Sugar is More Than Just a Kiss

Last year I became of VIB (a very important beauty insider) at Sephora.  For those of you who are wondering who is VIB and what does (she), I mean it do, let me tell you about (her), I mean its features…LOL. VIB is a loyalty rewards program from Sephora for people who spend way too much money and need to have an intervention.  Please don’t judge me as I am a product junkie and I just can’t help it :-). VIB’s get special discount days, access to early sales and invitations to exclusive events from time to time. I guess you can say that membership has it perks and yes, I love the perks that come with this program!!!


Anywho, I said all that to say that I received the Sugar Kisses Lip Duo by Fresh as a gift for achieving VIB status and today this is my product of choice to review. Fresh was one of the 1st companies to use natural ingredients in their products with the launch of their artisanal soap collection. Now, they have a full collection of lifestyle products ranging from skincare, bodycare, haircare and makeup.

I was so excited because I received 2 Sugar Kisses lip treatments and this was a product that I had on my must try list (as a girl can never have enough lip balms to keep her lips kissable soft)… Right???


I have been using the lip treatments for several months and here is what I like: Both treatments offer a great deal of moisture that last for several hours. I usually wear one of them to bed and my pout feels very soft, smooth and most importantly, kissable…LOL. They contain Grapeseed polyphenols, which is one of my favorite ingredients because Grapeseed is an antioxidant that smells good and protects against smoke, smog and pollution (which causes your skin to age and no one wants old, dry, crusty lips…IJS). It also contains an SPF 15, which also protects against aging and burning rays from the sun (yes, lips can not only get chapped and dry, they can also burn in the sun)!!! Most importantly, the product contains sugar, which prevents moisture loss (so the lips always look soft and supple…*teeheee*). I really loved the tinted Rose’ treatment the best because it offers a hint of color that make the lips look like they have a natural tint. Last but not least, the lip treatments are not sticky and they feel really good.


Yes, I really liked almost everything about the lip treatments except for the packaging. I know this sounds a little weird but… stay with me as I explain…LOL. The container was so hard to open. I had to twist and turn and pull several times before I could open it. I became so frustrated that I almost threw it away :-(. Once I did get it open, I was scared to close it all the way as I thought that the lid would get stuck and I would have trouble opening it up again. So, the product is never fully closed and which means, I can only use it at home (and that is really disappointing…whomp, whomp…epic fail). Now I am not sure if they are all this way, it could be a defect on the one I received but that is not my fault and it will affect the final grade. Finally, it is a tad expensive for a lip balm, if I am going to pay $22.50, I want it to be the Mercedes Benz of lip balms and offer more perks than an SPF, moisture and a cute tint…. LOL.


With that said, my final grade is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! I love the overall product but the packaging was not user friendly for me and the price is a little expensive for 1 lip balm. If you are interested in purchasing the Sugar Kisses Lip Treatment by Fresh, you can go to Sephora or for $22.50. Happy Shopping!!!

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Liner and Lips With Glitter…Oh My

*This post was originally posted on Rachel O. Beauty*
I could not let another day go by without reviewing the brand Eye Kandy!!! I was gifted this product at The Makeup Show Chicago from the owner of the brand. Eye Kandy is a brand of glitter cosmetics that is safe to wear on the eyes and or lips. They offer a liquid adhesive base called Liquid Sugar, which helps the glitter adhere to your eyes or lips all day without flaking into your eyes or on your face.
As I walked around from booth to booth this brand literally and physically caught my eye because I love most things that glitter and or sparkle and Eye Kandy made my feet pump the brakes…LOL.
So there I was, standing in awe of the how the product can transform your eyes and lips in to something magical and sparkly in just a few seconds. I guess the Makeup Artist saw me drooling so she asked if I would like to give it a try. At first, I gave her a little nervous giggle and said no as I wanted to see how it worked on other people before I allowed her to try it on me. I also needed to ask a few questions before I allowed her to apply it on me like: Will it burn??? Is it drying??? Does it last all day??? Yada, yada, yada… You get the picture…right??? Right!!!
After five minutes of witnessing demos, the Makeup Artist asked again if I wanted to try and this time I said yes. Even though I was still a little nervous, I let her apply the Eye Kandy to my lips and just like that, they were transformed to a gorgeous glam ruby red just like Dorothy’s magical ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz!!! Liner and lips with glitter…OH MY!!! (Tee-hee) As I walked around The Makeup Show with my new glam lippie, I received so many compliments from fellow makeup junkies; some I knew and some were kindred makeup spirits…LOL.

I have been wearing the glitter Cherry Bomb for the past couple of weeks and here is what I like: It does not flake and it is long lasting just like the website says!!! It even stayed on after dinner and I did not have to reapply. It turned up my lip color to another level that I like to call “Diva Glam”!!! It did not burn or irritate my lips and it is multifunctional!!! As you know, it can be worn on eyes and lips but what you did not know, is that it can be used it as a body glitter. Believe it not, it is not that messy; you will not have glitter all over the place because the Liquid Sugar bonds to the glitter very fast. Last but not least, you can wear it on top of any brand of cosmetics and it is easy to remove…FTW!!!

Although I have several reasons on why this product is so glam, there are a few things that I did not care for. The glitter felt a little heavy on my lips so it took a little time for me to get use to it. It takes a couple of minutes for the product to dry and sometimes I just want to keep it moving and not wait (I know, patience is a virtue but when you are in a hurry…(in my Sweet Brown voice, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”). LOL
Now that you know the pros and cons, let me tell you my final grade. I rate Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! Even though there were a few cons, they were not deal breakers J. If you are interested in purchasing Eye Kandy, go to the cost is $7.50 for 1 or $24.95 for an Eye Kandy bag, which includes a glitter of your choice and a Liquid Sugar. Happy Shimmering!!!

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Votre Vu Product Review of a Natural Hand Cream and Lip Treatment

A few months ago I attended the International Women’s Expo in Novi, MI (the suburbs of Detroit) and the Votre Vu bus of beauty (also known as the VuBar) captivated my attention!!! It was an amazing sight to see tat was filled with cosmetics, skin care and makeup galore; I had to stop in my tracks, as I wanted to explore!!!
As I walked up the steps, a team of Makeup Artist were applying makeup, offering skincare tips and introducing the brand to every person who entered. They greeted me with a huge hello and welcome so, I introduced myself and they gave me a tour as well as told me about some key products and how the brand started.
Votre Vu is a French company with handcrafted products that contain naturally based skincare formulations backed by 80 years of experience. The brand believes in the French philosophy: make looking great and aging well part of your daily life!!! I don’t know about you but I am ready to get my beauty passport stamped and step into the world of Votre Vu.
The team introduced me to Duette Luxe Lip Balm and Hand Crème. I was intrigued because it’s a multifunctional product and if you don’t know by now…I love products that offer multiple functions; they make me happy because you get more bang for your buck!!! I tried the hand crème and I was very impressed because it made my hands feel like velvet. I was so excited that the CEO gifted me the product as well as a brow gel (which will reviewed in a separate post).
I have been using the dynamic duo for the past few months and here is what I liked: As I stated earlier, the Luxe Hand Crème makes my hands feel velvety smooth!!! While I am not a fan of coconut or almond…somehow, the mix of the two scents together smell pretty darn good; who knew??? LOL. The crème is very moisturizing, a little bit goes a long way and it is not sticky…FTW!!! It has UV protection and Grape seed oil so it protects the skin from the sun and all the yucky things in the environment. The best thing is the packaging!!! The Hand Crème is connected to a lip balm with a mirror… now that is just pure genius and I was amazed and amused all at once…LOL. It was packaged this way because the French feel you should moisturize your hands and lips together. Wow…I think the French are on to something…what a novel idea!!!
The Luxe Lip Balm is nice but I am not as impressed with the lip balm as I am with the hand crème. It feels good on my lips but it is not as moisturizing as some of the other lip balms that I own. It was just okay…no wow factor at all L. I may have been impressed if there were a hint of color in the lip balm…IJS.
If you don’t know by now, I totally adore the Luxe Hand Crème and the complete package!!! However, the Luxe Lip Balm is just okay and not as moisturizing as some of my other lip balms so I am going to grade the product with 3 grades. The Luxe Hand Crème gets 5 out of 5 smooches… the Luxe Lip Balm gets 3.75 out of 5 smooches and the two products together with the packaging gets 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! The packaging and hand crème is just everything to me but the lip balm…not so much. If you are interested in purchasing the dynamic duo, it cost $39 on Enjoy and Happy Moisturizing!!!

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A Smooch for Your Thoughts…What Brand am I Wearing???

Okay Beauty Scholars, drum roll please…I purchased a new red lip color and I am just smitten!!!

What do you think??? Can you guess the brand???

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My New Beauty Purchase!!!

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I just received my package of Stilla goodies that I ordered from!!! 1 pack of eye pencils with 5 colors to choose from, 2 lip glosses and 1 long wearing lip color (pencil/gloss)!!! I can’t wait to try them out!!! It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store…teehee…I feel giddy!!!

What beauty products have you purchased lately that make you feel giddy??? Comment below and let me know if you like what you purchased!!! MUAH

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Customize Your Makeup…

Customize Your Makeup…
Just when you thought you could not have it all about you when it comes to custom cosmetics…along comes a brand that is made just for you, you and oh yes…you too!!!! Blend Couture allows you to invent the color that is all about you. You choose the color, base, coverage and tone!!! And if you choose to get a little fancy…you can add a little glitter to glam up your pout!!! Want to add an SPF or a Botanical ingredient…no problem!!! You are the artist who controls your destiny!!! The color featured here is called Ruby Slippers for $25. The website is MUAH happy customizing!!!

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Do Beauty Products Expire (Conclusion)

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Last week I gave you a sneak peek into what is to come this week… When does your cosmetics expire??? This is an important question and I will tell you the answers with my PSA’s (Private Scholar Announcements)…MUAH!!!
As I stated last week, mascara has a shelf life of 3 months!!! 2 months is really the best time to purchase a new tube but you never want to go past 3. When you start to see the mascara getting dry and clumpy…that means it is time to say goodbye!!! Because air can push bacteria back into the tube, your eyes can become irritated or worse, you can get an infection like pink eye or swelling. My suggestion is to have one in reserve and purchase 2 at 1 time and when you run out of the second, purchase 2 more.
Last week I stated that liquid foundations, pressed and loose powder could last up to a year if you are cleaning your makeup sponges and brushes at least every 2 weeks. If not, the shelf life lessens to 6 – 12 months for liquids and creams but 1 year for powders because you are adding bacteria; dirt and oil back into and on the product. When this happens, you will see the product separate, the color or consistency will change and or the product will smell. Should this happen, throw it out so that you can prevent breakouts and or skin irritations!!!
Lipsticks, balms, stains and pencils should be replaced every year. It is said that they can replaced left often up to 2 years but if you think about it, your mouth is exposed to the most germs. You cough, you touch your lips with your hands, the air (smoke, smog and pollution) are exposed to the lips… you don’t wear a mask all day do you??? Then you reapply that gloss, lipstick or balm on top of everything. So, with that said, I say toss it after 1 year!!! Besides, 4 seasons have changed and new colors have come out so stop exposing yourself to germs and expose yourself to some new colors!!! However, if you are always applying with a lip brush and cleaning that brush on a regular, you can keep it up to 2 years. If your lipstick, balm or gloss starts to change in color, consistency or smell…throw it out!!!
It is said that Powder Eye shadow should be replaced every 2 years but I have to ask the question… Do you really want to replace something that is in constant contact around the eye area every 2 years??? I mean if you religiously clean your brushes and spay your shadow then I would say maybe; but none of us are that anal…not even myself besides, how many times have you blown on the shadow brush before you applied it to the eye spreading all those germs instead of taping it on your hand??? Mmm hmm, I know, I get it. So I say toss that shadow after 12 months and keep it moving. Let go and be happy that you don’t have any sort of eye infection!!! If you are looking to save money, purchase the quad shadows or shadow palettes with 8 -12 shadows and replace after 1 year. Again, if they smell or change colors…it is time to throw it out!!!
Most skincare products will last up to 1 year after you open it if they perform special duties like anti-aging, acne fighting or natural products. After a year, the special ingredients will start to loose the benefits or anti-aging products with Vitamin C or Retinol, will become more active and concentrated and the less active ingredients will lessen or evaporate. If this happens, your skin will become more irritated to the product that you have been using for a long time. It is not an allergic reaction; it is time to toss it. If the product does not have any major benefits like anti-aging, acne fighting or natural… and it is just a plain moisturizer, it will last longer about 18 months.
I have said it before but I will say it again and again… Makeup brushes and sponges have to be cleaned at least once every 2 weeks!!! Breakouts are not always due to stress and eating the wrong thing. Not removing your makeup and or cleaning your brushes can cause sometimes breakouts!!! The dirt debris and oil from your face can build up in the bristles of the brush, which is the cause of the breakout. Makeup sponges need to be washed after every use!!! Think about those times you have contaminated your powder with your sponge by applying and reapplying without washing it. When the powder changes color fast, it is because of the oil, dirt and debris from the sponge. Girls… throw it away now!!! You should not be that attached to a sponge, they are disposable you know!!! You can use a mild shampoo to cleanse your brushes or sponges as well as brush cleaner on a weekly basis if you are an over achiever…LOL. Here is a great video link on a how to below…
Ahh, I have saved the best for last…. Shower Poufs, Loofahs and sponges, oh my!!! These are not replaced as often as they should be. The shower pouf should be replaced every 6 weeks especially if you are not washing it every week with your laundry (to keep it from shriveling up, put it inside of a sock). The little string can harbor bacteria as well as mold and get slimy and gross!!! A loofah should be replaced more often like every 3-4 weeks as it cannot be washed in a washing machine and you are removing dead dry skin cells that have been exposed to the earth’s environment of smoke, smog and pollution. All of that build up over weeks along with the exposure to water is a breeding ground for bacteria.  This can cause skin irritation, rashes and breakouts. Make sure you give your pouf, loofah and sponge room to dry and sanitize or wash them often!!!
PSA Final thoughts: In closing, I decided to share this information with you today because it is not required by law that the FDA make cosmetic companies add expiration dates to their products if they are sold as OTC. It is only mandatory for products with prescriptions. It is unfortunate that Beauty Advisors don’t share this information, but sometimes, they just don’t know. It is also unfortunate that most cosmetic companies will not share this information with us the consumers who purchase their products and keep them in business. When you hold on to a product longer than the shelf life, longer than the expiration date, you can cause irritation or something worse to your skin in the long run.
To keep you safe, here are a few pointers to follow… If a product smells, changes colors, and or consistency, throw it away!!! If your go to product irritates you after the shelf life, toss it!!! Always wash your hands before you wash your face or put on your makeup. Keep your products in cool dry places and make sure they are closed after you use them. Just like a car depreciates once you drive it off of the lot… your products do the same once you open them as you have now exposed them to the bacteria in the air.
This concludes our PSA (Private Scholar Announcements) today!!! I hope you enjoyed them and if you have a tip on any of the above, or want me to cover a PSA topic, comment below; I would love to hear from you!!! MUAH

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Report Card Review for LipSurgence Lip Tint by Tarte

Report Card Review for LipSurgence Lip Tint by Tarte
On my never-ending quest for the perfect red lipstick, stain or gloss, I came across LipSurgence by Tarte a few weeks ago in Sephora. I tried and tested several colors and Fiery is the color that I decided to purchase!!! Since Tarte is currently the apple of my eye for mascaras, I figured, maybe they could steal my heart and put an end to my journey for the perfect red lipstick!!!
The LipSurgence is a cross between a lip pencil, stain, gloss and balm. It is shaped like a chubby lip pencil, offers color like a lip stain, looks more like a gloss and feels more like a balm. Tarte states that it has natural moisturizers to smooth and soften the lips and contains mint to give an appearance of plumped lips without the stinging or irritation.
Here are the pros: It goes on creamy but it gives a matte finish. The mint is not a strong scent nor does it sting or irritate the lips. I actually love the scent and it feels refreshing. It is filled to the brim with vitamins; antioxidants and bio-nutrients to fight against the signs of aging and yes you can age on and around the lips too (and if you are a little vain like me, that is a huge plus…don’t judge me)!!! It is easy to apply with the automatic twist up container (like the automatic lip pencils). It is a great size that will fit well inside your cute little clutch on date night or a girl’s night out 🙂
Here are the cons: Although it has a great twist up container, the point of the pencil will get dull as it does not have a sharpener. Even though it has jojoba oil, it starts off moisturizing but it starts to feel dry sooner than later. It doesn’t work well with other lip-gloss brands; if you want to have a shinny pout, it may smear or bleed (I only tried it with 2 brands and it worked well with 1 and smeared with the other).
Overall, I really like the LipSurgence Lip Tint by Tarte; my final grade is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! While it did not end my hunt for the perfect red lipstick, I will test and try other colors that they offer. LipSurgence is available in 7 colors for $24. You can purchase it at Sephora or

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Long Lasting Lip Marker???

Report Card Review for Long Lasting Lip Marker by Gosh Cosmetics
I was introduced to Gosh Cosmetics a few weeks ago at my impromptu visit to Walgreens Look boutique. The brand caught my eye because at a quick glance, it looks like Smashbox (and we all know how I love Smashbox). So, I had to investigate.
Gosh Cosmetics in a Danish brand which offers cosmetics, bath, body and fragrance. Apparently it has been a big hit in Europe for over the past 25 years and we are just now learning about who they are; they are known as a brand that follows the latest fashion trends and they aim to be the number 1 product of choice.
While I was at the Look boutique, I purchased 2 products, a lip stain and a BB Cream. I have not tried the BB Cream yet but I am here to tell you about the lip stain. Gosh Cosmetics calls it a Long Lasting Lip Marker and I can understand why. It looks just like a marker and not only that; it smells just like the fruity markers from Crayola.
When I first applied it on my lips, it was not that bad. After 2 minutes or so, the smell got stronger and stronger and it was like this fruity candy smell that drove me bananas!!! I tried to keep it on but the smell was so overwhelming that I had to remove it from my lips. I could only keep it on long enough to take a picture for #PinkLipThursday however, I did like the color for the short 5 minutes that I wore it…LOL
Because of the smell, I was not able to fully review the product on longevity. If I had to give it a grade based on color, smell and ease of application, I would give it 3 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! If you are not bothered by the smell of products on your lips then, it may be worth it for you to give it a try. The Long Lasting Lip Marker is available in 4 or 5 colors. You can purchase the Lip Marker at the Look boutique in Walgreens or other products (the Lip Marker is not available online).

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Did This Lip Butter Moisturize???

Report Card Review for: Pomegranate Fig Lip Butter by Mox Botanicals
Do you have dry parched lips??? Are you looking for a new lip butter or balm??? Well I just tested Mox Botanicals Lip Butter and I am here to tell you if it is worth the investment.
I was introduced to the brand from my Birchbox subscription. Birchbox offers a box of samples for a monthly fee, which is mailed out after the 10th of every month and Mox Botanicals Lip Butter was featured in my December box.
Mox Botanicals is an Oregon based company that offers solid perfumes and lip butters using the highest quality ingredients. The lip butters are available in 4 scents with 1 being exclusive to Birchbox  (Pomegranate Fig). The lip butters are created with 100% natural ingredients using Shea and Avocado butters which offers hydration for the lips. Jojoba and Meadowfoam seed oil act as vitamins for your skin. It is also free of parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances and dyes.
I have been using this lip butter for the past 3 weeks and here is what I like; it is hydrating and smells good but the smell is not that strong once it is applied. It is a solid substance so it will last a long time. It is in a small sized container therefore it will not crowd your makeup bag and it is not shinny or greasy on the lips.
Now before you go online and pull out your credit card, let me tell you what I did not like. I have to use my fingers to apply it because it is a solid and I hate sticking my fingers in my products especially if I am on the go and I can’t wash my hands before I use the lip butter. I prefer not to use it because I am a closet germaphob, so in order for me to avoid the problem, I keep it on my nightstand. It was not moisturizing enough to just apply once; I felt like I had to layer it on about 3 – 4 times.
My overall grade for Mox Lip Butter is 3 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! I have had better lip butters that I do not have layer on as much for a cheaper price. However, if you are a product junkie ad just want to try it just because, you can purchase it on or other scents on for $16.

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