Product Review of the week: Not A Perfume Eau de Parfum by Juliette Has a Gun

Product Review of the week: Not A Perfume Eau de Parfum by Juliette Has a Gun

I thought that it would be fitting to dedicate this post to a fragrance since we are 17 days away from Valentine’s Day. Yes, that’s right 17 days and counting!!!
I found out about this perfume from my monthly subscription to Birchbox. Birchbox is a service that offers different products and brands; you fill out a profile, pay a fee to receive a box of samples every month. It was the month of June and I was on my way out to a party and I saw this sample and thought…why not. When I tried it, I was just smitten by the smell and I purchased a bottle the very next day!!!

The name of the scent is Not A Perfume and when I tell you that the name is so fitting, please believe me because the scent is so much more!!! It is a sexy, alluring, glamorous, gorgeous and captivating scent!!! I wish the Internet had smell-o-vision just so you could be as enamored with the smell as I am. Not only is the scent amazing but it is allergen free as well.
Every time that I wear this perfume, I get compliments throughout the day. The scent lingers but it’s not overpowering like OMG…she has on too much perfume. It touches the male senses where the hugs linger and the women want to know where can they purchase a bottle. It is innocent yet sensual. The main ingredient is Cetalox, which is usually used, as a base note is now the lead note here.

As you can read, I am truly a fan of Not A Perfume and I think you should become one too. I give it 5 out of 5 smooches!!! MUAH. You can purchase Not A Perfume from,, (you can order a sample size) and
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