Report Card Review for Lip Serum by Be Fine food skin care

Report Card Review for Lip Serum by Be Fine food skin care
I was introduced to this lip serum from my Birchbox subscription in October 2011. Birchbox is a service that I subscribe to for a fee to receive a box of deluxe beauty samples.
When I received the box, I did not use the serum right away because at the time, I was stuck on my Boots Lip Butter and I needed to finish what I had. I actually tried the lip serum a few months ago in October and I will share with you why and how that came about after I give you a little insight about the Be Fine brand.
Be Fine is a natural line that uses super food ingredients like pomegranates and avocado mixed with advance technology. This brand is free from allergens, parabens, preservatives, and fragrance. They do not test on animals and they are a vegan brand. They believe that eating healthy is not enough for your skin; you need healthy products as well.
Now that you have been informed about the brand, let me share some information about the lip serum. I started using this lip serum in October 2012 (yes, I had it for an entire year before I decided to use it. Remember…there is no judging allowed, I am a self-proclaimed product junkie) LOL. It’s really funny because I used it by default. While I was dreaming up the design concept for my logo, my web designer Abbie suggested we use my lips for the design. OMG…what a novel idea I thought but…how??? She told me to make an imprint of my lips by kissing paper and she would transfer it to the logo. She did not have to tell me but once, because I was sold!!! BTW (small disclaimer)…kissing paper is hard so don’t judge the funny shapes on some of the pages…LOL
So off I go to kiss 3 sheets of paper from top to bottom to find the perfect lip imprint for the logo (see exhibits A-C below). Needless to say that my lips were in pain and very chapped and my Boots Lip Butter did not do the trick. I went into my beauty closet (yes, I have a closet full of beauty products) and there it was, staring me in the face, the Be Fine Lip Serum and I thought, what do I have to loose??? I tried it on and I immediately felt a soothing calming sensation that brought joy to my lips!!!
Beauty Scholars, this is by far the best lip serum, balm, cream that I have ever used!!! It contains plant based amino acids and peptides to firm and boosts the skin on the lips; chamomile soothes and safflower seed oil gives moisture.  It also offers UVA protection as well.
This miracle in a tube brought my pour, dry, painful dehydrated pout back to life overnight!!! A little goes a long way and it is long lasting. I was amazed and relieved all at the same time!!! If you have not guessed by now, my final grade in 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! If you have a dry pout and you want to purchase this phenomenal serum to bring sexy supple smooches back to life…Be Fine Lip Serum is available for $18 on or $25 (with the lip exfoliator) on

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  1. Love the review! And girl I can’t judge anyone with all the dang fingernail polish I have that I haven’t even tried yet…LOL Thanks for the review!

    • Alisha, I am glad that you enjoyed it. Please don’t mention nail polish to me…I have one of those fixtures they have in the store to hold all of mine (you know the kind where you take one and the rest slide down) Yup, I do…SMH!!!

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