My Fave Cleansers

Today I will be sharing some of my favorite cleansers because cleaning the skin is one of the most important things that lead to clear, clean beautiful skin. You should always cleanse your face morning and night to remove dirt, debris, oil and makeup. When you do not cleanse or are too lazy to do so…you clog your pores and get breakouts!!!
My first cleanser that I start my day with is Neutrogena Daily Scrub. It is a gentle scrub that helps with breakouts before they start. This is a cleanser and a scrub all in one!!! I love it when I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone in my daily routine and it smells refreshing too!!!
This is my all time fave from Origins. Checks and Balances does exactly what the title says. It hydrates the dry areas and controls the oily areas to balance the skin. It is very gentle and very frothy!!! If you have combination skin…this is totally the cleanser for you!!!
And you thought Bliss products were just for the body??? Think again, they have some awesome skincare products as well!!! The Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is my go to travel face wash. It is a cleanser and an exfoliator all in one. The granules are very gentle and leave my face feeling so fresh and so clean!!!
I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser as my makeup remover. Did you know that you should cleanse your face twice when you wear makeup??? Yes, it is true and this is my go to. It is very gentle as well as soap free and non-drying and removes all my makeup even on the eyes!!! I don’t suggest you use it on the eyes because it is not Ophthalmologist tested…I am just lazy…LOL. MUAH
I use Cetaphil Derma Control in the summer or if I am a experiencing breakout. This is an oil control foam wash the controls shine (and boy do I get shiny in the summer) without over-drying the skin.
The Purity Cleanser by Philosophy is awesome for removing makeup. I use this for my travel makeup remover. It is very gentle and leaves my skin soft.
Last but not least…No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes – I have used them on several occasions for those lazy nights when I don’t want to go through the whole skincare routine and I must say, these are by far the best makeup wipes that I have I used!!! They do what they claim and you can get it all done with the use of just 1 wipe. That’s right a full face of makeup in just 1 wipe. To validate my point, I used my Smashbox Lip Stain that I reviewed in the past to put the wipes to the test and they worked!!! No traces of the lip stain were left on my hand as you can see below. And when I remove my makeup, I don’t have to use a toner and moisturizer afterwards. My skin is clean and does not feel dry!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Skincare Cleanser overview. The cleansers I shared are my fave of what I have used last summer and what I currently use now. If you have any questions or need more info, just reply below and I will respond…MUAH!!!

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