Did Target Hit The Bull’s-eye???

Target Beauty Clinic???
I was shopping in Target on Sunday and what did I see??? I saw a big huge sign outside of the Clinic staring at me!!! It read Eyelash Enhancers and I was intrigued to find out what the heck was going on. So I quickly snapped a picture and went into super beauty blogger mode!!! I started to wonder…Is Target upgrading the services that they offer, are they turning into a “Specialty Spa Clinic” or are they just adding a few things to entice us to visit the clinic???  IDK but I am going to find out some answers one way or another!!! LOL…just call me Inspector ScArlet… (Giggles)
As I played the part of a customer fascinated by the new service offered, I discovered some interesting information that may make you stop, look and inquire inside a clinic near you. Here is the impromptu interview that I had with the unexpected nurse (we will name her Nurse Betty to protect her identity)… LOL
Me: Wow you offer Lash enhancements???
Nurse Betty: Yes, we offer consultations and you can get the prescription from the pharmacy
Me: What brands do you offer???
Nurse Betty: Latisse
Me: How long have you been offering this service???
Nurse Betty: 6 months or so
Me: What is the cost???
Nurse Betty: $49 for a consultation
Me: Do you offer any other beauty services???
Nurse Betty: Yes, we offer consultations for hyperpigmentation and hair removal. We give you a consultation and you can pick up the prescription cream at the pharmacy
Me: What are the costs of the consultations and does insurance cover any of them???
Nurse Betty: All consults are $49 and you will have to contact your insurance carrier to find out if they cover it.
So there you have it Beauty Scholars!!! Target is upgrading the services they offer in the clinic to get more traffic in the door. I have to say bravo Target what a smart idea. This will truly set you apart from the Walgreens and CVS clinics. I just wish you did more advertisements for it or maybe offered some specials to introduce the new services. Your customers should not have to accidentally find out by walking by a sign. IJS
I hope to see more services offered in the future!!! What about you???

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  1. Love your post. I cant wait until Targets offers this in my local store.

  2. Thank you Kaicha!!! I am glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Inspector Gadget did good!

  4. LOL, Thanks dedivahdeals.com!!!

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