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Renee B. was born and raised in Chicago as an only child. At the age of 12, she purchased her first skincare and beauty products from Clinique Cosmetics. At such an early age, she was not sure where her love for the beauty industry came from because she was raised in a family where her mom and grandmother didn’t wear makeup or use professional skincare products. But, at that time she knew it was love at first purchase and she has not looked back since then. She has fifteen plus years of work experience in the beauty industry and half of her lifetime as a cosmetic product junkie!

Renee is a beauty maven who exudes splendor in all things beauty! Her purpose is to empower women and girls to make the best choices in life to improve her lifestyle from head to toe as well as from the inside out. The brand Beauty School Scarlet is more than a beauty blog; it is a movement to inspire women and girls to be beautiful while promoting and affirming them through their developmental ages and continuously as adults. She encourages them to realize that beauty is not complicated or complex; it is simplistic.

She has been successfully presenting components of this program through her company Boardroom Beauties workshops and seminars where they inspire and empower the whole woman to live her dreams and embrace beauty from the inside out. She is also an active member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women), ColorComm (Women of Color in Communications) and a Beauty Correspondent for Six Brown Chicks. She was a participant in the “What is Beauty Campaign” A campaign, which helped, empower young women through beauty from the inside out through social media outlets. And she was a Semi-Finalist for the My Black is Beautiful Campaign – a campaign sponsored by Proctor and Gamble to encourage young girls and women to embrace beauty from the inside out.



Beauty School Scarlet

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