Skin for Life: The Importance of a Good Skin Care Regimen

Guest Post By: Grace Riley
When you ask most people what their skin care regimen is they tend to list all of the things that make most estheticians squirm. Many use drying bar soaps; some use over-the-counter creams; some don’t wash their skin on a regular basis; others use hot water directly on their face; many don’t use sun block; and a brave few admit that they don’t get bi-annual skin cancer screenings. All of these combined factors will lead to dull, lifeless, and haggard-looking skin, not to mention the risk of skin cancer.

We live in a world that demands quick fixes, and this is true in the skin care industry as well, people will spend years destroying their skin and then demand a doctor or esthetician fix it in five minutes. While we’ve come very far in terms of cosmetic skin care, it is far better to take a preventative skin care approach instead of the destroying and fixing it later method. Sure, there are many medical procedures that can fix skin issues, but why not save the money and the pain that goes along with medical procedures by using good preventative care? Here are my rules for great, healthy skin for life:

(1) Cleanse 2x’s daily with high quality, professional cleanser (my favorites: Bioelements, Eminence, & Image Skin)

(2) Exfoliate twice weekly (love Dermalogica’s Rice Exfoliant & Eminence Pumpkin Enzyme Peel)

(3) Steam a couple times a week and remove blackheads

(4) Use high quality masks for various conditions (clay for oil/acne—aloe or pineapple for sensitive—creamy/milk based for dry)

(5) Get regular facials-at least once a month.

(6) Use some type of Vitamin C on the skin—it helps with numerous conditions, but it also gives the skin a nice glow & taking Fish oil supplements is another good one for glow.

(7) Aging Skin-Use Prescription Retin-A—nothing beats it—it is the ultimate exfoliation and it combats both acne and fine lines. Over-the-counter Retinols are good, but not nearly as effective as the script Retin-A.

(8) Bleaching Cream (I’ve found Obagi to be the most effective)-to combat dark pigmentation patches or freckles, and to smooth out the skin.

(9) SUNBLOCK IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST & Get bi-annual or annual skin cancer screenings.

(10) Preventative Botox-I know this sounds absurd, but if there is minimal damage or fine lines, it is actually better to get Botox at that point to help freeze the muscles so they don’t develop into deeper lines later. Of course, Botox is a personal choice and I am not advocating it, but instead bringing the information to readers that I was given by a dermatologist.

Article’s Author: Grace Riley is the founder of Grace Riley Esthetics and author of Jump Start Your Esthetics Career: A Guide For Newly Licensed Estheticians. She is a licensed and oncology certified esthetician, and has a background in human resources. Her combined education and experience gives her the unique opportunity to dedicate much of her work to helping esthetics students and recent graduates across the globe find their way through the spa industry.

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