Formula X by Sephora A New Brand of Nail Polish

A few days ago I stopped in Sephora to pick up 1 thing… my favorite brow pencil from Hour Glass Cosmetics and the new nail polish setup of the Formula X by Sephora sidetracked me. This is the brand I have been telling you about since the spring!!! It’s allegedly the reason Sephora ended their relationship with O.P.I.


This polish is reportedly the end all to be all for nail lovers. It is supposed to be chip-free, one coat, high shine polish that is resistant to both water and detergent!!! Yep, that’s right…it’s supposed to be the Bentley of nail polishes.  In fact, one of the cast members (beauty advisor’s) said that she had been wearing her polish for 7 days and there were no chips in sight after careful inspection (from me of course). Don’t worry ladies because I’ll be the judge and jury on the final results before you make your purchase…LOL.

In case you are wondering how all this is possible, from my understanding, you have to purchase the special cleanse polish to get the full affect. And then there is the prime polish, the color you choose and the shine. However, they have a little kit where you can purchase the cleanser, primer, the shine and you pick your color.


But before I try it and review it, I must tell you the assortment of colors (200+) is amazing and I was quite impressed!!! They also had a few kits to choose from ranging from $39 – $59.  And they have nail stickers as well as polishes with embellishments.


Now before you go running to your nearest Sephora…please note that the actual launch is not until October 10th. So don’t be mad if you go tomorrow and it is not available…just wait a few more days! 🙂 BTW…the polish ranges from $10.50 – $12.50 per bottle. The stickers are $15 and the treatments are $14.


So what are your thoughts??? Are you adding the date to your calendar??? I picked up a pack from a store with an early launch. Giggles

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Sephora by OPI on Sale Now

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I could not this day go by without sharing this deal for all my mani/nail/polish addicts…LOL. Sephora is discontinuing the Sephora by OPI line to make room for the new brand Sephora X and it is supposed to be all that and a bag of chips teehee!!! And speaking of chips…word on the street is that this polish is going to be chip free and so much more (check out the this link for more deats… Sephora X)
If you are all about nails, you better get to getting (yep, I said get to getting…it’s from my past life of living in the south for a few years…shout out to all my Southern Gals J) to your local Sephora today as I am sure that supplies will not last long!!!
So what are you waiting on??? Go on-line if you know your fave colors or stop in a store and find some that will glam up your style!!!
SIDENOTE: Don’t be selfish, (click) share this post with your gal pals so they can save too or maybe have a mani party in a few weeks on your next girl’s night in (and don’t forget to invite me…LBVS)!!! Happy Shopping…MUAH

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Sephora Nail Polish Beauty Alert

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! If you love nail polish then you must stop by Sephora…all Sephora by OPI polish is 50% off starting today!!! Hurry because when this gets out…you favorite color will be gone!!!

BTW…they are making room for the new polish I told you about last month called Sephora X. Click the link below to read the post…MUAH!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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Beauty 411 News Alert…

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I just heard that Sephora has been testing a new brand of polish in select stores called Sephora X.

What’s the big deal you ask??? Well, rumor has it that this polish will replace the Sephora by OPI brand and it is the best of the best polish around. This brand has the most effective high quality ingredients in the industry.

Supposedly Sephora searched high and low for the perfect polish and now they have a no chip, one coat, high shine polish that is resistant to both water and detergent!!! Hmm…really??? I can’t wait to put it to the test!!!

While I have not seen it in any of my local Sephora stores, I have heard that it gives the gel nail polish a run for the money and it last just as long!!! This 7th wonder of the beauty world is available on but will make its debut in all stores in the summer or fall.

So what are your thoughts??? Are you excited??? Will you purchase it before it officially hits the stores or will you wait for my review??? Whatever you choose let me know because I am curious too!!! LOL

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