Tuesday Afternoon Beauty Quote


Being the exception to the rule can happen on so many levels. You can be the exception with fashion, makeup and personal/professional relationships. Everyone is a unique individual but everyone will not always stand out from the norm or sets his or her own standards. Most people abide by the rules or what society says and live life accordingly.

I want to be the exception to the rule. I want to have it all in every aspect of my life. Today, I will work hard to make my own rules, be my own boss and be the exception to the rule!!! What about you? How will you be the exception to the rule?


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Friday Morning Beauty Quote



Even if you are having a bad day always remember that if you look your best no one will ever know you are not feeling your best!!! Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it on the outside to change how you feel or how people see you on the inside.

Today, I will look my best even if I do not feel my best!!! I will have the best hair day ever, a fierce face, a glow and smile that shines so bright that it lights up the room and style that my fashion icon would want to imitate!!! What about you??? What will you do??? Have a fabulous Friday!!! MUAH

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Thursday Afternoon Beauty Quote


The beauty of success is seeing your ambition and drive pay off and the feeling of happiness from your accomplishments. The key to that ambition and drive is that you never gave up; you continued to pursue your dreams!!!

My mom always says “Nothing beats a failure but a try” and today I will keep trying, pushing and driving toward my ambitious dreams to achieve success!!! What about you??? How will reach success and happiness??? Have a terrific Thursday!!! MUAH

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Wednesday Morning Beauty Quote


Have you ever wished upon a star and your wish came true??? Do you have dreams of living a bigger and more beautiful life??? The beauty of dreaming is that you have the power to make your dreams come true!!! Turn your dreams into actions by turning them into a reality. Make a goal, make a plan and watch your dream come true!!!

Today, I am empowering myself to dream bigger and put a plan into action to make my big beautiful dreams come true!!! I will work hard everyday and be bold enough to make changes if things go astray!!! What about you??? Will you empower yourself to make your dreams come true??? Have a wishful Wednesday!!! MUAH


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#BeautyTalk Twitter Chat

Beauty School Scarlet Twitter ChatSet your clocks for the #BeautyTalk Twitter Chat tonight! We are discussing beauty from the inside out!


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Tuesday Morning Beauty Quote & Poem


When I wrote this quote I remembered a poem I wrote a few years ago that explains exactly what this means to me.

You can only be you

As I can only be me

You cannot make a person love you

For love come naturally

I can only be me if I am myself

Not hiding behind a mask pretending to be

For you are who you are

And that’s who GOD intended for you to be

As I can not be you

And you cannot be me


By: Renee B.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!! MUAH

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Beauty Week in Review 11.2.13



Beauty Week in Review 11.2.13

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Beauty Week in Review!!! I do realize that this should be the 4th installment but the news in terms of beauty the week before was bleak to say the least…LOL!!! This week is a little livelier; so let’s get this party started!!!

Sephora Americas has a named Calvin McDonald as the new CEO.  Now this is interesting because McDonald comes from Sears Canada where he was the President and CEO. Don’t judge a book a by its cover until you know the whole story :-). McDonald has been very successful in Canada with Sears with positive store comp sales for three quarters in a row for the first time in seven years as well as his past success with other companies!!! So don’t worry Sephora loyalist…the company sounds it’s in great hands with more innovative thinking to come. Stay tuned…I know I will!!!

Beautystat.com re-launched its site with an ecommerce portion section added this week. The site was previously geared toward social networking and blogging but now, it has new features!!! You can create a profile, make a wish list, and purchase products, read reviews, pin products as well as other things. I like the new site but I also miss the old one. It is worth taking a ride or two around the block, so go check it out and let me know what you think!!!

Avon is taking a local stand for marketing and I love it!!! Instead of a one face fits all for beauty, they are looking to take local celebrities and keep the same product and advertising with a local message. This will position the brand to become more relevant to the culture in a particular market…i.e., US or Brazil. This totally makes sense to me and I am excited to see the end result!!! Good luck Avon!!!

Japonesque, who is the guru of beauty tools and best known for their tweezers, is expanding the brand with color cosmetics. WOW…this is super exciting. The date was set for October 27th in Ulta with 220 stores and to expand with another 150 doors in March. Side note: I think I am going to take a break and head over to my local Ulta for some beauty play time today…giggles!!! The products are priced from $18 -$36 with very vivid colors for the eyes, lips and face. FYI…if you live in the UK, the brand is also launching in John Lewis.

UK brand Rimmel is changing its focus to eyes. Mascara seems to be driving the overall sales for the brand so why not make it the focus. They are now ranked as the 4th largest mascara brand in the mass market!!! They have also updated the shadows; they have a cream formulation that is long lasting and easy to work with. Sounds like the eyes have it…LOL and I am going to see what they hype is all about with reviews to come…of course!!! 🙂

L’Oreal names Blake Lively as the new Brand Ambassador. This is exciting to me, as I really like Blake; I have loved her style since the 1st season of Gossip Girl (don’t judge me…she has style and the show was good) LOL.

The brand Toppik, best known for their hair fiber products, launches hair supplements for growth. They will be adding Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 Capsules and other products later this year that will also promote hair growth. Products are now available at Sally’s Beauty Supply, a 30-day supply for $19.95 and Ulta early next year. While I am not down with taking supplements, I am interested in the Toppik Hair Regrowth Treatment – a topical treatment to be launched next year!!!

Jay Z is set to launch his 1st fragrance for men. Well, it was only a matter of time as his wife Bey has experienced much success with her scents. November 20th is the launch date at Barney’s to be followed up with a November 29th date in Macy’s, Sephora, Nordstrom, Belk, Bon-Ton and Ulta. Just in time for the holiday season!!!

MAC names Rihanna as the new Viva Glam Spokesperson for 2014!!! Well…it only makes sense as RiRi Woo was a best seller and sold out in most stores as well as on-line during its initial launch. But, I have to wonder, is it better to have the RiRi brand as an exclusive limited edition or as the Spokesperson for the brand??? Hmm…I guess only time will tell. Don’t get me wrong, I love her style and trend setting ways but will people get bored seeing her as the face of the brand for the whole year??? What are your thoughts???

So there you have it Beauty Scholars…this weeks beauty news!!! What do you think??? Does any of this newness excite you???


Sources from WWD.com

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