Product Review on Lights Camera Lashes by Tarte Cosmetics

Are you looking for a new mascara???

I am always nervous to try a new brand of mascara because I don’t know what to expect. Will it clump, irritate my eyes or flake??? So when I recently ran out of my go to mascara, I had to talk myself into trying something new.

On one of my many journeys to Sephora, I asked a makeup specialist what would she suggest for someone who has allergies and sensitive eyes. She had 3-4 suggestions but Tarte Cosmetics was the brand I decided to purchase. I went with it because they are known as a high performance natural brand. Their products are made without all the things known as fillers that are no good!!! They are a cruelty free brand and they don’t test on animals. I don’t know about you but this sounds all good to me so I am ready to give them a try!!!

First off, let’s just say that I am totally smitten by the name alone and how clever it is. I love the unique packing of purple faux leather casing…just adorable!!! But I digress because the real question here is…did it work???
Here’s what I liked: It gave my lashes length that I have never experienced with any other mascara!!! I usually have to use 3-4 types of mascara to do the job of 1. As you can see, my lashes do not exists, so this gave me hope, faith and lashes…LOL. It also curls, gives volume, defines and conditions. I have been using this mascara for over a month and I can honestly say that my lashes do not fall out as much and my eyes are not irritated. The best thing is that it can be easily removed with my makeup wipes.
Here’s what I didn’t like: (insert crickets here) because I loved everything about it!!! My overall review if you have not guessed by now if 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! Lights, Camera Lashes cost $19 and can be purchased at Sephora or
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