Report Card Review for: Trend Tips by Sephora by O.P.I.

Report Card Review for: Trend Tips by Sephora by O.P.I.
In a pinch for a quick mani, I purchased the Trend Tips (AKA nail stickers/strips) from Sephora a few months ago. I have been on the go so much that I forgot that I had them. I came across them recently during my cleanup and clear out efforts in my beauty closet. Don’t judge me, I am a beauty blogger and I am allowed to have a beauty closet!!! J
At any rate, I have always been a little leery of self-application of anything on my nails as that is not my acquired skill set; let’s just say that DIY mani’s are not my thing. I can never stay inside the cuticle lines…LOL. Since I cannot paint my nails, I figured applying stickers couldn’t be all that hard…right???
Well, I applied the Trend Tips about 10 days ago and I am somewhat impressed. The strips are attached to an adhesive that you pull apart and adhere to your nail. You select the size that fits your nail, remove the adhesive, place it on the nail and press firmly on the nail until the wrinkles disappear. You then crease the edge of the left over strip and file the excess off in a downward motion.
Here are the pros: There is no drying time; I can apply and go!!! It is cost effective and does not cost as much as Shellac or Gelish Manicure. It does not peel or chip like a regular manicure. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy and fast. It took me 30 minutes but I wanted it to be perfect. You can remove it with regular nail polish remover. It lasted longer than my average mani and I washed my hair, cleaned my house and unpacked and packed a few boxes and no chips!!!
Here are the cons: My fingers are a tad wider than some of the strips so I was limited in my options if I messed up (which I did)…LOL. Once you stick it on, it is a little hard to peel it off and start over with the same strip, in some cases, the strip tore or I had to remove it with polish remover and use a new strip. While the directions say file gently in a downward motion, I disagree because it chips on the edge. If you press firmly on the edge in a downward motion and let the edge of the nail tear the end, it works better.
Overall, I really liked the Trend Tips and I would definitely use them again. I even received a few compliments (even from my regular nail tech) giggles!!! My final grade for Trend Tips for Sephora by O.P.I. is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! You can purchase them at Sephora or on sale now for $5.00 for 16 nail strips…now that is a beauty steal!!!

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