Winter Skin Care Solutions

As much as I would like to wish the winter away, I know that it’s not possible :-(. It is so cold in the Chicago area with the temps at 7 degrees but with a wind-chill factor it feels like a -12 degrees (insert a shivering body and long sigh here) LOL!

With the temperature being so cold, we need to protect our bodies and layer our clothes. We also need to protect our skin from the harsh winter cold and wind-chill. Here are a few of my favorite winter must have products that will keep you moisturized over the next few months!


My F.A.B. Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty is so F.A.B.  and it is my go to moisturizer! The Ultra Repair Concentrate appears thick but it ‘s not once you emulsify it down in the palm of your hands. A little goes a long way, so this will truly last for quite sometime. It is very soothing to my dry irritated skin because it contains oatmeal, essential oils, botanical antioxidants and reparative ingredients. I love that it is so moisturizing yet lightweight and you can use it on the entire body!!! The best thing is, they have clinical claims that state, “Within 15 minutes of application, skin hydration is improved by 116%.” Just to test it further, let’s see if my dry parched hands see a difference in the picture below (they are very dry because I have been washing them like a crack head and not applying hand cream to moisturize…remember, no judging)…. LOL


IMG_2494IMG_2497IMG_2498 More Moisture Please: As you can see from the photo above, my hands are so dry that they are peeling and they hurt because I don’t always have time to put on hand cream. The first time I tried Yu-Be, it saved my unappealing dry hands from cracking and peeling; from there I was sold. It gave instant moisture from the Glycerin, it was not greasy, it absorbed into my skin immediately and the Vitamin E and B2 help to heal my very dry damaged skin. I was so exited for the instant gratification that I have been using this as my go to hand cream for a couple of years.


Yu-Be has stated on their website that the moisturizing cream can be used on the face, lips and body. While I have not tried it on those areas, I would not rule it out!!!

A Drink of Water for My Skin: Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask is like a drink of water for my skin. I use it on a regular basis especially during the winter. It has been my saving grace to give me the boost of moisture that I need!!!


I apply a thin layer of the mask after cleansing, I leave it on through the night and my skin drinks in the moisture leaving it soft and smooth in the morning!!! 

Not only is this product the answer to my thirsty skin; it is very affordable as well.

Moisture Service for My Lips: Be Fine Food Skin Care Lip Serum is by far the best lip serum, balm, cream that I have ever used!!! It contains plant based amino acids and peptides to firm and boosts the skin on the lips; chamomile soothes and safflower seed oil gives moisture.  It also offers UVA protection as well.


This miracle in a tube brought my pour, dry, painful dehydrated pout back to life overnight!!! A little goes a long way and it is long lasting. I was amazed and relieved all at the same time!!!

My Hair is Thirsty: Being Free Comes Naturally Island Breeze Whip is a moisturizing whip for the hair and or scalp that can be used on wet or dry 2-3 times per week or as needed. It contains Shea and Mango butters, Coconut and Avocado oils as well as Pro Vitamin B 5 just to name a few. It is very moisturizing but no too much that it leaves your hair greasy. It smells wonderful but it is not overpowering. A little goes a long way; it is very lightweight and great for dry scalp. It also gives great shine and it does not build up on the hair toward the middle or end of the week!!!


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Beauty Tips for Winter Allergy Eyes

So, I woke up this morning with a swollen eye :-(.  I applied 3 different eye creams to get the swelling down by about 5%. I was a little worried so I called the eye doctor for the first available appointment as I did not want it to get any bigger because the vain side of me has 3 events this week and I have to represent my brand. LBVS! (The swelling has gone down since this morning but you can still see it a little in the photo below).


I had an early afternoon appointment and my diagnosis is winter allergies! Really??? I did not know there was such a thing but Dr. Reynolds informed me that mold is still very big in the winter, dust will always be a problem and allergies can be ongoing!

Here are a few tips that she shared with me today:

  1. Mold is forever present in the most unnoticeable ways.
  2. Clean the faucet in your face bowl; it can harbor mold. Use a cotton ball with bleach to keep it clean.
  3. Clean the showerhead as well. The little black stuff you see around the showerhead that builds up is mold.
  4. Clean all your drains as well.  Again…mold can build up.
  5. The black stuff around your window when you open it…mold.
  6. Clean your makeup brushes! Wash your brushes when you wash your hair; this way, you will never forget. (This tip is from Big Girl Cosmetics).
  7. Your furnace can push out dust. Clean your filters and dust often.
  8. If your symptoms continue, see a doctor.


Dr. Reynolds suggested that I use a little ice for the swelling; over the counter allergy meds such as Claritin or Zyrtec and use my eye drops because of my dry eyes.

OMG…I didn’t realize that winter allergies existed like this let alone all the different areas where can mold hide. I am thankful that Dr. Reynolds continues to educate me. It helps me and I hope that it helps you too! If you live in the Chicago area, stop by and visit Concept Eye Care for your next eye appointment.



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Nail Art 101 with Char Miller of Couture Lux Nails

During my mani last week, I asked my Nail Stylist to do something different with an accent nail and she went above and beyond my expectations! I was so impressed, that I recorded an impromptu video for the 2nd nail (so no judging any shakiness or background voices…please and thank you).

With no further ado, here are the tools you will need in case you want to recreate this nail art.

  1. Bowl
  2. Water
  3. 3 – 4 nail colors
  4. Polish remover
  5. Nail art-dotting tool
  6. Nailbrush

*Click here to see the Nail Art Video*


Fill half of your bowl with water

Paint you accent nail with a sheer background color of your choice and let it dry completely

Let 1 droplet of polish drop in the water

Note: *if the droplet goes to the bottom, try it again* If it floats and spreads, add a 2nd droplet of another color and repeat until the droplets are full of rings of color to your liking

Take your nail art-dotting tool and gently swirl the polish to make a design and mix the colors

Take your face down and roll in into the polish quickly and pull the nail out of the polish

Use your nail art-dotting tool and finish the design on your nail

Use your nailbrush with polish remover to clean the excess around the nail


And presto…just like that, you have gorgeous, beautiful, glam nail art!!! Thank you Char for allowing me to video your work!!!


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Secret and Not So Secret Beauty Tips

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! It’s Friday night and it is about to storm in the Chicago area so, I thought I would giveaway some of my best secret and not so secret beauty tips for your weekend enjoyment 🙂 Some tips I have heard from friends, some from beauty mags or beauty segments; none the less…they are great tips and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me…enjoy!!!

I was watching Dr. Oz one day and he had a beauty secret that I could not pass on and I have only shared this publicly once so you are in for a treat!!! If your feet get sweaty or stinky, use deodorant on the bottom to keep them dry!!! Yep, that’s right, deodorant is not just for keeping your underarms dry and smelling fresh, it is also for feet too!!! LBVS…don’t judge me but it works.


Even though I have beautiful brown skin…I sometimes want that sun kissed look!!! So, instead of laying out in the sun, I use a liquid bronzer on my body to give my skin that beautiful bronzed glow!!! Mmm, hmm it is one of my best-kept secrets for fake hosiery on my legs…LOL


Did you know that if your skin is oily that you could blot it with a toilet seat cover??? I know, I know…it sounds crazy but the paper is made out of the same material as blotting papers. Who knew??? If you are a little leery using those, try a paper napkin, it is not the same but it helps the shine and keeps you from looking like an oil slick…LOL. But remember to blot not rub or the paper will be all over your face and then you will look a little crazy…IJS.


You want whiter teeth quick fast and in a hurry??? No problem, apply your best red lipstick and wallah…just like magic; you have the appearance of whiter and brighter teeth!!! Easy, breezy, amazing, I know!!! Giggles


Do you have shampoo/conditioner or shower gel that you purchased and did not return??? Use them as shaving cream or use the shower gel or shampoo as hand soap. No need of wasting it or throwing it out. It does the same thing, the same thing, the same thing…LOL.


Speaking of shaving your legs, to get a closer shave, use a body scrub before you shave to remove the dead skin cells. This will give you super soft skin and if you use self tanner, it will prevent you from having that streaky look. You know that uneven look you hate; well, it’s all gone if you scrub before you tan!!! I know, thank me later 🙂


Last but not least, stop using a towel to dry your hair. Why??? Well, the little loops in the towel catch onto the hair and pulls it. Towels absorb a lot of moisture and you need a little moisture if you are going to blow dry the hair. Plus, when you rub the towel in your hair it causes the hair to get frizzy and tangled…boo!!! So what should you use, you ask??? A cotton t-shirt will save the day and your hair!!!  And who doesn’t want great hair???


So there you have it…my secret and not so secret Friday night beauty tips!!! MUAH

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5 Beauty Travel Tips to Keep You TSA Approved

*This post was originally posted on Ms. Travel Chic*

Do you ever have trouble packing the right beauty products for your vacation??? Do you get confused on what to take and what to leave??? Do you have to check your bag EVERY single trip because you just have too many products??? If you answered yes to any of these questions…then you need to continue, read on and join the club…LOL. These are Beauty Blogger problems that I face on constant basis and I am tired of the TSA making me check my bags all the darn time L. I have decided to take matters into my own hands and share my top 5 beauty tips to help us all overcome this problem J.
Tip #1: This tip is easy but it took me forever to see what was right in front of my face (don’t judge me, I have seen the light and opened my eyes). If you are taking a trip, when you shop for your beauty products, always shop the travel section. Every store has one these days from Target to Sephora and everything in between. The travel section offers sizes that are TSA approved. My go to travel section for skin and hair products is the Beauty To Go area in Sephora. They offer the brands that I love and the products that I use.
Tip #2: Forget the Ziploc bags and get a plastic see through bag from a drug store to fill all of your travel sized products. A see through makeup bag holds more than a Ziploc bag and they last longer…trust me I know!!! As a Beauty Blogger, I can never get all my travel size products in a Ziploc bag as I am always adding more…LOL. I found a great bag from Walgreens that had plastic travel size bottles inside. I chucked those because they would leak in my bag and replaced them with old bottles as I finish the product inside…genius, I know!!! LOL
Tip #3: Utilize the space inside your bag for non-liquid items like deodorant, pressed powder, toothbrush and liquids like contact lens solution (yes, this is okay…the TSA will not tell you but I will). You can have contact lens solution in a travel size inside of your suitcase and get through security. Trust me…a TSA Agent informed me on this tip J…Winning!!!
Tip #4: Purchase multifunctional beauty products that will allow more room in your suitcase like a makeup palette with eye shadow and blush or eye shadow, blush and lips. Trust me, you are not going to use 10 colors on vacation (if you do, then you are a bigger makeup junkie than me and I am not sure that I can help you)…IJS. You can also purchase makeup wipes that cleanse, tone and moisturize so you do not have bring a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
Tip #5: If you don’t have sensitive skin or if you are not picky, leave your shower gels and shampoos behind. You can utilize what the hotel offers or you can do what I do…shop when you get to your destination. These days a lot of hotels offer decent brands for shower gels and shampoo for free (and if it is a good brand and it’s free…then it is totally for me)!!!
So there you have it, the top 5-beauty travel tips from a Beauty Blogger!!! I hope this has helped you as much as it as helped me J. I travel just about every week and it is not always that easy. BTW…I always have 2 of everything in case I have to check my bag and the airline misplaces (I mean looses) my bag!!! I keep 1 set at home and 1 in my suitcase and this is what works for me. Happy Packing!!! MUAH

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After Hours Makeup Tips

Even when you are on your way home after the party, it is always a good idea to stop for a quick touch up!!! Every girl needs a man who is willing to not just tell her where to put the lip gloss on but show her as well when a mirror is not available (that’s just HOT)!!! IJS…
You see Beauty Scholars…beauty should never stop, you should always look your best even at 2:30 in the morning J as you never know who you will see or who will see you!!! So the next time you step out for a girl’s night out or a hot date…make sure you find a good guy who will not just tell you but show you if your lip gloss is poppin…LOL
This announcement has been brought to you by: Beauty School ScArlet…MUAH

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Summer Beauty Tips

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I don’t know about you but I am ready for summer!!! I am not enjoying this mild winter in spring that we are having…LOL.
So, I started to think if we talk about summer…maybe the weather will start to get warmer!!! Right??? Well, maybe not but it’s worth a try!!!
Today will be all about summer beauty tips!!! YAY SUMMER!!!
Summer Beauty Tip #1…
SPF, SPF, SPF is a MUST!!! Every skin tone should wear SPF!!! This prevents burning as well as skin cancer. The rays from the sun are harsh and you can get sunburn in as little as 15 minutes during the peak of the day!!! OUCH!!!
I know a lot of people like to get that bronze or golden tint to the skin but sunburn is no joke…believe me, I have been there; done that and it was not fun!!! Besides the peeling after the burn is so not cute…IJS!!! You should wear at least SPF 30.
Summer Beauty Tip #2…
Bronzer!!! Bronzer is a safe alternative to getting to sexy summer glow!!! I love to use bronzer on my legs. It gives the appearance of hosiery without the hoise…LOL.
I prefer bronzer over self-tanning because some self-tanners do not offer a natural look and a bronzer will give you a J-Lo glow that will make even J-Lo jealous!!! *giggles*
Here are a few recommendations: Per-fekt body Perfection Gel, Sephora Illuminating Bronzing Gel and Nars Monoi Body Glow.
Summer Beauty Tip #3…
Exfoliation!!! Exfoliation for the face and body is the way to perfect looking smooth soft skin!!! Before you use a bronzer or self-tanner…you must exfoliate to remove the dead surface skin cells. This prevents your bronzer or self-tanner from streaking. It will give you an even tone, a closer shave as well as skin smoother than a baby’s bottom…well…not that smooth but you get my point 🙂
If you are lazy like me, I suggest you use an all in one product that will cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. Multitasking is definitely the key for me!!! LOL. Or you can add scrub to your shower gel for the same effect.
Here are a few recommendations: Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction, Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliator and Molton Brown Cassia Bodywash & Scrub.
But wait…there’s more (in my TV infomercial voice)!!! You should not exfoliate daily as you can cause sensitivity to the skin by overindulging. I suggest 2-3 times per week at the most. You also have to wear a sunscreen because you are removing the dead layer of skin, which is now more sensitive to the sun, and being the good friend that I am, I don’t want you to get sunburned!!! (Insert the sweet face here with an aww) teehee!!! Who knew exfoliation was so complicated??? LOL.
Summer Beauty Tip #4…
Manis and Pedis are a MUST!!! I don’t know about you Beauty Scholars but my biggest pet peeve is cracked dry heels as well as chipped and/or unpolished toes in any type of open toe shoes!!! UGH…SIGH…YUK…as you can read, this is a big huge NO NO for me and it should be for you!!! Yes, I am judging and I am not sorry but this is so unattractive on a woman as well as a man (not the polish on a man but the nasty heels). IJS
Never fear, Beauty School ScArlet to the rescue here!!! You can go to the spa and get your mani and pedi or you can do a DIY. If you choose a DIY I have a few suggestions you may want to try!!! The Diamancel Diamond Foot Buffer is an amazing tool to remove dry rough skin (insert disclosure here)…but it is not cheap!!! Even though it is more on the expensive side, it is well worth the cost of $49 because it last a long time and it works!!!
Now I am guilty of dry cuticles from time to time because I never get a chance to get a mani these days let alone a DIY due to the travel I do. Cuticle oil/cream is a great remedy and the one they’re quite a few to choose from. Julep has a Nail 911 Repair System, which includes a cuticle serum with peptides as well as a Nail Therapy polish to strengthen the nails…FTW!!! And don’t forget to exfoliate the hands during your weekly exfoliation of the body. Your hands need love too J
So there you have it Beauty Scholars…4 fabulous summer beauty tips to keep your skin safe, your glow glam, your body smooth and your feet neat!!! The one thing that is missing is…summer L the only suggestion I have for that is to wait and ask Mother Nature to bring on the heat but not too much!!! LOL

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Oily Face Blues…

General Inquiry from Beauty Scholar Regina D. Brooks of Régine Danielle Events & Design:
Q. I have a question for Beauty School ScArlet!!! What can I use so my foundation stops running off my face? LOL. Everything I come within an inch of gets my foundation on it. Maybe it’s my foundation?
A. Regina thanks for your inquiry!!! Here are a few suggestions that I think may help.
It could possibly be the foundation that you are wearing or maybe the skincare that you are using as well. If you have oily skin or sweat a lot, your foundation may smear or run. Here are a few products that may help your situation…  Try using a mattifying moisturizer. It will help minimize the appearance of oil and prevent the dewy shiny makeup look. I suggest you try the Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Moisturizer.
You can also use a silicone free primer. Primers containing silicone mixed with water based foundation equals the bad witch from The Wizard of Oz melting away when Dorothy removed the ruby slippers…LOL (water and silicone do not mix)!!! Silicone free primer is great for oily skin and prevents your foundation from melting away. I suggest you try Nars Oil-Free Pore Refining Primer.
I would also suggest that you invest in some blotting papers. Blotting papers can be a girl’s BFF!!! Instead of reapplying foundation (which I am sure you don’t do) J I suggest the use of blotting papers to absorb excess oil. When you reapply powder, you are using a sponge that usually has old powder, built up oil, debris and dirt, which means, you are contaminating your powder and causing your face to break out. I suggest you use the Clinique Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets.
Regina, these products should put you in the no melting mattifying oil-free makeup zone!!! Let me know what you decide and if and how they worked. Good Luck and Happy Mattifying!!! MUAH

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Guest Article Post in Kokoa Magazine – Tips and Tricks to Help You Spring into Beauty; Spring in to Action!!!

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Yours truly has an article in Kokoa Magazine titled “Tips and Tricks to Help You Spring into Beauty; Spring in to Action” on page 29!!! The April issue is dedicated to all things beauty so be sure to check it out!!! Here is the link…

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Hair Care Tip…

Silicone coats the hair and does not penetrate the hair shaft; it can cause buildup and does not prevent breakage it disguises it. 

Silicone has similar properties to rubber and plastic…Do you know what happens to rubber and plastic when you heat them??? They burn!!! So when you continuously use products with silicone and apply heat, you can burn and damage the hair.

So, when you go to purchase your next hair product…check the label and make sure it is made without silicones!!!

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