#ImBeautyInspired to Love Me and Live Free; #WomensLives Matter


#ImBeautyInspired to be a part of the #WomensLives initiative, a media partnership between Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media, BlogHer’s parent company which, seeks to change the conversation in news media because #WomensLives matter.

I will be sharing stories and writing post about something that is near and dear to my heart, women’s issues. It is my hope to bring more awareness and support for important issues such as equal pay for women, mental illness and domestic violence.

Unfortunately, these are issues that society tends to shun away from but through this initiative they will have a voice and be part of important conversations.

The topic for today is domestic violence. I’m not sure if you knew this or not but the domestic violence Super Bowl PSA was a real 911 call. #WomensLives matter; find out what it was like for one woman as she shares her story. http://c.bher.co/81

My life matters and #ImBeautyInspired to love me, live free and share my story below.

I decided to share an excerpt from my recently published book, “#ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations!” because I was a witness of domestic violence, I was a victim of domestic violence and now I am a survivor of domestic violence. For most women, domestic violence usually starts at a young age with self-esteem issues and I wrote my book because I want to empower young women and girls to embrace their inner beauty. I want them to understand that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the mind of the beholder! And they will gain an understanding of this and more through the interactive journal.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1: The Beauty of Strength!

Beauty is being naturally you; baring it all without filters!

Today, I am being naturally me and baring it all without filters! I am sharing a side of me that I have rarely share publicly because I hope to bring awareness to my readers and I believe that beauty starts from the inside out.

As a child, I watched my father abuse my mother, as a teen I was abused physically by a high school boyfriend and verbally as an adult. Today, I realize that I am beautiful and love is not abusive!

I wrote a poem from the heart in the late 90’s as a dedication to my younger self and any woman who has experienced domestic violence.

This is not just a poem from what I have seen, heard or experienced, it is a poem for anyone who has been affected by domestic violence or someone who is in denial. I pray and hope that this helps someone to seek shelter and help. 

Love to the Limit

As your fist hits my face

Your imprints are left upon my cheek

As I scream in an outrage

You laugh to keep from feeling guilt

I LOVE YOU! I scream

You laugh once again and reply with a kick

I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Falling to my knees

Begging and pleading

But you say nothing

And I think why does this have to be me

Your brain filled with insanity

I don’t know what’s next

You punch me in the stomach

And continue with vital threats

As I lie on the floor pain bruised and in pain

No movement from my body

Just my blood and your shame

I try to weep for help

But there’s no one near

I start to grasp for breath

But you choose not to hear

You turn your back and walk away

Leaving me to be

I knew this was the end

How could you do this to me?

I did nothing but love you

And what did you return to me

An act of hatred

Why was that so hard for me to see?

Domestic violence is a disease and if you suffer from it, seek help and call the hotline 1.800.799.7233. Let’s make a difference and start by answering the following questions: How can we help women who suffer from domestic violence? How can we help our young girls avoid being a victim? How will you get involved? Start by commenting below and being a part of the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WomensLives. Have a day filled with strength!


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  1. That was a very touching story and a beautifully written and thought provoking poem. I am sorry for all that you suffered and am happy that you didn’t let it break you. Thank you for sharing! God bless.

    • Beauty School ScArlet says:

      Thank you Helmig Haus. I am stronger and I truly understand that love is not abusive! God bless you too.

  2. I want to thank you for this post and poem – right down to the telephone number in your closing sentences. Thank you for reaching out to other women and for contributing your voice to #womenslives.

    • Beauty School ScArlet says:

      Thank you Lisa! I want to make a difference and I hope this post moves others to take a stand in #womenslives!

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