and Straightening Hair Masque, you can head over to or the Huetiful Salon located in Chicago or Atlanta. But hurry because it is currently on sale for $116.95 from $129.95 and the conditioner is $18. Happy Steaming!

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SINSational SinfulColors

Halloween is fast approaching and something wicked this way comes with SinfulColors 2014 Halloween Collection!


Last week I received a special delivery of SinfulColors to write a spooktacular mani and pedi post just in time for Halloween! Summon up something spooky with five fab mysterious topcoats to turn your ordinary mani Monday into a Boo-tiful badass mani Monday!


You can accessorize your costume and glam up any mani with one or all of the four glitter colors. Or you can ghoul up your mani with the Glow In The Dark topcoat!

Cauldron Couture: Wickedly Glittery Emerald

Mystery Moonshine: Multi-Colored Confetti

Spatter Spell: Gilded Black Flecks

Pumpkin Spice: Twinkling Fall Orange

Glow In The Dark: Ghoulishly Fluorescent

But just in case you are feeling a little dangerous and daring like me, take all the topcoats and combine them together to get a freakishly mischievous Halloween mani.


If you are interested in any of the SinSational SinfulColors head over to Walgreens or Target and pick up a few of your faves for $1.99. But, be sure you hurry because Halloween is this Friday and you want to make sure you have your pick of the polish…bwahahaha!

So what do you think? What’s your favorite? What’s your style? Comment below and share your mystery mix and tweet @SinfulColorsNP



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Dare to Nair

A few weeks ago I saw a commercial for a Nair Hair Removal product that caught my attention so I decided to go to my local Walgreens to make a purchase. I picked up a box of the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and rushed home to give it a try.


I won’t spend much time giving you the beauty 411 on the brand because it’s a brand that’s been around for years. So, here’s the short version of what Nair is all about. They are an iconic at home hair removal brand that offers an alternative to shaving. Using Nair prevents cuts, razor bumps and nicks. It ‘s made to be gentler, last longer and cost less than waxing at a salon.

But, I had questions…does it really do that? Did it leave my legs feeling smooth and last longer than shaving or waxing? And was it gentler? Hmmm…inquiring minds want to know and I am going to give you the answers below in the Glam it or Slam it and my final grade!


The Glam: The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio looked like it would be easy to apply. The kit came with wipes for prepping the skin, a spatula to apply the clay cream to remove unwanted hair and gel to soothe the skin after you remove the clay. The prep wipes were made of oil to coat the skin to prevent irritation, which they did on the first try. The clay is the hair remover, and it did remove the hair. The soothing gel moisturized and soothed the skin, kind of like a post shave healer.

Everything went pretty well on the first try, on my legs and bikini area but my underarms…now that’s a different story; they were a little irritated but nothing major.





The Slam: The first time around everything was good except my underarms. The second time was something short of a tragic situation. The directions suggest you wait 72 hours before your next application. Since I have sensitive skin, I decided to wait a little over a week. I followed the same directions as the last time. I even left the cream on for a shorter time because I didn’t want to take any chances.

When I went to rinse the cream from my underarms, they were on FIYA not fire but FIYA. The soothing gel did not soothe and my deodorant burned and irritated them more. Later that night my underarms were red and swollen with puffy patches that hurt every time I moved my arms. It took three days for the reaction to clear 🙁

My legs were okay until later that night, they became itchy, and I felt like I had the chicken pox. In fact, they are still itching a week later. I have scratched them so bad that I have a scab on one of my legs. I’m so thankful that I did not apply this on my bikini area this time!!! The thought of it brings tears to my eyes!


From the scratching

My final grade for the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio is 1 out of 5 smooches…MUAH. It did remove the hair but the itching, burning and irritation is not worth the try or buy.

Beauty is sometimes pain but this…was totally an epic fail! Now, I’m not saying that this will happen to you. Everyone has different skin and reactions so use it at your own risk! If you want to try it, head over to your local drug store. It cost $16.99. Happy Shopping and Good Luck!

PS…my hair grew back within a week. It’s better to go to a spa and get a wax!


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The Miracle Brush for Naturalista’s

Since I have gone natural, I have come across so many natural hair products that curl, straighten and curl aging but I have never seen a brush that coils your curls. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this brush will twist, style or loc your hair in a matter of minutes!
I came across this product at the African Festival of Arts a few months ago and I was surprised at what I witnessed! It’s called Nudred by The Nudred System and if I did not see it action with my own eyes, I would not have believed the results. Check out the details in The Glam it, The Slam it and My Final Grade!

IMG_5703 IMG_5712

The Glam: If you are pressed for time with styling your hair then this is the product for you. You can get a quick twist, coil or loc touch up. This is also great for someone who just did the big chop or someone who needs help with styling. It’s easy to use and it saves time and money on making those trips to the beauty salon and sitting in the chair for a couple of hours. Plus you get a leave-in curl enhancing product with your purchase.





The Slam: It seems to work best on shorter hair because the curls are really defined and they look great. Now, don’t get me wrong, medium to longer length hair can get a cute style too it’s just not as defined in my opinion.







My final grade for the Nudred is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! I love that you can style your natural hair in 5 minutes or less and get a cute look too! If you are interested in purchasing the Nudred, you can get it for $45 at Happy Styling!

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Eden BodyWorks Product Review


A few months ago I attended an event and I came across a new brand of products for me but they are probably not so new to you. I stumbled across the brand EDEN BodyWorks and today I am going to share my experience with one the products I purchased. But before I spill the tea with The Glam it or Slam it, let me give you the beauty 411 about the natural brand (just in case you are a newbie just like me) LOL!

Eden Body Works is all about maintaining the hair and body’s original design by offering natural products to incorporate wellness and beauty. An 11-year-old girl named Jasmine Lawrence created the company. She was frustrated by the lack of natural products to repair her damaged hair and she wanted something that would leave it feeling healthy. And after much trail and error of mixing ingredients to find a complete product, by age 13, she crafted the perfect solution and found her “Eden” in EDEN BodyWorks in 2004.

Today, the products continue to use the same natural ingredients that Jasmine started with; they are made without petroleum, mineral oils and sulfates. The products continue to repair and strengthen all hair textures whether it’s relaxed or natural. These products are targeted to give you healthier, stronger hair.


Now that we have uncovered the history behind the brand, let’s talk about which product (out of the five I purchased) I decided to review…don’t judge my overindulgence with my spending habits when it comes to beauty because I am sucker for products and I just can’t help it! I have a problem and I am not afraid to admit it and I don’t need an intervention…LBVS (Giggles)! But I digress…the product I decided to review is the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo.


Here’s The Glam: The Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo has a minty fresh smell and it invigorates my scalp. It helps my hair and scalp feel refreshed and renewed by removing all the buildup from the week. It’s gentle because it’s made without harsh chemicals so it does not leave my hair feeling dry. The tea tree detoxes my scalp to relieve it from dry patches or flakes. A little goes a long way and even though it is sulfate free…it offers a great lather.


Here’s The Slam: hmmm…let me see, NOTHING!

My final grade for the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo by EDEN BodyWorks is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! I love this shampoo; it leaves my hair clean without that drying feeling! And most of all, I love the price…$8.99. If you are interested in purchasing this product, head over to to locate a list of stores in your area or you can purchase it on their website. Happy Shampooing!

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Healthy Hair Tips From Dr. Oz

Healthy Hair Tips From the Dr.Oz Show copy

So I am watching Dr. Oz and he is talking hair. He has hair expert – Celebrity Stylist Kyle White on the show who has 25 years of experience and here is what he says…

  1. When you chemically treat your hair and use heat, you are burning your hair. When you use a high heat to style your hair with a blow dryer or flat iron, Kyle says you should use Castor Oil because it’s a great heat protectant. It protects the hair from heat damage.
  1. Frequent washing of your hair is too drying and strips those natural oils, which in turn dry out your hair. Kyle says “Your scalps natural oils are Mother Nature’s natural conditioners.” Don’t wash your hair more than once a week; do scalp massages to circulate the blood flow.
  1. Harsh weather like the sun can damage the hair. One day of being out in the sun is the equivalent of 5 days of bleach. It’s essential to apply sunscreen for the hair. You can find sunscreen for the hair in drug stores.

These are easy inexpensive tips that can protect your hair and keep it healthy, which will in turn promote growth! I don’t know about you but I headed to the store to pick up these products ASAP!


This information is via The Dr. Oz Show on 5/14/14


I am a beauty maven who exudes splendor in all things beauty! My passion is to empower women to make the best choices in life to improve her lifestyle from head to toe as well as from the inside out. I am Co-founder of Boardroom Beauties – a women’s empowerment and lifestyle company. Follow me on twitter to get the latest beauty tips and tricks @abeautyscarlet. I’m available for hosting and speaking engagements, contact me for more information.

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Hair 180 or Hair 360?

A few months ago I received a box of products as a gift from a company named Hair 180. Nikki Rushing created Hair 180 because she was a frustrated consumer from brands discontinuing her favorite products or going out of business. Through self-education on product ingredients, she learned which components she liked and what worked for her hair. With the encouragement of her husband, she started researching more and more, became a hair activist and created her brand of products.

Hair 180 uses high quality ingredients infused with pure certified organics. The products are free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols and petroleum as well as mineral oils. In other words, all of the stuff that is bad for your hair.

I have been using the Whipped Shea Butter, Revitalizing Shampoo, Hydrating Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler and the Nourishing Hair Serum for a few months. Two out of the five products stood out to me, the Whipped Shea Butter and Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler. Today I am going to rate the Whipped Shea Butter.


Here’s the Glam: This product gives a lightweight shine and moisture without weighing the hair down. I use it before blow-drying and flatironing my hair and it offers the moisture I need and protects it from heat damage. It helps with my dry scalp and hair during the Chicago harsh winter months. The smell is great and not overpowering. Best of all, it is filled with great ingredients. It has Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Olive and Grape Seed Oil with Organic Jojoba Oil. Oh, and I forgot to mention, a little goes a very long way. Just a dime size will do just fine.


IMG_2379IMG_2380Here’s the Slam: Insert happy face here 🙂 because I don’t have anything bad to say about this product!

My final grade for the Hair 180 Whipped Shea Butter (in case you have not guessed it) is 5 out of 5 smooches!!! MUAH. I love everything about this product and I think you will too. If you are interested in purchasing the Whipped Shea Butter, you can buy the trial size (2oz) for $6.00 or the regular size (4oz) for $15.00. Go to Happy Moisturizing!

This post was originally posted on Rachel O Beauty

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A Molton Brown Experience – A Luxury Shower Gel and Lotion

A few months ago, I flew to NYC to check out the beauty capital in the USA and the first thing I wanted to do was head over to the Molton Brown store! The company originated in London, England, 1973 and they are known as the bath, body and beauty specialist.  They infuse the products with exotic ingredients and sensual smells. This luxurious brand is definitely worth a try.


Molton Brown is actually one of my favorite bath and body brands because the smell and quality is just so amazing! They recently opened a new flagship store in NYC and I wanted to take in the ambiance, linger inside and of course, make a purchase. Yes, I know, I am a total sucker when it comes to products and this time was no different…LOL.

IMG_2151Anywho, I received great service from a guy (I can’t remember his name) but he was so patient with me as I smelled EVERYTHING in the entire store…LBVS! I must say that it was a little bit of an overload because there was so many products but I had to smell them all as I needed to find the perfect body wash to fall in love with 🙂 .


IMG_2150Here’s the Glam: It was love at last smell with the Ambrusca Cleansing Shower Oil and Conditioning Body Lotion. The Cleansing Shower Oil hydrates and tones the skin. It is a fresh floral smell that lingers with an amazing aroma that last throughout the day. A little goes a long way and it leaves the skin so soft. And surprisingly, the shower oil gives a good lather but not as much as a gel.

The Conditioning Body Lotion is hydrating and leaves the skin silky and smooth! Both products are rich in antioxidants with grape leaf extract and Moroccan argan oil to help tone the skin. And the scent is just so amazing that it makes me heart shower time even more 🙂 .


Here’s the Slam: There is not a Molton Brown store in Chicago; you can only order online and the body lotion is currently out of stock 🙁 , boo and hiss! It is a little on the expensive side but, it is totally worth the cost.


My final grade for the Ambrusca Cleansing Shower Oil and Conditioning Body Lotion is…(yes you’ve guessed it) 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! If you are interested in purchasing these products, you can do so at or visit the store in NYC!  The shower oil is $34 and the body lotion is $39. Happy pampering!!!


*This post was originally posted on Rachel O Beauty *

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Give it to me Straight

It’s been a little over a year since I have been wearing my hair natural. I have grown out my relaxer to be chemical free and healthy…WooHoo!

During this journey, I tried a lot of products to prevent hair breakage and maintain one texture of hair. You see, when you transition your hair, you can have curly, straight and wavy pieces which, can be very frustrating because you don’t know how to wear your hair. During this process, you can also experience a lot of breakage because the relaxed hair is damaged and growing out and the curly hair is stronger hair. When the curly hair grows more and more, it can make the relaxed hair snap and break.

During my transition, I tried new products from the Ojon Super Sleek line. It is a four-step process with the Super Sleek Smoothing Shampoo, Super Sleek Smoothing Conditioner, Super Sleek Hair Straightening Treatment and the Super Sleek Restorative Blowout Protector. I was so excited because I have been using Ojon for a long time and the products have helped me maintain healthy hair throughout the years and I knew these products would not be any different!


So, I purchased the products in Spring of 2013 and I have been testing it since then. Yes, it has taken me over 6 months to test this product line and I will let you know why in just a moment.

As I mentioned earlier, when you transition your hair you will have all types of textures going on from curly, wavy and straight and it is frustrating to say the least! I was not ready to wear my hair curly so the only alternative was to wear it straight and I needed product to help me achieve my style because by the 6th month, blow-drying was taking too long and I was burning my hair by applying too much heat. I needed help!


Here’s the glam: The Super Sleek Shampoo, Conditioner and Restorative Blowout Protector helped me maintain my straight hair for the first 5 months. The shampoo is sulfate free so it prevents dryness and it is very moisturizing. The conditioner is moisturizing as well and was easy to comb through my hair. The blow-drying cream was awesome! It kept my hair straight, smooth and sleek. I loved my hair until the sixth month during the core summer months! My hair swelled and it did not stay as straight even with the blow-drying cream :-(. So, I implemented the fourth step with the Super Sleek Straightening Treatment and I was in hair heaven! My blow-drying time was cut in half and my hair felt like silk. I was so excited to read that the product last up to 30 shampoos…FTW!




I was a little nervous because the straightening treatment is like a keratin treatment but without all the bad stuff and I have tried a keratin treatment before and it did not work. By the second try, my hair was falling out. It was a disaster to say the least.  But this was different I was convinced and I loved it until it was time for the third application.


Here is the slam: Right before the third application, my hair started breaking off. I have a major breakage in the front and a section in the back 🙁 Whomp, Whomp! How do I know that it was the straightening treatment? Well, it is the only product I have been using, I have not tried anything new and my hair stylist who is also a hair instructor said products like this are not made multi-ethnic hair. Even though the product is free from formaldehyde, lye and cysteine…anything that is like a keratin treatment is not good.


Needless to say, I did not have her do a third application and my results are inconclusive for the Super Sleek line by Ojon. Here’s what’s interesting…I found out that the straightening treatment was discontinued for thick/coarse hair but I did not find out why. I am still using the shampoo, conditioner and blow-dry protector because I don’t think it is harmful and it worked for the first five months.

On my last visit to the hair salon, I got my hair trimmed to camouflage the breakage and it has been not been breaking since then. I will certainly keep you posted. I guess in this case, I took one for the team!

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Formula X by Sephora A New Brand of Nail Polish

A few days ago I stopped in Sephora to pick up 1 thing… my favorite brow pencil from Hour Glass Cosmetics and the new nail polish setup of the Formula X by Sephora sidetracked me. This is the brand I have been telling you about since the spring!!! It’s allegedly the reason Sephora ended their relationship with O.P.I.


This polish is reportedly the end all to be all for nail lovers. It is supposed to be chip-free, one coat, high shine polish that is resistant to both water and detergent!!! Yep, that’s right…it’s supposed to be the Bentley of nail polishes.  In fact, one of the cast members (beauty advisor’s) said that she had been wearing her polish for 7 days and there were no chips in sight after careful inspection (from me of course). Don’t worry ladies because I’ll be the judge and jury on the final results before you make your purchase…LOL.

In case you are wondering how all this is possible, from my understanding, you have to purchase the special cleanse polish to get the full affect. And then there is the prime polish, the color you choose and the shine. However, they have a little kit where you can purchase the cleanser, primer, the shine and you pick your color.


But before I try it and review it, I must tell you the assortment of colors (200+) is amazing and I was quite impressed!!! They also had a few kits to choose from ranging from $39 – $59.  And they have nail stickers as well as polishes with embellishments.


Now before you go running to your nearest Sephora…please note that the actual launch is not until October 10th. So don’t be mad if you go tomorrow and it is not available…just wait a few more days! 🙂 BTW…the polish ranges from $10.50 – $12.50 per bottle. The stickers are $15 and the treatments are $14.


So what are your thoughts??? Are you adding the date to your calendar??? I picked up a pack from a store with an early launch. Giggles

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