Fashion Fair Beauty Alert

Fashion Fair, the largest black-owned cosmetics company in the world has made a major announcement! The legendary brand is rebranding and they are starting at the top. They have selected Amy S. Hilliard, as the new President over the Johnson Publishing owned beauty brand. She will be responsible for overall operations of the company and growing the brand in sales, marketing and building retail partnerships.

Amy Hilliard headshot

How exciting for Fashion Fair to have so much newness over the past few months! Last fall, they hosted an amazing soirée, “Say Yes to Life, Love and Beauty” for the re-launch of the website and debut of the short film “Say Yes”, they named Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler as the new Creative Director and now Amy S. Hilliard as the President for the brand!

Amy, a Detroit Native comes to the brand with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has served as President, CEO and Founder of The ComfortCake Company LLC, the maker of “poundcake so good it feels like a hug!” ComfortCake has also been featured on several cooking and news shows as well as national publications. She owns The Hilliard Group Inc., a strategic marketing consulting, product development and speaking firm. And she has held prominent roles at L’Oreal for Soft Sheen Products, Burrell Communications, The Pillsbury Company and The Gillette Company just to name a few.

The CEO of Johnson Publishing Desiree Rodgers says “We are excited to bring Amy into the Fashion Fair family. Amy comes to us with an extensive background in marketing and business development, and we look forward to having her expertise and leadership as we re-launch the Fashion Fair Cosmetics brand and continue our business growth.”

“I am sincerely honored to take over the role of President for Fashion Fair Cosmetics,” added Hilliard. “This company holds an iconic role in the African-American community. Personally meeting Mrs. Eunice Johnson as she launched the brand was historic, and I am excited to play a role in the company’s growth and expansion globally.”

In 2013, Fashion Fair’s motto was “Say Yes to Life, Love and Beauty.” In 2014 I believe the motto should be, “Say Yes to Change, Growth and Beauty!” It will be exciting to see the new ideas, growth and transformation that Amy S. Hilliard will bring to the brand in her new position as the President starting on February 24th.

Congratulations Amy, I wish you much success in your new role with Fashion Fair!


Sources via Johnson Publishing Press Release and

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NAPW Chicago Presents – Beauty, Fashion & Brunch Event


NAPW Presents:  Beauty, Fashion, Brunch & Headshot Event! Get your girlfriends together for some great girl time! Eat, drink, network, have a photo shoot and have some fun! Chicago, this will be an amazing event that will sell out fast so get your tickets now!

Beauty:  Avis Wright, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Be beauty-ready for your head shots!  Avis will be hosting a professional make-up application demo at Noon.  Learn easy make-up application tips you can use at home to look like the professional, powerful woman that you are!  Mary Kay beauty items and make-up will be available for purchase at a special NAPW discounted rate.

Fashion: Kaitlyn & Lisa, Because I Shop Too Much

Kaitlyn & Lisa will be sharing their styling advice with you along with their most fabulous fashionable items for you to try on for your head shot and purchase if you’d like.  Most items are under $30.

Jewelry: DeAnn Stephens, Silpada Designs

DeAnn will have her beautiful pieces jewelry on display for you to wear for your head shot and if you fall in love with one of her pieces you can purchase it on the spot!

Beauty Blog: Renee Bolton, Beauty School Scarlet

Renee is a beauty maven who blogs.  The Siskel & Ebert of all things beauty!  She will be on hand to provide you with beauty tricks and tips for 2014.  She’s also the Co-Founder of a new group called Boardroom Beauties.

Brunch: Peggy Mikros, Cork Catering

Cork Catering will be providing a wonderful spread of Tea Sandwiches, Gourmet Pinwheels, and other delicious items for attendees to munch on.  And what is brunch without mimosas?!  The NAPW Chicago Chapter will provide an array of beverages.

Amanda Spataro, Specks Photography

Amanda will be on-hand to take your professional headshots for only $20!  Professional headshots can range from $200 to $800 so take advantage of this awesome rate!  You will receive 3 to 4 different poses with your photos on a CD for you to take home.  The photo background will be white so please wear colors or black/gray for your photos.  You will be asked to sign up on a time sheet when you arrive so you know when your photo shoot will take place.

When:   Saturday, February 8th, 11am to 2pm

Location:   Kimball Office Chicago Showroom, 325 N. Wells St, Chicago, Suite 100.  Directly across Wells Street from the Merchandise Mart.

Parking:   Parking garage called Mart Parc at 401 N Wells, 312-347-3515.  5 min walk to Kimball Office from garage.  There may be some metered parking available on Kinzie also.

Tickets:  $35 for a ticket that includes the beauty demo, brunch and your head shots.  $18 for a ticket that includes the beauty demo and brunch only.


 Click the following link to register: Beauty, Fashion & Brunch With Headshot Event


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A Conversation With Celebrity Hairstylist Larry Sims

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Celebrity Hairstylist Larry Sims at an event. I was so intrigued by his personality and story that I had to get an interview. Thankfully he was gracious enough and agreed to have a phone conversation with me!


Before we start the conversation, here’s a little background information on how Larry Sims started his career. He started as a backup dancer but not just any dancer. He always had a passion for hair so he would style the artist’s hair and makeup backstage. One day someone noticed and passed his name on to Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves.

Later, Larry worked as an apprentice for Ken and occasionally filled in for him from time to time. One day, as luck would have it, Ken was not available and Larry was able to fill in to style none other than Victoria Beckham. Yes, that’s right…Larry is the one and only who cut and styled her famous bob hairstyle. The rest is history and needless to say, his client list has grown there.

Now that you have the quick version of his background, sit back and enjoy a conversation with Larry Sims!

BSS: What is your definition of beauty?

LS: Self-confidence, personal style, freedom of expression and being a trendsetter.

BSS: Who was your biggest influence?

LS: As a dancer my biggest influence were the people on the glam squads working on films and videos. Like: Christopher Maldonado – stylist for Aaliyah who passed away was my biggest influence. Oscar James is a huge influence and my mother with her own personal beauty style.

BSS: What advice would you give a cosmetology student who is interested in starting out in the beauty industry?

LS: Do your homework, be around people who are successful and stay humble, perfect your craft and do test shots. Be an apprentice for a stylist so you can learn more.

BSS: When someone is looking for a new hairstylist what are the top 3 tips they should look for?


–       Read yelp reviews

–       Ask for referrals

–       A great stylist will ask about your lifestyle and history of your hair

BSS: What is the hairstyle trend for 2014?

LS: Natural, textured hair, and hair that is not perfect. More of an editorial look like a messy bun.

BSS: When shopping for hair products, what ingredients should people look for and what should they stay away from?

LS: You don’t necessarily get better results with more expensive products. Stay away from products with additives. Get products with moisture, proteins and protect the hair from heat.

BSS: What is the best way to winterize your hair?

LS: When wearing hats make sure your hair is super moisturized and conditioned.  Avoid hats with wool as they can damage the hairline and break the hair. Use cashmere or silk scarves.

BSS: How can my readers maintain healthy hair at home?

LS: Keep your hair moisturized, do masking with deep moisturizing treatments and use heat protectants.

BSS: You have just launched the Go Pro Curls line, how do you see your brand expanding over the next 3 years?

LS: Go Pro Grow will be launching in 2014 and I want to expand my brand outside of hair. I want to be the Martha Stewart of beauty…candles, bedding, sheets and more.

BSS: Where can my readers find the Go Pro Curls line?

LS: We are in Sally’s Beauty Supply and local beauty supply stores. In 2014 we will be in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, CVS and online.

BSS: Is there any other information that you would like to share?

LS: TV projects are coming and the Go Pro Grow line is launching

BSS: Larry, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me and sharing your story!



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Beauty Tips for Winter Allergy Eyes

So, I woke up this morning with a swollen eye :-(.  I applied 3 different eye creams to get the swelling down by about 5%. I was a little worried so I called the eye doctor for the first available appointment as I did not want it to get any bigger because the vain side of me has 3 events this week and I have to represent my brand. LBVS! (The swelling has gone down since this morning but you can still see it a little in the photo below).


I had an early afternoon appointment and my diagnosis is winter allergies! Really??? I did not know there was such a thing but Dr. Reynolds informed me that mold is still very big in the winter, dust will always be a problem and allergies can be ongoing!

Here are a few tips that she shared with me today:

  1. Mold is forever present in the most unnoticeable ways.
  2. Clean the faucet in your face bowl; it can harbor mold. Use a cotton ball with bleach to keep it clean.
  3. Clean the showerhead as well. The little black stuff you see around the showerhead that builds up is mold.
  4. Clean all your drains as well.  Again…mold can build up.
  5. The black stuff around your window when you open it…mold.
  6. Clean your makeup brushes! Wash your brushes when you wash your hair; this way, you will never forget. (This tip is from Big Girl Cosmetics).
  7. Your furnace can push out dust. Clean your filters and dust often.
  8. If your symptoms continue, see a doctor.


Dr. Reynolds suggested that I use a little ice for the swelling; over the counter allergy meds such as Claritin or Zyrtec and use my eye drops because of my dry eyes.

OMG…I didn’t realize that winter allergies existed like this let alone all the different areas where can mold hide. I am thankful that Dr. Reynolds continues to educate me. It helps me and I hope that it helps you too! If you live in the Chicago area, stop by and visit Concept Eye Care for your next eye appointment.



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Calling All Chicago Beauty Mavens


Chicago, Viola Nicholson presents The Crimson Academy with AJ Crimson on Nov. 16th!!! Get your tickets now at…hurry because tickets are going fast!!!


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My Fall 2013 Makeover Experience


A few days ago I attended an event at Ulta Beauty for a fall makeover from Smashbox Cosmetics. It’s funny because I was really nervous, as I have not had a full makeover in years. Yes, I know…I am a beauty blogger and you would think that this would be the norm but I never make the time, I am nervous about the look I am going to receive and I am a closet germaphobe (don’t judge me)!!! Believe it or not, I have witnessed some makeup artists with dirty brushes, blowing on a powder to remove the access or not sanitizing the brushes. Plus, you never know what little kid or teen has been playing in the makeup when no one is around…. IJS!!! So, I usually stay clear and just apply products on my hand. However, last Saturday, I took a leap of faith closed my eyes (literally) and took a chance…LOLIMG_0532

When I walked in, I did not know what to expect and I was hoping that I would get the best makeup artist that would beat my face (as they say in the industry…meaning make it fierce) if not, this post would have a totally different tone… giggles!!!

Anywho, I was approached by Rose, the Prestige Manager who organized the event to check in and get assigned to my makeup artist. Moments later, I was introduced to Christine with Smashbox Cosmetics and she asked me what look did I want her to achieve. Fall, was my answer as it only makes sense so I can show you…my Beauty Scholars the haute colors for this season :-).

Here, you will see a collage of pics from start to finish…bare face and all :-).IMG_0528After my fierce, fab, glam look from the awesome Christine, I was able to take a mini photo-shoot in the Smashbox photo booth. Yep, I felt like I was on ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) and Tyra was about to tell me that I was the new winner…LOL!!!IMG_0534IMG_0538

I had so much fun and I must admit that I am mad that I have not taken the time or the guts to this a long time ago :-(. I was so pleased with my complete look that I purchased almost everything (and that my friends is how and when a makeup artist knows if you really love the look).

IMG_0530After my new fall look, I had dinner and margaritas too see if my lipstick would last like my lip stain and guess what… it lasted but not as good. Good enough for me to give it 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!!IMG_0531The overall look and the total experience was a 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! Ulta Beauty, I loved the event and Smashbox…bravo on your new fall colors!!! Beauty Scholars, I highly recommend that you get a makeover every season to change your look, get pampered and try some new products. It makes you feel great, look glam and be fabulous!!!

Special shout out to my fellow blogger in crime Ms. Travel Chic for joining me on my fall makeover adventures!!! IMG_0542





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Twitter Party Alert

Do you tweet??? Come join the #BeautyTalk twitter chat tonight at 9:00 PM EST!!!


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#EverydayPeopleChi The Beauty of Food, Music and Fun

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful event called Everyday People Brunch presented by SKYY Vodka’s House of Moscato at the Sawtooth restaurant with special guest Chef Roble (special shout out to Rachel of Rachel O Beauty for allowing me to attend this event in her absence).

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

In case you are scratching your head and wondering what is Everyday People and why they had a brunch or who is Chef Roble, let me introduce you to some things happening in and around Chicago and maybe coming to a city near you!!! Everyone Day People is a monthly brunch party, which started in NY and had its debut in Chicago on August 18th. There is music, food, drinks and fun!!! Chef Roble is the star from the hit TV show Chef Roble and Co on Bravo TV Network and he was the man of the hour as he curated the beautiful menu for the day.

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

The beauty of food, music and fun is the best way that I can describe this event in my own words and I hope that they will return soon with the beautiful and tasty SKYY Vokda’s House of Moscato because those drinks were AMAZING to say the least!!! Plus DJ Moma was giving everybody life with the beats that he was playing. And the food…was just ALL OF THAT…my mouth is still watering with just the thought of that tasty brunch!!! I have not had that much fun on a Sunday in a long time!!! Whoa…the memories…LOL.

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

My, how I wish you were all there 🙂 but since you were not able to attend, here is a sneak peek at the drink and food menu…

Guests enjoyed four signature SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape cocktails:

  • Moscato Gem

(SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, Sparkling Wine, Orange Bitters, Sugar Cube)

  •  Moscato Sunrise 

(SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, Pineapple Juice)

  •  Moscato Sangria

(SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, Moscato Wine, Strawberries, Pineapple, Honeydew, Cantaloupe)

  • Moscato Press 

(SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, 7Up, Club Soda)

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato


Curated by the famous Chef Roble, the buffet-style brunch included French toast with strawberry apricot syrup, corn bread, fried shrimp, smothered chicken, grits and more to compliment the various SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape cocktails.

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato


Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

Yum…I know!!! Now, I may or may not have had a few cocktails but rumor has it that the Moscato Sunrise was the best drink on the menu…*giggles*. Any who, although the event is over, the beautiful memories from it will last forever!!! And if Everyday People Brunch presented by SKYY Vodka’s House of Moscato returns to the Chi…I hope they bring Chef Roble again with invites for all of you…MUAH!!!


*Photos courtesy of Getty Images via Everyday People Brunch presented by SKYY Vodka’s House of Moscato*










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Do You Tweet???

Do you Tweet??? Come join the party!!!

Join the Twitter Party every Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST with @abeautyscarlet & @giabeautytalk

Join the Twitter Party every Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST with @abeautyscarlet & @giabeautytalk











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Beauty Talk Live Spa Party

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Tonight is the night for another Beauty Talk Live Spa Party hosted by Gia Marie with several guest and a special appearance from yours truly…*giggles*.


Tonight the party will be all about skincare with an amazing skincare giveaway from Tilth Beauty for the most interactive person who tweets live during the show!!! Yep, that’s right…you could win just by participating and sharing!!! So be sure to tune in tonight August 15th at 10:00 PM EST. *(mask below is not the featured DIY mask or from Tilth Beauty)*


Prepare yourself for the party early and get the recipe for a DIY Red Velvet facial mask (mmm…sounds good) by stopping over at Beauty Talk Live for your ingredients and directions. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of your favorite wine or drink of your choice, a candle or two and a slice of red velvet cake to complete the theme!!! LOL


Be ready to have fun, learn about skincare and relax all at the same time!!! Oh, and be sure you tweet using the hash tag #BeautyTalk and follow @giabeautytalk, @beautyschoolscarlet and @tilthbeauty!!!

MUAH…chat with you later!!!



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