Is the Hourglass Cosmetics Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil the Next Brow Genius???

Report Card Review for Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil by Hourglass Cosmetics
During one of my many trips to Sephora, I came across the brand Hourglass Cosmetics. I never really thought to engage myself in the brand because I was unfamiliar and to be honest, it was a little too expensive and I could not justify paying those prices for products that I could find in Dior for just a tad bit cheaper…IJS!!! But, the more I went to Sephora, the more I became intrigued with the brand and I tried a sample of Veil Mineral Primer and I was impressed!!! So, there I was purchasing a brow pencil on my last visit to see if this luxury brand is worth the price.
Hourglass Cosmetics is a brand where you decide to indulge and treat yourself or have your BF/Husband/Significant Other/ It’s Complicated Partner treat you to a few beauty gems (don’t act like I am the only one who has seen that relationship status…no worries, I am not judging you) LOL!!! It is an exquisite brand formulated with the latest and greatest technology while the packaging is stylish as well as chic!!! It offers performance, beauty and luxury all in one (and there is certainly a price for that)!!!
I have been using the Dior pencil since last year and I absolutely love it, in fact, I did not think I would ever want to try anything new. The day that I ran out of my Dior pencil, I was planning a trip to Sephora and I thought what the heck…I might as well pamper myself and give it a try. So there I was purchasing the Hourglass Cosmetics brow pencil for $32 and I thought to myself…this better be worth it and then some or else…LOL.
Here is what I liked: The pencil is slanted and easy the fill in the brows on an angle; it allows me to get a more precise look. I can get a very soft look or more dramatic look if I choose to follow the spring 2013 trend. The formula is a combination of a powder, pencil and wax so it gives the best of everything!!! It last a long time and it does not look waxy. The brush on the end can soften the look if you have gone too bold. The pencil is automatic so no sharpener needed here…YAY, there will not be any pencil shavings hiding all over the place!!! It is a vegan friendly product that is free of fragrance and synthetic dyes as well as sulfates. Safe and effective…check, easy to use and precise…check and no waxy look…double check!!! Sounds like a winner to me!!!
As you can read, I have conformed to a new brow genius!!! I loved everything that this pencil offers, I have no cons to add and I will be happy to pay $32 for next one!!! My final grade is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! If you are interested in purchasing the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil by Hourglass Cosmetics, you can purchase at Sephora or for $32 (and yes…it is worth it)!!! They say, you get what you pay for and I can most certainly say with confidence…I got that and so much more 🙂 Happy Shopping!!!

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  1. Ok, now, I was NOT in the market for an eyebrow pencil because my Benefit Brow powder and I were doing just fine – until I saw this. Now I’ve gotta try it! Looks awesome!

  2. You are so fun! Hourglass is a European luxury brand right up there with the likes of Givenchy and Dior, etc. I love the brand but wish they carried more shades in the powder and concealer for us.

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