Have Your Beauty Products Expired???

Hey Beauty Scholars this is just a quick PSA Tip (not a day of PSA’s. Those are scheduled for next week).
Did you know that some products in the US but most products in other countries have an expiration date??? Yes, it is true!!! Product from other countries have a little open jar with a number on the back to tell you how long you have after opening the product before it expires or is no longer beneficial. It’s called the period after opening. Check out the picture below.
So be sure you are not using expired products!!! If a product does not have it, here are some general rules to follow: Products with pumps and tubes last longer because you are not using your fingers to apply the product. A product with SPF will usually have an expiration date. Mascara’s and liquid liners should not be used longer than 3 months!!! Liquid foundations, pressed and loose powders can last for about 1 year if you are cleaning the sponge and brush on a consistent basis; if not, toss it after 6 months because the oil, dirt and debris from the sponge or brush alters the color and causes breakouts.
This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come next week!!! MUAH

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