My Aveda Experience

I was recently invited to spend some time at the new Aveda store in Orland Park, IL with my blogger boo Terez – author of 11 Beautiful Tools and Founder of the Business of Beauty Collective. We had an afternoon of pampering, surprises and learning more about what Aveda has to offer.


So I must admit its has been a while since I have been inside of an Aveda store. Nothing against the brand, it’s just been a long time. Anywho… I was excited about tagging along because I wanted to see what I have been missing!

Apparently I have been missing a lot because they have incorporated some cool things such as Chakra readings. Your Chakra is where your energy comes together from the head to the toe; it gives you balance! Yes, you can now go to Aveda and receive a complimentary Chakra reading. They will show you which of your Chakra’s are out of balance, how to bring them back to life, back to reality as well as how to de-stress.


Your body will tell you what you are missing and what you need based on the colors you see and words that speak to you. I picked harmony, wisdom and insight. You will then smell the scents that go with the cards you picked and the one that appeals the most to you is the one that your body has been craving. My body has been craving number 7, which was wisdom and Terez was number 6, which was insight.


After you pick the chakra that you are missing, you receive a massage in the area where you feel the most stress. My stress areas are my neck and shoulders and the Stress Fix line was very relaxing and de-stressing. Yes…I am so here for what I have been missing!


Next, I received a hair consultation based on my hair type and concerns. It was determined that I needed products to nourish my dry hair. The hair specialist suggested that I use Brilliant shampoo and conditioner with dry remedy hair mask and shine. I tried the shine in the store and it gave my hair life! I’m so in love!!!




I also received a skin consultation and based on my skin type and concerns, it was suggested that I use Botanical Kinetics – cleanser, toner and moisturizer along with Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner for my anti-aging concerns along with Green Science eye cream.


Aveda also offers makeovers too but since I came I with makeup and I was hungry, I decided to pass on that but Terez opted in and received a makeover while I received my skin consultation.


It was certainly a day filled with beauty, relaxation and fun girl time something that we both needed and enjoyed! If I had to rate my Aveda experience, I would give it 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! The Orland Park team really went above and beyond. I was surprised and in awe of all of this newness!


But don’t fret, because you can head over and receive one or all of the consultations free of charge. However, I must warn you…you will not leave empty handed because you will want to purchase some or all of the products that are suggested for you because they are just that good! Good luck because you will need that in order to refrain from overindulgence with purchasing products! Happy shopping…MUAH


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