Report Card Review for Khloe’s Kardazzle Face Palette by Khroma

Report Card Review for Khloe’s Kardazzle Face Palette by Khroma
It’s no secret that the Kardashian’s empire is growing, growing and still growing (on the go just like that damn energizer bunny) LOL!!! While some people may not be a fan of the brand, you cannot knock their hustle…right??? The ladies have it on lock down when it comes to expanding a brand and they are obviously doing something right!!! So when I heard about the makeup line Khorma launching, I had to inquire!!!
Last month I decided to take a look in Ulta and see what the buzz was all about. To my surprise, there were no bells, whistles, streamers or hoopla surrounding the presence of the brand as I expected. I had to search to find it and it was in the mass section of the store. I was disappointed to see that there were no testers available but I guess considering the location, it was the norm.
As I picked through the mascaras, glosses, shadows, bronzers, lashes and palettes, I was surprised to come across something that caught my eye. It was a small palette of gold tones and warm bronzed colors filled with 8 shadows (4 matte and 4 shimmer), 1 blush, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. Jackpot, I thought!!! What a way to try several products at once and save a little money at the same time 🙂
I have been wearing palettes for a few weeks and I must say there are some things that I really like!!! I love the color palette of neutral tones and they good for most skin tones. The shadows feel like silk and they last all day, they did not crease and the shimmer shadows have great pigment!!! You can also create several looks from the different colors because they all compliment each other. I absolutely love the highlighter; it compliments my skin tone and does not look ashy!!! The overall package is a nice size that can fit in a clutch for a quick touchup if you need it or great for a travel bag for a girl on the go like myself…winning!!! The palette comes in 3 different color choices (of course) Kim, Kourtney and Khloe to appeal to different skin tones (if you don’t like 1, you have 2 more to choose from)…. you can get with this or you can get with that…the choice is absolutely yours!!! Giggles
Yes, I liked several things about the makeup palette but there are also some things that were just blah… The outer packaging is just cheap and flimsy (I cannot be more blunt than that)!!! The palette was hard to open on the first several tries…yes several (I felt like I needed directions on how to open it). The matte pigments are not what they seem; they are sheerer than they appear to be but they do show up on my skin tone. The blush and bronzer are not colors that I would normally wear but I can mix them together to get the look I want to achieve.
Overall, I like the Khloe’s Kardazzle Face Palette by Khroma. I was pleasantly surprised and I think you may be as well. My final grade is 4 out of 5 smooches (that highlighter and the shimmer shadows helps it excel from a 3.5 to a 4)…LOL. If you are interested in purchasing the makeup palette, you can purchase it at Ulta or (FYI… only has 1 choice of the palettes to choose from) for $12.99. What a beauty steal!!! Happy shopping!!!

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