Healthy Hair Tips From Dr. Oz

Healthy Hair Tips From the Dr.Oz Show copy

So I am watching Dr. Oz and he is talking hair. He has hair expert – Celebrity Stylist Kyle White on the show who has 25 years of experience and here is what he says…

  1. When you chemically treat your hair and use heat, you are burning your hair. When you use a high heat to style your hair with a blow dryer or flat iron, Kyle says you should use Castor Oil because it’s a great heat protectant. It protects the hair from heat damage.
  1. Frequent washing of your hair is too drying and strips those natural oils, which in turn dry out your hair. Kyle says “Your scalps natural oils are Mother Nature’s natural conditioners.” Don’t wash your hair more than once a week; do scalp massages to circulate the blood flow.
  1. Harsh weather like the sun can damage the hair. One day of being out in the sun is the equivalent of 5 days of bleach. It’s essential to apply sunscreen for the hair. You can find sunscreen for the hair in drug stores.

These are easy inexpensive tips that can protect your hair and keep it healthy, which will in turn promote growth! I don’t know about you but I headed to the store to pick up these products ASAP!


This information is via The Dr. Oz Show on 5/14/14


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