Seeing Eye to Eye: A Beauty Interview with My Eye Doctor – Dr. Reynolds

A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my eye doctor and boy oh boy did she open my eyes (literally and figuratively) to some things that should just be common sense…but on that day, it was not so common to me…LOL. We talked about beauty and how it relates to eye care like when to toss those products and the damage they can cause if you hold on to them. Some things I knew and some were brand new. I hope this interview literally and figuratively open’s your eyes as it did mine 🙂
My Eye Doctor – Dr. Reynolds of Concept Eye Care is very informative and easy to understand. She cares about the health of her patients and wants to ensure they receive her all. So when I asked if I could interview her for my blog, she said absolutely!!! Thanks Dr. Reynolds…YOU ROCK!!! Beauty Scholars get ready for an eye opening experience from an expert!!!
The first tip blew my mind because I was just blind to the who, what, when and why I should not use generic eye care… Dr. Reynolds says you should not use generics because the technology is old. It is like using an old brick cell phone or an old school TV with an antenna…LOL. Or as I like to think, it is like using that old hard eyeliner from back in the day that you had to burn to make it glide on the eyes…yep, eye-opening…right??? Okay…don’t act like I was the only one who used to do this…LOL
Did you know that you should put contacts in before you apply your makeup??? Mmm, hmm…you sure do as this prevents eye infections…yep, some of us have been doing this all wrong, thinking that the eye shadow will fall into our eyes or the mascara will flake into the contacts. Here is what I do to prevent shadow from flaking: tap your eye shadow brush lightly (don’t blow on the brush and spread your nasty germs) on the back of your hand and the excess shadow will fall off. To prevent mascara flaking, make sure you don’t have a clump on the wand, if you do, wipe the excess on the tube and apply in a zigzag motion. If it continues to flake…buy a new brand as great brands do not flake…IJS!!!
Now, I have said this before but I am so excited that Dr. Reynolds has stated the obvious 🙂 change your eye makeup often!!! Every 6 months for liquids, every 3 months for mascaras, every 6 months for creams and every year for powders as the moisture, air and germs can cause infections. And wash your brushes every 2 weeks for the same reasons.
If you wear glasses, it is okay to apply your eye makeup a little heavier. You should also get the AR (ANTI-REFLECTING) Coating on your lenses as this will help the makeup show through more but don’t get too happy with your application technique unless you want to look like you belong on a ratchet reality show…LOL
OMG…did you know that you should not sleep with your contacts in your eyes if you suffer from dry eyes like me??? Yeah, I am a little guilty of this 🙂 because I just get lazy and fall asleep with the computer in my lap, makeup on the face and contacts in the eyes. Dr. Reynolds did give me the side eye o-0 …LOL as well as informed me that your contacts can get lost in the back of the eye and if they go too far…you will have to get them surgically removed (OUCH) and you can get an eye infection (YUK)!!! Note to self: come home, change clothes, wash face, remove contacts and repeat!!! Because in my Sweet Brown voice (Ain’t nobody got time for that)!!! IJS. Make sure you purchase the extended wear contacts to prevent this from happening.
Last but not least…change your contact lens case every month and rinse the case with hot water every night to keep you contacts clean and free of debris. You mean to tell me the reason my contacts bother me when I put them in my eyes is because I don’t clean the darn case…All this time I have been thinking that the brand I use sucks but it was really because I just didn’t know (don’t judge me, I now know and understand and my eyes are thanking me daily)!!! LOL
Here is a bonus tip that may sound basic but I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I maybe, well possibly made (I plead the 5th…I will not admit or deny if this has happened to me)…but, you should rinse the soap from your hands thoroughly and or not use anti-bacterial soap before you put your contacts in as this can burn the crap out of your eyes!!! Woo…just the thought of it makes me want to cry and gives me the shakes…LOL. Dr. Reynolds suggest that I (oops, you) 🙂 purchase a soap called OCuSOFT Hand Soap. It does not contain oils that will leave a film on the hand which can transfer to the contact lens and cause cloudy vision.
So there you have it Beauty Scholars…beauty tips for the eyes!!! I don’t know about you but this was truly an eye opening experience for me 🙂 Thanks Dr. Reynolds of Concept Eye Care located in Chicago, IL (Hyde Park area) for sharing your expert tips and shedding some light on beauty tips for the eyes!!!
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