8 Beauty Trends to Leave Behind in 2013

As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. Well, the same thing applies to beauty. There are some beauty trends that don’t need a pass in 2014 and here is my list of have nots!


Moon Manicures: I never understood the purpose of a moon manicure. It looks unfinished or like your polish is chipping from the bottom. Why would someone want to sport an unfinished look?

Stiletto Nails: This pointy nail fad just has to go! The nails look like daggers waiting to poke your eye out or something that can be used as a weapon to commit a crime. IJS

Magnetic Nail Polish: There are easier trends with polish these days like nail stickers, gel nails and art designs. Bigger better technology; let’s move on!

Colored Hair Chalk: Are we in the 80’s? I mean like really? This is a throwback that only needs to be revived for Halloween or the kids. If you must rock this style, get some clip-ins and use one color, not several.

Shaved hair on the Sides: (not the short styles but the long hair styles) This style is not for everyone. Some people don’t have a perfectly shaped face or head to pull this look off. Sorry, but we all know this statement is true! Cassie and Rihanna are the only two who can rock this style hard core and be cute, sexy and adorable all at the same time. LBVS

Bright Red Hair: Leave this look to the celebrities. This is not a color for daily wear.

Exaggerated Lip Injections: It’s just over the top, the injections hurt and it looks crazy! Most of all, it hinders your speech; not to mention, you can get an infection if they are not done correctly. Use a lip plumper; it’s cheaper, safer, faster and stings a little but your speech is normal. IJS

3-D Manicures: While it may look cute for a couple of days, once you hit your hand on something, do household chores or normal activities in life; the designs fall off and you have now wasted your money. Just do nail art 🙂

Some trends are classic, some trends are trendy and others are just fads. The trendy fads are the ones that need to be left behind! What are your thoughts? What beauty trends will you leave behind in 2013?


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