#ImBeautyInspired to Live!

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Life is not about coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. The things you do and people you meet all happen for a reason.

Some people come in to your life for a reason. You need them or they need you at that moment. Some people come in to your life for a season to teach you something or vice versa. And some people come in to your life for a lifetime because they serve a purpose in your life.

The beauty in life is understanding when and where each person belongs in your life. Learn to accept people for who they are and where they belong in life. Don’t be afraid to let people go who don’t belong or no longer serve you well. It’s okay to move on. The only way you can move forward is to let go. Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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#ImBeautyInspired to Love the Skin I’m In

#ImBeautyInspired to Love the Skin I'm In

You can be the most beautiful person on the outside but if your character (inner beauty) is unattractive because of a poor attitude, morals or values then your outer beauty will fade. Allow your beauty to shine from the inside out with positive actions and words. Be a person of greatness with an inner glow that shines so bright that it overshadows your outer beauty.

Appreciate and love the skin you’re in to nourish your beauty from the inside out. Educate the mind with knowledge. Encourage the soul with prayer and meditation. Nurture the body with exercise and healthy foods. Make your inner beauty strong to preserve your outer beauty. Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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#ImBeautyInspired to Live for Me!

#ImBeautyInspired to Live for Me!

Who am I? What do I stand for? What is my purpose in life? These are the questions of life and only you have the answers. Always take time to meditate and reflect and allow the answers to flow through your mind.

Reflect and repeat: “I know I add value and I understand my worth in every situation! I love me and I live my life for me!”

Believe it and receive it! Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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The 6 Secrets of Inner Beauty

WTV 2014 headshot compilation

Join me for a week of FREE uplifting conversations with 11 powerful women across North America in the comfort of your own home! Register for the Women’s Transformation and Vitality Summit starting December 1st – 5th.

Renew your mind body and spirit before the holiday and discover a new you! I would love for you to join me as I speak about, “The 6 Secrets of Inner Beauty!” on December 1st. You can register for this FREE event with the following link: http://bit.ly/WTVSummit.

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#ImBeautyInspired to Move Forward!

#ImBeautyInspired to Move Forward

Holding on to past hurts and mistakes will have you running around in the dark stumbling along the way trying to find your future. What purpose does it serve to hold on and be angry or upset? It only hurts you and holds you back from moving forward.

Let go and move on; find your way to a promising future! Look at past hurts and mistakes as lessons learned to grow and flourish from. Allow yourself to heal so you can live, learn, laugh and love again! How will you be #beautyinspired to move forward? Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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#ImBeautyInspired to Inspire

#ImBeautyInspired Book Cover

I live by faith and not by luck; faith is my guide towards my destiny! And today is a day filled with faith as I unveil the cover to my upcoming book, “#ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations!

I am so grateful, thankful and blessed for the gift of talent God has given me! I hope and pray this book of beauty quotes and affirmations inspire young women and girls to embrace inner beauty worldwide!

Thank you to all of my family, friends and readers for your continued support through this amazing journey! Save the date for December 15, 2014. #ImBeautyInspired


Renee B

Beauty School ScArlet

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#ImBeautyInspired What About You?


So I’ve been a little busy and missing in action for a while but it’s definitely for a good reason. I am excited to announce the completion of my upcoming book, “#ImBeautyInspired a Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations!” The release date will be around December 15, 2014. I wrote this book because I want to empower young women and girls to embrace beauty from the inside out. I want them to understand, “beauty is not in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the mind of the beholder!”

#ImBeautyInspired is not just a keepsake journal of beauty quotes and affirmations; it is a movement to empower young women and girls to embrace their inner beauty. It all started with my passion for writing and my love for beauty. After many years of questioning what’s my purpose in life, I created my blog Beauty School Scarlet.

The blog started with product reviews and a focus on outer beauty but I soon realized that inspiration for inner beauty was missing. So I began looking for daily beauty quotes to inspire my community of followers and soon discovered quotes about inner beauty were limited so I began to write my own.


As soon as I shared the first couple of beauty quotes, I received an overwhelming response of positive feedback. It was then I realized I needed to write a book to inspire young women and girls. And that was how #ImBeautyInspired was created.

However, I have not stopped there; I have also created an eight-week afterschool program for young girls and teens to empower them to embrace beauty from the inside out. The young women and girls of today have embraced a negative self-image courtesy of role models in T.V. music and sometimes their home life. I believe that it is up to women of influence, etiquette and self-confidence to spread and teach the positive lesson of what it means to truly embrace their unique inner beauty. This program is designed to help address specific problems to solve confidence with peer pressure through interactive seminars, guest role models, and hands on beauty DIY’s along with confidence building. This will help to ensure that the girls feel significant, valued, reassured, in control and worthy. It offers her a chance to be heard and gain praise as well as recognition.

I’m currently looking to partner with schools, churches and afterschool programs to make this program a nationwide success. If you are interested in learning more information about the #imbeautyinspired program, you can email me at info@beautyschoolscarlet.com.

This is not something that I can accomplish alone; I need your help! The power of word of mouth is great but the power of social media is greater! Please join me in the #ImBeautyInspired movement starting with Twitter, FB and IG – follow me and use the hash tag #ImBeautyInspired to share how beauty inspires you! For example…#ImBeautyInspired because I am fearless!

Next, share the movement with your friends and family and be sure to tell them to share with their connections too. Together, we can make a difference and empower young women and girls to embrace their inner beauty and become their very own celebrity!

Feel free to take pictures and videos as well but make sure you always use the hash tag #ImBeautyInspired. There will be twitter chats schedule in the future along with more things to come. #ImBeautyInspired because I have you in my life to support this movement! Thank you in advance!




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Thank You Maya Angelou

Love is by Renee B beautyschoolscarlet.com

Maya Angelou has been an inspiration to me for many, many years! So much so that I wrote my first poem in the 8th grade and today I would like to dedicate this to her and say thank you for being a “Phenomenal Woman” in my life!


The world will not be the same without you but your words of wisdom will forever live on in my heart, my mind and in my words!

RIP Ms. Maya Angelou


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Beauty is…Living Your Dreams

Beauty is being able to #BeBold #BeInspired to live your dreams!!!

Beauty Scholars today I am excited to announce what I have been working on over the last couple of months. As you know from my morning beauty quotes, I am very passionate about beauty from the inside out!!! So I recently partnered with my Blogger friend, Toya Nicole of Ms. Travel Chic to create a company by the name of Boardroom Beauties!!!

Boardroom Beauties is a lifestyle and media company founded by two corporate beauties turned lifestyle entrepreneurs. We challenge the everyday woman to live her dreams live and in color through lifestyle and empowerment workshops and events. We want women to #BeBold, #BeInspired, Embrace Your Beauty and Live Your Dreams!!!

We have recently announced our upcoming inaugural event and today I want to share it with you!!! Saturday, December 14th from 11AM – 2PM join us at the South Loop Hotel in Chicago, IL. Come shop with our vendors, network and hear from our dynamic speakers on how to Dream Big, #BeInspired, Embrace Beauty and #BeEmpowered!!! *Early Bird Tickets are on sale now*

BRB-EventFlyer1 copy

If you will not be in the Chicago area on December 14th, like our Facebook page and receive information on a daily basis to #BeBold and #BeInspired and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what’s happening in the boardroom!!!

Thank you in advance for your support!!! MUAH

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Monday Morning Beauty Quote

Beauty School Scarlet Quote


Everyday is the start of a new day and today I choose to live my life in splendor by spreading joy and happiness to others as well as myself. I will live in bliss, love to the fullest, learn something new today and laugh to remind me to not take life so seriously!!! Have a magnificent  Monday…MUAH

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