Can You Restore Lashes?

A few months ago I received a sweet little surprise that I have been dying to try inside of my monthly beauty subscription box, Birchbox. It was the new Restorative Lash Treatment and Mascara by Ojon. It has been on my must-try list and I was considering purchasing this product just a few days before its surprise arrival. Can you say #Winning?


Just in case you are wondering about the brand Ojon, let me spill the beauty tea! As you know, the air is filled with smoke, smog and pollution, which cause damage to the hair along with regular styling, the sun, diet and stress. Ojon’s mission is to help you transform your hair to perfect health with their hair treatments formulated from a 500-year beauty secret from the remote regions of the rainforest in Central America. The key ingredient inside of the treatment is the golden elixir obtained from the nut of the Ojon tree.

The golden elixir is hand extracted precious oil with natural ingredients, which creates natural affinity for the hair to restore radiance, bounce and body. It also offers vibrancy to repair even the most damaged hair. The products are made with natural ingredients that are 100% essential oils. The products are made without parabens, mineral oils and other harmful ingredients.

Okay, so now you know all about Ojon and their mission, let me give you the Glam it or Slam it and my final grade!

The Glam: This product is pretty cool because it’s multifunctional and we all know I love products that serve more than one purpose. It’s a treatment on one side and mascara on the other. The treatment side conditions the lashes to give them life and yes, it did that. The conditioning treatment seemed to separate my lashes more than if I had applied mascara alone.


With Mascara (Brand X on the left and Ojon on the right)  and Restorative Lash Treatment 

The Slam: The mascara side is supposed to offer long luscious come hither lashes but when I used it a few times, I got regular lashes and irritated eyes. The mascara side was a disappointment to say the least. Even with three coats, it was just blah. This was quite the disappointment because the conditioning side was nice. Boo…Hiss


No mascara or Restorative Lash Treatment

My final grade for the Restorative Lash Treatment by Ojon is 3 out of 5 smooches…MUAH. This multifunctional product is not so multifunctional after all. The conditioning side is good but the mascara, not so much. If I am going to pay $21 for mascara it better give me long, full luscious lashes that I can’t live without and won’t irritate my eyes plus the conditioning side should offer the benefit of growing my lashes…IJS! If you are interested in trying this mascara, head over to and make your purchase at your risk…LOL. Happy Shopping!

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Photo Finish Shadow Primer

A few weeks ago I popped in to a Sephora to find new products to try. First, I did a once over on the store browsing each and every brand one by one saving some of my favorites for last. The first product that caught my eye was from Smashbox. It’s called 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer. And today, I am going to give you The Glam it, The Slam it and My Final Grade!


Since I have reviewed Smashbox products before, I won’t give you the beauty 411; instead, I am going to tell you why Smashbox is my beauty crush. They have innovative products that are highly pigmented with great staying power and all products are photo-shoot ready! And what girl doesn’t like a makeup that makes her selfie shine flawlessly? 🙂

Now that you have a better understanding on my beauty brand crush, let me share The Glam: This shadow primer keeps your regular dull boring eye shades from creasing and it makes the color look more vibrant. It’s able to withstand heat, humidity and fading over a 24 hour period (and I know because I tested it) LOL



I wore the primer on a recent trip to Miami and it helped my shadow stay in tact from early morning hours, beach time and to a very late night party. The weather was hot, steamy and humid all at once and my shadow lasted the entire day and night. Now don’t go judging how I kept on my shadow for the entire day and night…you’ve been there and done that too! I am not the only one. LOL But I digress…on to the slam!


The Slam: You have to use a pinch and let the primer dry. If you don’t, your eye shadow will be hard to blend. You have to wear it alone and not with a concealer. I tried it with my concealer and it smeared. My eyelids felt a little dry after I applied the primer 🙁


My Final Grade for the 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! I like that my eye shadow lasted all day long without looking oily and creasing in the hot Miami sun. I just wish that it would dry faster to avoid the wait on applying my shadow.

If you are interested in purchasing the 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox, head our to your local Sephora or get it on line at for $20. Happy Priming!

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Gleam, Glimmer and Shimmer

June is my favorite month because it’s the start of so many things, events and celebrations. The month of June brings warmer weather, summer, my birthday and every beauty blogger’s and makeup artist’s favorite, The Makeup Show!

Yaass…The Makeup Show was in Chicago June 7th – 8th with a Blogger Preview event on the 6th with a bag full of beauty swag presented by the amazing Celebrity Makeup Artist James Vincent. He shared some of his fave beauty products and I must say, they were all pretty impressive and I could not wait to get my beauty play date on.


While I have tried a few of the products, the one that I am reviewing today is the Body Radiance from Gleam by Melanie Mills. I had never heard of the brand until James introduced it at the Blogger Preview event. So here’s a little beauty training to get you acquainted.


The creator of Gleam, Melanie Mills is an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist and one of Hollywood’s leading sought after beauty consultants. With over fifteen years of experience, she has perfected her craft of sculpting faces and bodies through the art of makeup. In 2007 she was selected as the Makeup Department Head for Dancing With the Stars and in 2008 she won an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup Design.IMG_4613

Now that you have been formally introduced, let’s get to The Glam it , The Slam it and The Final Grade.

The Glam: Gleam Body Radiance is a multifunctional product; that can be used on the face and body. This is a makeup, moisturizer and glow all in one. It gives a sheen and shimmer on the skin that leaves you looking sexy, sultry and sensational. Forget playing in the sun this summer for your sun-kissed goddess bronzed look because Gleam Body Radiance will put your natural tan to shame. Oh yes, it’s just that good!


It will not rub off on your clothes and the shimmer last all day long. It’s available in four shades so it’s great for all skin tones. Because we received the light gold in our beauty swag bags, I used it as a highlighter on my cheekbones and I love it! This product may be the 7th beauty wonder of the world. #IJS


The Slam: Well, I really don’t have a slam because I really like this product. However, the website does state that Gleam Body Radiance is a wrinkle filler, skin tighter and can diminish flaws like varicose veins, small stretch marks and discoloration but I am unable to confirm this; because the shade I tried is too light to cover my imperfections with my skin tone. I would need the Bronze Gold to put that statement to the test.

My final grade for the Gleam Body Radiance in Light Gold is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! It looks and feels great on my skin and the shimmer power is amazing! If you are interested in getting your gleam on, head over to It’s available in four shades and three sizes with prices ranging from $15 – $40. Happy Gleaming!

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Stila Lippie Love or Nah?

A few months ago I opened one of my beauty box subscriptions and I found a little red sample of Liquid Lipstick in Beso by Stila Cosmetics calling my name! And since red is my signature color, I had to answer, try it and review it…all in that order. LOL


I tried Stila last year for the very first time and it has become one of my top beauty brands. In case you are new to the brand, let me make the introduction. Ladies, please meet Stila Cosmetics, a brand that believes you create your own rules when it comes to beauty. They encourage you to be your own makeup artist and celebrate your individual style. OMG, I so love that statement because they encourage you to be unique with your beauty and create your own rules. And what’s not to love about that?


So now that you have been properly introduced, let me give you the Glam it or Slam it!

The Glam: The first thing I have to say is…I love the color. It’s not your usual red; it has an orange undertone. And if you did not know, an orange lippie is what’s hot for Spring! The funny thing is, I usually don’t care for a red orange lipstick, I prefer a red blue but this was just beautiful when I applied it. It’s called Liquid Lipstick and I can see why. It has a velvet finish that is creamy with a bold color. It is long lasting; you can eat and not have to reapply…WINNING! This Liquid Lipstick will not bleed all over your lips or rub off on your drinking glass. It’s infused with amazing ingredients like Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, which keeps your lips from feeling dry and crusty. This color is perfect for all skin tones but if red isn’t your color, that’s okay because there are seven more shades to choose from.


The Slam: Wait for it…wait for it…NOT ONE THING!

My final grade is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! The Liquid Lipstick in Beso by Stila Cosmetics is my new lippie love for Spring 2014! If you are interested in purchasing the new lippie love of my life, head over to Sephora or and purchase it for $22. Happy Shopping!!! MUAH




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Spring Forward With Fashion Fair’s Spring Collection

Yesterday I had the pleasure of previewing the new Spring Collection for Fashion Fair Cosmetics Eyes Wide Shut. The colors are bold, beautiful and explosive! Ladies get ready to clutch your pearls because the new spring collection is not your mama’s makeup from back in the day.


The shadows are amazing and they adhere to the skin with no flaking upon application. The lipstick shades are very diverse with three neutral tones and three hues of red that perfect your pretty pout. And the illuminating powders are sexy yet sweet offering a hint of shimmer with a sun kissed look. Oh, and I shall not forget the liquid liner that offers a line so precise it will put your pencil to shame as well as a mascara that gives dramatic, long and voluminous lashes.



And if that wasn’t enough, there are two limited edition sweet smelling moisturizing body sets; French Riviera Blue, a romantic floral fragrance inspired by the French Riviera and Santorini Getaway, a zesty citrus fragrance inspired by the Greek Island of Santorini. Each set includes: moisturizing body oil that absorbs directly into the skin and moisturizing body crème, which softens instantly and adds a subtle glow. These body products will be sure to make your bath time more glam and luxurious!


After learning about the new Spring Collection, I was ready to get my beauty play date on! It started with a selfie with the President of Fashion Fair Amy Hilliard.


After the cute selfie, I was off to the makeup chair to let the talented Tia Dantzler, Creative Director for Fashion Fair and Celebrity Makeup Artist make my face fierce! Tia used Livid and Tahiti eyeshades with Sun illuminating powder.


While Tia worked her magic, I asked her to give me three tips that every girl needs to incorporate this summer and here is what she said:

  • Mix your moisturizer with your foundation. This will help your foundation last longer and this gives you a smooth flawless look.
  • Every woman should have blotting papers in your purse to avoid looking oily to blot away the shine.
  • Every woman should wear sunscreen with a least a 15 – 20 SPF! This will avoid sunburn and premature aging.

After my fab makeover, I took some candid shots of some of my blogger friends…

Here’s a selfie of me with Ms. Vaughn of Ms. Vaughn TV


Tia in action with Terez – author of 11 Beautiful Tools and Founder of the Business of Beauty Collective


This is Toya Nicole – Travel and Lifestyle Blogger of Ms. Travel Chic and my business partner of Boardroom Beauties.


Here are some of the ladies of Fashion Fair


Last but certainly not least, here’s the photo that made my day, me with the CEO of Johnson Publishing (the parent company to Fashion Fair) Desiree Rogers.


This was a day filled with beauty, food and fun, three of the things that I love the most! Thank you Fashion Fair for the beauty play date invite to preview the new Spring Collection – Eyes Wide Shut.


If you are interested in purchasing the new Spring Collection, save the date because the products will not hit store shelves until May. Here are the exact dates…

Eye shadows and Lipsticks: May 15th

Liquid Liner and Mascara: May 26th

Illuminating Powder: In stores now!

Happy Shopping! MUAH



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Eye See Colors

IMG_3259A couple of months ago I received my glam bag of makeup from my monthly Ipsy subscription box and I was excited to try my new bag of beauty treats! My makeup bag had five new products to try but I was only interested in four out of the five. The one product that caught my eye was the Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In by Cailyn Cosmetics.


Ipsy was my first introduction to Cailyn Cosmetics so I had to do a little research to find out the beauty 411 behind the brand. Cailyn believes that every woman is an artist at heart and has the yearning to define her unique style of beauty but unfortunately, some women don’t have the skill of a makeup artist. They offer products to inspire a woman’s creative spirit to bridge the gap between an aspiring artist and a makeup artist. The mission for Cailyn Cosmetics is to be “The Professional Makeup Company For The Rest Of Us.” So now that we both know a little more about the brand, let’s talk about the features and benefits of the Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with The Glam it or Slam it!

Here’s The Glam: The colors are very high with pigment so they will work on different skin tones and the colors are super sexy too. The gel eyeliner has a built-in brush that is attached to the top of the packaging, which means you will not loose the brush or contaminate it by leaving it in the bottom of your makeup bag. It goes on smooth and it is easy to apply. Once the gel dries, it is smudge proof and waterproof for up to 24 hours (I applied mine the other day at 10:00 AM and it was still on at 2:00 AM without smudges even though my eyelids were a little oily). The best thing for me is that the product wears well on sensitive eyes; I did not experience any tearing or itching. Sounds perfect…right?



Here’s The Slam: You have to wash the brush after every use and if you are in a rush or get lazy, this can totally be a pain in the you know where. LOL

Overall, I really like the Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner by Cailyn Cosmetics, so much so that I want to add other colors to my collection and maybe trade some of my pencils for the gel. With that said, my final grade for the gel eyeliner is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! Even though I had a slam about the product, it was not a deal breaker for me; it is actually something that will keep my eyes safe and from getting an infection. If you are interested in purchasing the Cailyn Cosmetics Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner, you can get it on or for $21 and you can pick from a beautiful array of 13 luscious colors! Happy lining!


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Keep on Blushing


A few weeks ago I was gifted a few Tarte products from to try for my review, the Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara and the Cheek Stain. Today, I am here to share my thoughts on the Cheek Stain as I have reviewed the mascara in the past.

But before I spill the tea, let me give you the 411 about Tarte Cosmetics. They are known as a high performance natural brand. Their products are made without all the fillers that aren’t good for the skin! They are a cruelty free brand and they don’t test on animals.

Now that you are familiar with the brand, let me tell you about the product. The Cheek stain is Tarte’s award winning and best selling blush known as the stain that started it all. The brand claims that the stain offers a stunning, natural finish from a gel or cream consistency.


The Glam: It goes on smooth and sheer with a hint of color or you can enhance the shade by adding more. Even though it looks a little shiny on the swatch of colors on my arm, it dries with a nice sheen and finish with a just pinched fresh cheek look. The stain has great staying power and lasts throughout the day. I like it because it looks natural and it offers anti-aging and skin restorative benefits (and I always want to look like I’m 21)…LOL.


The Slam: The packaging is like a push up Popsicle and if you push too much (like me) LOL…you can’t push it back down and the top will not screw all the way on. I suggest you give it a small yet gentle nudge :-). The cost for the blush is $30 and I think that is a little expensive for a brand that is not considered luxury.

Overall, I really like the product; I plan on adding it to my makeup bag and wearing it often. My final grade for the Tarte Cheek Stain is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! If you are interested in purchasing the Tarte Cheek Stain, you can get it from or Sephora. It is available in eight shades and cost $30. Happy blushing!


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Dark Circles, Puffiness and Tired Eyes Be Gone

Last summer I was on the hunt to try a new brand of cosmetics, so off to Sephora I went. As luck would have it, there were two different brand representatives ready to assist me! My first stop was Laura Mercier for a quick touch up of powder, concealer and blush. The next brand was Marc Jacobs for a foundation match, mascara and lipstick. With so many products and so many choices, I didn’t know which brand to choose. As I walked around the store, I narrowed it down to what I needed the most. The winner was Laura Mercier!


Laura Mercier is the creator of the brand and a world-renowned makeup artist. She is the personal makeup artist to many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts. She is best known for accentuating one’s natural beauty to create a flawless look. She started training as a painter at the age of 17. At some point, she decided to switch her talents from the canvas to the face. In 1996 she created her brand for women of all ages and skin types.


Now that you have a little background information on the brand, let me share the product I am reviewing. Today, I am reviewing the Secret Concealer. Here is the Glam: This concealer is high in pigment and helps to cover my dark circles from long sleepless nights. It does not settle into the fine lines around my eye area and it brightens to help diffuse the dark circles. It is long lasting, a little moisturizing but not oily looking. It is super easy to apply and a little goes a long way! It’s a natural look with a natural glow.


Here’s the Slam: When I applied it with a concealer brush, it was a little harder to blend and it looked a little cakey. However, I was able get a flawless look by dabbing a little on my finger and blending it that way.


In the past, my concealer of choice was MAC. Now, I love the Secret Concealer by Laura Mercier. My final grade is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH. If you are interested in purchasing this product, it is offered at Sephora and luxury department stores for $23.00. It is available in 12 shades and it will last even longer with the Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Happy concealing!


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Glam it or Slam it?

A few weeks ago I opened one of my beauty box subscriptions and I found a little red sample of Stila calling my name! And of course, I had to try it because after all…red is my signature lip color ;-).

But before I give you my review and final grade, I want you to tell me if this color is a Glam it or a Slam it? What are your thoughts??? Do I Glam it up and rock the red or Slam it down and never wear it again? My inquiring mind wants to know!



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A Lipstick with Color and Pigment

This post was originally posted on Rachel O Beauty

I am always in search of a new red lipstick to try and Sephora is usually at the top of my list. A few months ago I decided to try the brand Makeup Forever because they are known for deep pigments of color and long lasting products; two of the qualities I love in my makeup!



Who is Makeup Forever? It’s a brand created by Dany Sanz a former student of fine arts who became a makeup artist. Later in life she became an instructor in a beauty school by day and created the products at night. Makeup Forever became popular with makeup artist and expanded through the years.


Here’s the 411…I have been testing the Rouge Artist Intense Color Lipstick in Moulin Rouge for several months. The first time I tried it, I liked it. The second time, not so much because the color started bleeding around my mouth and I looked like a clown… LBVS. I had the biggest red ring around my mouth after 10 minutes of applying the lipstick. I had to try it a few more times to see if it was the product or the way I used the product. Maybe my skin was too oily or maybe I used too much moisturizer around my lips, I didn’t know so I had to try it again.


Here’s the Glam: The lipstick is highly pigmented and the color is true to the shade shown. It is moisturizing and you can get a lot of color on the lips with just one swipe.


Here’s the Slam: It does not last that long. After lunch, I had to reapply because most of the product ended up on the glass and not my lips. In fact, most of the lipstick was gone by the end of my meal 🙁 . After several uses, the color did bleed around my mouth but not as much. There is a slight perfume smell to the lipstick, it’s not enough to drive you crazy but it does linger.


My overall grade for the Rouge Artist Intense Color Lipstick in Moulin Rouge is 2.5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! While the lipstick is highly pigmented, it does not last very long. My biggest pet peeve in a lipstick is seeing more lipstick on the glass or my teeth than on the lips. Last but not least, I hate when I lipstick bleeds. If you are interested in purchasing this lippie, you can get at Sephora or for $20. Happy Shopping!

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