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It’s been a little over a year since I have been wearing my hair natural. I have grown out my relaxer to be chemical free and healthy…WooHoo!

During this journey, I tried a lot of products to prevent hair breakage and maintain one texture of hair. You see, when you transition your hair, you can have curly, straight and wavy pieces which, can be very frustrating because you don’t know how to wear your hair. During this process, you can also experience a lot of breakage because the relaxed hair is damaged and growing out and the curly hair is stronger hair. When the curly hair grows more and more, it can make the relaxed hair snap and break.

During my transition, I tried new products from the Ojon Super Sleek line. It is a four-step process with the Super Sleek Smoothing Shampoo, Super Sleek Smoothing Conditioner, Super Sleek Hair Straightening Treatment and the Super Sleek Restorative Blowout Protector. I was so excited because I have been using Ojon for a long time and the products have helped me maintain healthy hair throughout the years and I knew these products would not be any different!


So, I purchased the products in Spring of 2013 and I have been testing it since then. Yes, it has taken me over 6 months to test this product line and I will let you know why in just a moment.

As I mentioned earlier, when you transition your hair you will have all types of textures going on from curly, wavy and straight and it is frustrating to say the least! I was not ready to wear my hair curly so the only alternative was to wear it straight and I needed product to help me achieve my style because by the 6th month, blow-drying was taking too long and I was burning my hair by applying too much heat. I needed help!


Here’s the glam: The Super Sleek Shampoo, Conditioner and Restorative Blowout Protector helped me maintain my straight hair for the first 5 months. The shampoo is sulfate free so it prevents dryness and it is very moisturizing. The conditioner is moisturizing as well and was easy to comb through my hair. The blow-drying cream was awesome! It kept my hair straight, smooth and sleek. I loved my hair until the sixth month during the core summer months! My hair swelled and it did not stay as straight even with the blow-drying cream :-(. So, I implemented the fourth step with the Super Sleek Straightening Treatment and I was in hair heaven! My blow-drying time was cut in half and my hair felt like silk. I was so excited to read that the product last up to 30 shampoos…FTW!




I was a little nervous because the straightening treatment is like a keratin treatment but without all the bad stuff and I have tried a keratin treatment before and it did not work. By the second try, my hair was falling out. It was a disaster to say the least.  But this was different I was convinced and I loved it until it was time for the third application.


Here is the slam: Right before the third application, my hair started breaking off. I have a major breakage in the front and a section in the back 🙁 Whomp, Whomp! How do I know that it was the straightening treatment? Well, it is the only product I have been using, I have not tried anything new and my hair stylist who is also a hair instructor said products like this are not made multi-ethnic hair. Even though the product is free from formaldehyde, lye and cysteine…anything that is like a keratin treatment is not good.


Needless to say, I did not have her do a third application and my results are inconclusive for the Super Sleek line by Ojon. Here’s what’s interesting…I found out that the straightening treatment was discontinued for thick/coarse hair but I did not find out why. I am still using the shampoo, conditioner and blow-dry protector because I don’t think it is harmful and it worked for the first five months.

On my last visit to the hair salon, I got my hair trimmed to camouflage the breakage and it has been not been breaking since then. I will certainly keep you posted. I guess in this case, I took one for the team!

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Report Card Review for The Diva Pressing Iron by Sultra

Report Card Review for The Diva Pressing Iron by Sultra

The first time I saw The Diva Pressing Iron, I was on one of my many trips to…you guessed it, Sephora…LOL. As I browsed through the styling tools I had to do a double take; I wondered if my eyes were deceiving me. Did I really just see a styling tool that looked like a mix between an old school straighten comb and a flat iron??? Indeed I did and I had to see if this interesting new beauty gadget lived up to its name and if it really worked on relaxed as well as natural hair???

I received The Diva Pressing Iron as a gift a few months ago but I was not ready to try it right away because I was a little intimidated. All I could think about was getting my hair pressed as a little girl and getting burned from the heat of the comb from time to time and I had to wonder, if this would do the same. I also wanted to wait until I had enough new growth to test it as I get my hair relaxed and I needed to make sure it would work on straightening my thick wavy new growth. It has been 3 months since my last relaxer so this was perfect time to break open my new beauty toy and give it a try!!!
When I opened the box, I was a little excited as the iron had accessories!!! It came with a comb, silicone mat and the Sultra Pressing Crème, which is lotion that protects, nourishes and holds your hairstyle. Wow, what an unexpected treat!!!
Here are pros: It can be used for relaxed and natural hair, as the temperature settings are 420 degrees for relaxed hair and 450 degrees for natural. Although that may sound extremely hot, most flat irons have 1 temperature, which is usually anywhere between 425 – 450 degrees. It has an automatic shut off (perfect for me seeing as though I have left my flat iron on many of times), no tangle swivel cord and it heats up very fast. It was easy to use once I got the hang of it and I was able to get pretty close to the roots without using the comb or burning myself!!! It is easy to get the shorter pieces straighter because of the width of the plates. It also helped control my frizz and I can curl my hair with it!!!
Sounds like the answers to your prayers…right??? Well, I do have some cons and here they are: Although I like the small plates for the shorter pieces of hair, I would prefer to have them a tad wider so I can get to the longer pieces faster. It is suggested that you use the pressing crème on damp hair, blow dry, apply again to ensure complete coverage and don’t use the pressing iron without using the crème. I don’t know about you but that makes me a little nervous because it sounds like something could happen to my hair if I did not use their product like they suggested and I like having options; not to mention, I like using the heat protecting serum that I currently have!!! I did not know if the side with the ridges was better to use on the top or the bottom, I had to play around with it.
Overall, I really liked using The Diva Pressing Iron by Sultra and I will continue to use it; who knows, I may even go natural J My final grade for this beauty gadget is 4.5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! You can purchase it for $210 at Sephora, Nordstrom and Happy Straightening!!!

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