#ImBeautyInspired to be #FNPhenomenal

#ImBeautyInspired to be #FNPhenomenal

  • What do you want for yourself for 2015?
  • What is your life vision?
  • How will you be FNPhenomenal (Frugal -n- Phenomenal)?
  • What are you beauty inspired to be?
  • What brings you joy and happiness?
  • How will you accomplish your goals?
  • What’s your plan of action?

As we begin a New Year, it is a time to reflect and set your intentions for the New Year. If the above questions are questions that you have for yourself and you need answers then join our free webinar.

We want to make sure that have the information to truly Be Inspired to Be FNPhenomenal instead of just subscribing to the New Year New You mantra. Instead of creating New Year’s resolutions that will be left behind by March, join us on this webinar to learn what it takes to transform your mindset and create the inner beauty that is required to inspire throughout the year.

We will be covering topics that will help you to:

  • Create your life vision and vision for 2015
  • Create daily habits that build you up
  • Understand the link between self-worth and finances
  • Find what brings you true happiness

By the end of this event you will have the foundation that you need to create and maintain the momentum to achieve lasting change this year! Register at: http://bit.ly/1vWBYTd

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