Spring Forward With Fashion Fair’s Spring Collection

Yesterday I had the pleasure of previewing the new Spring Collection for Fashion Fair Cosmetics Eyes Wide Shut. The colors are bold, beautiful and explosive! Ladies get ready to clutch your pearls because the new spring collection is not your mama’s makeup from back in the day.


The shadows are amazing and they adhere to the skin with no flaking upon application. The lipstick shades are very diverse with three neutral tones and three hues of red that perfect your pretty pout. And the illuminating powders are sexy yet sweet offering a hint of shimmer with a sun kissed look. Oh, and I shall not forget the liquid liner that offers a line so precise it will put your pencil to shame as well as a mascara that gives dramatic, long and voluminous lashes.



And if that wasn’t enough, there are two limited edition sweet smelling moisturizing body sets; French Riviera Blue, a romantic floral fragrance inspired by the French Riviera and Santorini Getaway, a zesty citrus fragrance inspired by the Greek Island of Santorini. Each set includes: moisturizing body oil that absorbs directly into the skin and moisturizing body crème, which softens instantly and adds a subtle glow. These body products will be sure to make your bath time more glam and luxurious!


After learning about the new Spring Collection, I was ready to get my beauty play date on! It started with a selfie with the President of Fashion Fair Amy Hilliard.


After the cute selfie, I was off to the makeup chair to let the talented Tia Dantzler, Creative Director for Fashion Fair and Celebrity Makeup Artist make my face fierce! Tia used Livid and Tahiti eyeshades with Sun illuminating powder.


While Tia worked her magic, I asked her to give me three tips that every girl needs to incorporate this summer and here is what she said:

  • Mix your moisturizer with your foundation. This will help your foundation last longer and this gives you a smooth flawless look.
  • Every woman should have blotting papers in your purse to avoid looking oily to blot away the shine.
  • Every woman should wear sunscreen with a least a 15 – 20 SPF! This will avoid sunburn and premature aging.

After my fab makeover, I took some candid shots of some of my blogger friends…

Here’s a selfie of me with Ms. Vaughn of Ms. Vaughn TV


Tia in action with Terez – author of 11 Beautiful Tools and Founder of the Business of Beauty Collective


This is Toya Nicole – Travel and Lifestyle Blogger of Ms. Travel Chic and my business partner of Boardroom Beauties.


Here are some of the ladies of Fashion Fair


Last but certainly not least, here’s the photo that made my day, me with the CEO of Johnson Publishing (the parent company to Fashion Fair) Desiree Rogers.


This was a day filled with beauty, food and fun, three of the things that I love the most! Thank you Fashion Fair for the beauty play date invite to preview the new Spring Collection – Eyes Wide Shut.


If you are interested in purchasing the new Spring Collection, save the date because the products will not hit store shelves until May. Here are the exact dates…

Eye shadows and Lipsticks: May 15th

Liquid Liner and Mascara: May 26th

Illuminating Powder: In stores now!

Happy Shopping! MUAH



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  1. love the shadows, can’t wait to try them. Your makeup looks great!

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