Love, Honor & Self-respect

Love, Honor and Self-respect

Have you ever made a promise to yourself but you didn’t follow through? Have you ever started a new hobby and gave up because you lost interest? It’s easy to let go of things that you’re not committed to.

Commitment means you put forth dedication and hard work without giving up. Sure, you may get discouraged along the way but you stay on course and persevere through the bad times. The question is…are you ready to commit to you?

Making a commitment to yourself is not always easy. Here are a few tips to follow the next time you are ready to make a promise to yourself.

1. Be Honest: ask yourself if this is something you are willing to see through from beginning to end even if obstacles get in your way. If the answer is no, consider taking on the task when you are ready and focused.

2. Be Realistic: Set realistic goals that you can achieve. Start slow and increase your goals as you achieve them. If you set the bar too high in the beginning, you may give up before you reach the end.

3. Write it Down: You become more committed when you write down your dreams, visions or goals.

4. Be Accountable: Sometimes it’s hard to hold yourself accountable. If you know this may be a problem, find someone who will hold you accountable for your actions.

5. Re-evaluate: Do a midpoint checkup to see if you are on track. If you are at a plateau revise your plan.

6. Make a Pledge: Commit to yourself by writing out an actual pledge to make it happen. Be sure to sign it and date it. Look at the pledge daily as a reminder of your commitment. This will help you stay on track.

7. Celebrate Your Wins: No matter how big or small of a win…celebrate. The celebration gives you something to look forward to when you make an accomplishment.

Making a commitment to yourself is easy. Staying on track and following through is the hard part. When you follow through with your commitment, you love, honor and respect who you are. Take the pledge to embrace your beauty today! Have a wonderful week! MUAH


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Be The Center Of Your Own Universe

Becoming the center of your own universe

Do you put other people’s issues before your own needs? Dose your life need balance and stability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please understand that you are not alone. At some point in life we all go through this feeling of frustration. We are all trying to find the right formula for life. Everyone searches but some never find it because they give up.

Don’t be that person who never tried to find balance in themselves and the universe. Don’t be a quitter! If your wellbeing is important to you, keep pushing and don’t give up. We only have one life so make it count.

Here are some things you can do when don’t feel balanced.

1. Take a Break: Go on a vacation or a weekend getaway. Take some time for you! If you can’t be 100% for yourself, how can you effectively give 100% to others?

Your break can be a staycation. Just take some time to get away so you can relax, relate and release!

2. Exercise: Stop carrying the weight of the world on your back. Take a boxing class or do some yoga. Sometimes you just need punch something or center yourself to avoid taking your frustrations out on others. Release those irritations in a productive and healthy way.

3. Take a Personal Day: In the past I used to set aside a day just for me. I called it, “Renee Day”. Renee Day was filled with things that I liked to do. I would pamper myself with an at home spa day. I would read a book, listen to my favorite music and cook my favorite meal or take myself out. It really didn’t matter what I did that day just as long as I was doing something for me.

I encourage everyone to invest in your own day or at least a few hours. If you don’t invest in you…then who will?

4. Find a Hobby: Sometimes we just need a distraction from life. A hobby can give you something different to do while doing something you enjoy.

5. Purge: Let go of all negative things that hold you back; people, places and things. Don’t look back after you release that negative energy. People come into your life for a reason or a season. Figure out what purpose they serve in your life or what purpose you serve in theirs. If that purpose does not serve anyone well then let go and keep it moving.

6. Feed Your Soul: Go to church, pray or meditate. Energize your mind, spirit and soul. Count all your blessings and be grateful.

7. Be Honest: The truth shall set you free. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself and others. Honesty is always the best policy. Just be sure to do it in a tactful manner.

Always remember there’s no rulebook to life. There’s not a one size fits all for every situation. And you can’t be everything to everybody without being everything to yourself first! Be the center of your universe while being centered with the universe. Have a wonderful week! MUAH


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The Journey of Self-Discovery


The journey of self-discovery is an awesome and beautiful experience. You get to spend time with yourself and learn about what makes you, you, special and unique! During your journey, you become more aware of who you are, what you like and how to love yourself with flaws and all.

Self-discovery a beautiful thing. It makes your inner beauty stronger and allows your outer beauty to shine brighter! Take some time to improve, empower and explore who you are by starting some of the following tips.

1. Take yourself on a date. If you can’t enjoy your own company, how can you expect others to enjoy you?

2. During your alone time, discover something new about you. Try something different. You will never know if you do or don’t like something unless you try it.

3. Take time to unplug! We live in a world where we’re attached to technology. Take some time out for you. Read a book, meditate or pamper yourself. This is your chance to relax, relate and release!

4. Start a journal. Write down your dreams and aspirations to speak them into existence. Or release the negative things inside of you that have been holding you back.

5. Take care of and live for you. When you live for others, you will never live up to their standards. Live for you and be happy. Don’t allow anyone to control who you are and your happiness!

6. Live, laugh, learn and love! Live your life to the fullest everyday because today could be your last. Laugh at yourself. Don’t take life so seriously that you miss out on the good times. Learn something new everyday to expand your knowledge. And love yourself a little more everyday because you’re amazing and you deserve it!

To ensure that you start your journey, make a promise to yourself and take the pledge below.

Today, I will take the challenge and start the journey of self-discovery. I will learn about myself, live for me, laugh through the tough times and love me for who I am and where I am. I will improve, empower and explore the beauty of me! 

Remember: If you don’t start what you finish, how will you ever get anything accomplished? And that includes loving and taking care of self! Start your journey today; no more excuses! Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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Finding Hope

Find Hope

There’s so many times where I have found myself in hopeless situations. There are so many times that I wanted to just say forget it and walk away. I just wanted to quit and never look back.

As I have grown older and maybe a little wiser, I have come to realize that every situation is not hopeless and all is not lost. In some of those situations, I was the problem. Things didn’t go as I planned or the way I wanted and in my mind, that made the situation hopeless.

Now if I find myself in my feelings feeling some type of way, I step back and check myself. I ask myself some of the following questions…

1. What’s the situation and what’s the outcome? Meaning…is the situation and or outcome bigger than me? If it is (and usually it is) I have to put on my big girl panties, get out of my feelings and move forward. Every outcome is not always about me.

2. Am I being a Negative Nelly? Do I have a poor attitude because I’m afraid of changing the norm? Sometimes I have to make myself step outside of my comfort zone and get a little uncomfortable. This is where I push myself harder and I usually learn a valuable lesson in life. This is what makes me stronger.

3. Am I not considering all the options? Usually, there’s more than one way to solve a problem. The question is…am I looking at all options or just one? Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama didn’t get to where they are because of closed minds. They consider every option before they make decisions. It may not always be the right decision but they make one and they didn’t give up.

4. Am I just being lazy because I don’t want to do it or I overcommitted? Sometimes the answer is yes and yes. I am being lazy and I did overcommit. Now what? This is where I have to just get over myself and suck it up and speak life into me. Lazy is not who I am and I will make this happen. And if I overcommitted…I rearrange my schedule and make it work. It’s my fault so I fix it.

My mom always says, “The truth hurts….doesn’t it?” Sometimes a situation is not always hopeless. Sometimes we just have to face the facts and look at the truth.

Always remember: The more you know; the more you learn! Make sure you learn something in every situation! Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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Be Your Own Competition

Be Your Own Competition

A couple years ago I competed in a 5K. I didn’t do it to win 1st place. I did it for me. I wanted to show myself that I could do it and I did.

Competition is a normal thing. We compete in sports, at work and in school. But the competition becomes unhealthy when we compete against each other because of jealousy.

Instead of trying to beat the next person at something just because you dislike them, try to compete against yourself. Think about how much more you could achieve if you removed your own limitations.

Society has us so worried about the next person getting ahead that we unknowingly put limits on our own capabilities. Stop worrying about who’s going to get ahead of you and start finding ways to win against you. Think about how much more productive you can be. And think about how much more you could accomplish and win!

And if you’re thinking, if I compete against myself, what’s the reward, what’s in it for me? Here’s how you win at competing against yourself.

1. You win for you, you build your confidence and self-esteem! You believe in the unbelievable; the things you were afraid to do before now seem insignificant.

2. You get a better understanding of your value and worth! Now you can ask for more money on a contract, a salary increase, a better position or more playing time on a sports team.

3. You work smarter and not harder because you’re challenging yourself. Now you think outside of the box with different ways to beat you!

4. You become more efficient and effective with new ideas and skill sets. You find ways to do things bigger, better, stronger and faster.

5. You change for the better. You promote yourself higher and you stand out in a crowd. People notice you more and now they come to you for advice, mentorship, or to work with you.

Competing against yourself is the best gift you can give you. Competing against others will only get you as far as they can go. Push yourself, take off the limitations and go!

Remember… In business and in sports, you’re only as good as your last win. So let’s get out there and win! Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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How To Experience True Freedom


Don’t give others the power to dictate your life. Don’t ever give up your control. Choose freedom, choose life, choose you!

When you feel like someone is trying to take your freedom or control you, put the following tips into action.

  1. Say no. There’s beauty in the word no and no is a complete sentence.
  1. Be strong with your decision. Don’t feel guilty and don’t waiver back and forth. You made the choice because it serves you well.
  1. Don’t feel bad or say sorry for the decision you made. Don’t put doubt in someone’s mind that you may be unsure of what’s right for you.
  1. Compromise is okay if that is your choice but don’t do it to satisfy someone’s demand.
  1. If you can and if you want to, offer another solution.

Remember that you can’t be everything to everyone but you can be the best to yourself and for yourself. 

Today I choose to live with liberation and excitement in my life. I will not be afraid of what is to come or worry about what has happened in the past. I will not worry about who’s not happy with the decisions I make for me. I will stand strong with my choice. I choose the beauty of FREEDOM and I choose ME! What about you? Have a wonderful week! MUAH


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Manifest A Vision Beyond the Vision Board

Manifest a vision beyond the vision board #ImBeautyInspired

The New Year will be here in a few days. What have you done to prepare your mind, body and soul to make your vision clear and make your dreams come true?

I’m not taking about the normal New Year’s resolutions that most of us break. I’m talking about preparation of goals to make vision clear and make your dreams come true. Have you thought about what you want to accomplish in 2016? Have you asked yourself how will I make my dreams come true or are you just hoping and wishing?

Here are some tips to make your vision more clear…

Reflection is one of the most important steps. You can’t make something better or avoid making the same mistakes without making/taking observations from the past.

Reflect on the current year. What did you accomplish and how? What did you like and what would you do better? Would you change anything? If so what and how? The things that you liked, is there a way you could have done it better or more efficient? Did you set goals? Did you meet, exceed your goals or is the room for improvement?

After your reflection, start with the following questions and tips to manifest your vision.

1. What dreams do I want to accomplish this year?
– Make sure you make a list of 2 – 4 things you really want to do. You can have more or add to the list at any time.
2. How will I make my vision clear?
– Put detailed tangible goals in place for each dream.
3. Do you know your why?
– Why do you want this dream to come true? What is your purpose in making this dream come true?
4. Is your list balanced?
– Do you have goals for personal, professional, and spiritual growth?
5. Do you have a timeline set for each goal?
– This can be monthly or quarterly.
6. Who is your CEO? Do you have someone to hold you accountable?
– Find a friend who believes in you. Share your timeline and goals with them. Check in on a regular basis. Make a date for you to follow up with them to discuss your progress.
7. How will you stay motivated?
– Celebrate the wins and re-evaluate the missed opportunities.

These tips will help you start an outline to make your vision clear and make your dreams come true. If you need help with any of the above, please reach out to me at and we can set up a consultation. Or you can purchase my book, “#ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations” to help you reflect, re-evaluate and re-invent your vision. Use code Celebrate1yr for 20% off your purchase (now through December 31st)

Remember: “If you fail to plan; you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Have a wonderful week and a happy and safe New Year! MUAH

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The 6 Positive #ImBeautyInspired Attributes of Life!

#ImBeautyInspired Positive Attributes

Your attributes build your character and your character sets the tone to introduce people to who you are. Those attributes can open or close the door to various opportunities based on your introduction.

When I decided to start the #ImBeautyInspired movement, I had to think about the attributes a beauty should embody. What makes her who she is and why someone would want aspire to be like her.

Here’s a list of the positive attributes that make up the foundation for who she is…
1. #ImBeautyInspired to encourage and motivate others!

Encourage: This beauty encourages everyone from the home to the boardroom. She can uplift, motivate and inspire others to take on the world with the most soothing and loving spirit. She is the supportive, understanding and considerate of others.

2. #ImBeautyInspired to give back to your community and those in need!

Philanthropist: The beauty that’s inspired to help others at work, church and in the community. She has the desire to give back through donating time, service, money or prayer. She has a love for humanity!

3. #ImBeautyInspired to be authentic!

Authenticity: This beauty is genuine at all times. She will always be honest, upfront and trustworthy; a woman that is sincere and true to her word!

4. #ImBeautyInspired to believe!

Believe: The beauty that not only believes in others, she believes in herself as well. She inspires everyone to imagine that anything is possible. She shows and gives you hope that if you do better, you’ll be better!

5. #ImBeautyInspired to be vulnerable!

Vulnerability: This beauty understands that that perfection does not exist. She is an example to others by sharing her failures, mistakes and lessons learned. She helps you to understand that you are not alone and she will teach you how to overcome your struggles!

6. #ImBeautyInspired to take action!

Take action: The Beauty that’s inspired to take action. She has goals to achieve and she’ll accomplish her dreams through her actions! She’s inspired to let her actions speak louder than her words. She is a woman that seeks to triumph in every situation; she’s an inspiration!

These are the attributes a true beauty will hold. These are the attributes that I practice too.

I want to continue to make a difference in 2016. I practice what I preach and this is my pledge!

#ImBeautyInspired to inspire others in many ways and at different times. My goal is to always be encouraging, supportive and creative in my personal as well as my professional life. I aspire to inspire. I dream to accomplish and I live to love. But most of all #ImBeautyInspired to do all that I can do and be the best I can be at all times!

What are your #ImBeautyInspired attributes? Are you ready to be a part of the #ImBeautyInspired movement? Comment below share your thoughts and purchase the #ImBeautyInspired book that started the movement! Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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Anniversary of #ImBeautyInspired

#ImBeautyInspired Celebrate1yr

Give the gift that keeps on giving with the book that the Iconic Leader of Feminism Gloria Steinem endorsed!

Gloria Steinem endorses #ImBeautyInspiredI’m celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my very first published book #ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations! And I want you to join the celebration with 20% off your book purchase! Use the coupon code: Celebrate1yr Dec. 18th – Dec. 31st. MUAH and thanks for your continued support! >>Head over to the Beauty Scholar Book Shop to order now!<<


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7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Life

#ImBeautyInspired to get moreUnfortunately there is no rule book to life. Sure, there’s self-help books, counselors and coaches that can offer you guidance. But it’s up to you to use your courage, confidence and love to make the most out of your life. If you decide to seek help and don’t use the help then what’s the point? Whatever advice you receive, analyze it, tailor it to your life and use it.

If you don’t deposit love, good vibes and confidence in to your life you’ll get nothing back in return. Inner beauty is what makes life worth living. When your inner beauty is in tact life becomes more balanced.

Here are a few reminders to help you get the most out of your beauty to enhance your life.

1. Strength: If you feel lost, find the strength to get help.

2. Courage: Find the courage to make the necessary changes after you seek help.

3. Wisdom: Have the wisdom to remove things from your life that don’t serve you well. If withdrawals are made without deposits, you’ll feel depleted and lost.

4. Inspiration: Find something or someone who inspires you. Take that inspiration to help you reach higher.

5. Motivation: Don’t depend on others to motivate you. Get up and do something for you. Make a plan, set a goal and celebrate your achievement.

6. Dream: Don’t ever stop dreaming. Always remember that dreams are meant to come true. If you set your life up for success your dreams will come true.

7. Self-love: It all starts with you. If you don’t love yourself it will be hard to love others. Make time to invest in you. If you don’t invest in you, no one else will.

Don’t be afraid to put more in to your beauty to get more out of life. You have to self-empower to self-improve to get the best you in return. Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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