News Flash…Beauty 411 Sephora Does it Again!!!

It seems like every time I visit Sephora, I find some new and exciting beauty news to share and today is no different!!! Spotted…the new Color IQ at the beauty studio. What is Color IQ you ask??? Well, it is the newest technology that Sephora is testing in select stores and it is all that and a bag of chips!!! LOL
Sephora has teamed up with Pantone to present a solution to NEVER wearing the wrong foundation shade EVER…forever, ever!!! In case you don’t know, Pantone is a color matching company that announces the color of the year and every retail partner follows what they say. They are the experts to color matching!!!
So here’s the skinny on how it works…there is a specialty camera with a sensor that captures the most accurate photo of your skintone. You must remove your makeup in two sections and the Color Specialist takes the camera then presses gently on the skin to get the photo. The camera gives a number that is specifically for your skintone and the Color Specialist inputs your number in the system and just like magic…a list of brands and colors appear on the screen of different choices for you to choose from.
Now, you know me…I had to put the machine to the test as I feel like the human eye is better than some latest and greatest machine (at least in this case) LOL. The Color Specialist tested the brand that peeked my interest on the areas I removed my makeup. I picked Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation and it was the perfect match…FTW!!!
OMG…talk about cutting edge technology!!! I was so impressed because this machine gave me options from tinted moisturizers, pressed powders, foundations and BB Creams. My Color IQ gave me 22 options. They only thing I think is missing is an overview of my skintone. The Color Specialist said I had warm golden tones and it would be great to refer to something in the future. The best thing is…you can have this emailed to you in case you want to check out other brands with different colors or coverage.
Now I am not sure when this is launching in all stores but I know it will take off when it does. Sephora and Pantone…you have truly outdone your competitors and I am very impressed!!! I will take what is Color IQ for the complete and total win Alex (in my Jeopardy game show voice)!!! LOL

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