Does Racism Still Exists?

To The Beauty School Scarlet Community,

The following post is not about beauty; it’s about the prejudice in this world. This is something I need to write about. I’m sorry but I cannot tolerate disregard for a person’s race, creed, color or gender. I cannot tolerate bullying and I cannot tolerate racial profiling…. I just can’t!

My ancestors marched for my freedom, I experienced racism at a young age and I can no longer sit by and say nothing.

The beauty in life is that we are all created equal but unfortunately the recent actions of people who are supposed to protect and serve paint a very different picture. The disrespect for black human lives saddens my heart and brings tears to my eyes. There has to be a solution before we ALL self-destruct!

Hatred is an ugly thing. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackBoysMatter #WeAllMatter

I wrote this poem in the early 90’s and the words are still relevant today! It’s 2014 and I am asking myself if racism still exists? This poem is not a white or black issue it is a mankind worldwide problem that must change.

Questions to the Man By Renee B

RIP to the lives we have lost due to race, creed, color or gender, bullying and senseless violence!

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