A Conversation With Celebrity Hairstylist Larry Sims

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Celebrity Hairstylist Larry Sims at an event. I was so intrigued by his personality and story that I had to get an interview. Thankfully he was gracious enough and agreed to have a phone conversation with me!


Before we start the conversation, here’s a little background information on how Larry Sims started his career. He started as a backup dancer but not just any dancer. He always had a passion for hair so he would style the artist’s hair and makeup backstage. One day someone noticed and passed his name on to Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves.

Later, Larry worked as an apprentice for Ken and occasionally filled in for him from time to time. One day, as luck would have it, Ken was not available and Larry was able to fill in to style none other than Victoria Beckham. Yes, that’s right…Larry is the one and only who cut and styled her famous bob hairstyle. The rest is history and needless to say, his client list has grown there.

Now that you have the quick version of his background, sit back and enjoy a conversation with Larry Sims!

BSS: What is your definition of beauty?

LS: Self-confidence, personal style, freedom of expression and being a trendsetter.

BSS: Who was your biggest influence?

LS: As a dancer my biggest influence were the people on the glam squads working on films and videos. Like: Christopher Maldonado – stylist for Aaliyah who passed away was my biggest influence. Oscar James is a huge influence and my mother with her own personal beauty style.

BSS: What advice would you give a cosmetology student who is interested in starting out in the beauty industry?

LS: Do your homework, be around people who are successful and stay humble, perfect your craft and do test shots. Be an apprentice for a stylist so you can learn more.

BSS: When someone is looking for a new hairstylist what are the top 3 tips they should look for?


–       Read yelp reviews

–       Ask for referrals

–       A great stylist will ask about your lifestyle and history of your hair

BSS: What is the hairstyle trend for 2014?

LS: Natural, textured hair, and hair that is not perfect. More of an editorial look like a messy bun.

BSS: When shopping for hair products, what ingredients should people look for and what should they stay away from?

LS: You don’t necessarily get better results with more expensive products. Stay away from products with additives. Get products with moisture, proteins and protect the hair from heat.

BSS: What is the best way to winterize your hair?

LS: When wearing hats make sure your hair is super moisturized and conditioned.  Avoid hats with wool as they can damage the hairline and break the hair. Use cashmere or silk scarves.

BSS: How can my readers maintain healthy hair at home?

LS: Keep your hair moisturized, do masking with deep moisturizing treatments and use heat protectants.

BSS: You have just launched the Go Pro Curls line, how do you see your brand expanding over the next 3 years?

LS: Go Pro Grow will be launching in 2014 and I want to expand my brand outside of hair. I want to be the Martha Stewart of beauty…candles, bedding, sheets and more.

BSS: Where can my readers find the Go Pro Curls line?

LS: We are in Sally’s Beauty Supply and local beauty supply stores. In 2014 we will be in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, CVS and online.

BSS: Is there any other information that you would like to share?

LS: TV projects are coming and the Go Pro Grow line is launching

BSS: Larry, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me and sharing your story!



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Seeing Eye to Eye: A Beauty Interview with My Eye Doctor – Dr. Reynolds

A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my eye doctor and boy oh boy did she open my eyes (literally and figuratively) to some things that should just be common sense…but on that day, it was not so common to me…LOL. We talked about beauty and how it relates to eye care like when to toss those products and the damage they can cause if you hold on to them. Some things I knew and some were brand new. I hope this interview literally and figuratively open’s your eyes as it did mine 🙂
My Eye Doctor – Dr. Reynolds of Concept Eye Care is very informative and easy to understand. She cares about the health of her patients and wants to ensure they receive her all. So when I asked if I could interview her for my blog, she said absolutely!!! Thanks Dr. Reynolds…YOU ROCK!!! Beauty Scholars get ready for an eye opening experience from an expert!!!
The first tip blew my mind because I was just blind to the who, what, when and why I should not use generic eye care… Dr. Reynolds says you should not use generics because the technology is old. It is like using an old brick cell phone or an old school TV with an antenna…LOL. Or as I like to think, it is like using that old hard eyeliner from back in the day that you had to burn to make it glide on the eyes…yep, eye-opening…right??? Okay…don’t act like I was the only one who used to do this…LOL
Did you know that you should put contacts in before you apply your makeup??? Mmm, hmm…you sure do as this prevents eye infections…yep, some of us have been doing this all wrong, thinking that the eye shadow will fall into our eyes or the mascara will flake into the contacts. Here is what I do to prevent shadow from flaking: tap your eye shadow brush lightly (don’t blow on the brush and spread your nasty germs) on the back of your hand and the excess shadow will fall off. To prevent mascara flaking, make sure you don’t have a clump on the wand, if you do, wipe the excess on the tube and apply in a zigzag motion. If it continues to flake…buy a new brand as great brands do not flake…IJS!!!
Now, I have said this before but I am so excited that Dr. Reynolds has stated the obvious 🙂 change your eye makeup often!!! Every 6 months for liquids, every 3 months for mascaras, every 6 months for creams and every year for powders as the moisture, air and germs can cause infections. And wash your brushes every 2 weeks for the same reasons.
If you wear glasses, it is okay to apply your eye makeup a little heavier. You should also get the AR (ANTI-REFLECTING) Coating on your lenses as this will help the makeup show through more but don’t get too happy with your application technique unless you want to look like you belong on a ratchet reality show…LOL
OMG…did you know that you should not sleep with your contacts in your eyes if you suffer from dry eyes like me??? Yeah, I am a little guilty of this 🙂 because I just get lazy and fall asleep with the computer in my lap, makeup on the face and contacts in the eyes. Dr. Reynolds did give me the side eye o-0 …LOL as well as informed me that your contacts can get lost in the back of the eye and if they go too far…you will have to get them surgically removed (OUCH) and you can get an eye infection (YUK)!!! Note to self: come home, change clothes, wash face, remove contacts and repeat!!! Because in my Sweet Brown voice (Ain’t nobody got time for that)!!! IJS. Make sure you purchase the extended wear contacts to prevent this from happening.
Last but not least…change your contact lens case every month and rinse the case with hot water every night to keep you contacts clean and free of debris. You mean to tell me the reason my contacts bother me when I put them in my eyes is because I don’t clean the darn case…All this time I have been thinking that the brand I use sucks but it was really because I just didn’t know (don’t judge me, I now know and understand and my eyes are thanking me daily)!!! LOL
Here is a bonus tip that may sound basic but I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I maybe, well possibly made (I plead the 5th…I will not admit or deny if this has happened to me)…but, you should rinse the soap from your hands thoroughly and or not use anti-bacterial soap before you put your contacts in as this can burn the crap out of your eyes!!! Woo…just the thought of it makes me want to cry and gives me the shakes…LOL. Dr. Reynolds suggest that I (oops, you) 🙂 purchase a soap called OCuSOFT Hand Soap. It does not contain oils that will leave a film on the hand which can transfer to the contact lens and cause cloudy vision.
So there you have it Beauty Scholars…beauty tips for the eyes!!! I don’t know about you but this was truly an eye opening experience for me 🙂 Thanks Dr. Reynolds of Concept Eye Care located in Chicago, IL (Hyde Park area) for sharing your expert tips and shedding some light on beauty tips for the eyes!!!
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Beauty Talk Live with Grace Riley

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Be sure to check out Grace Riley tomorrow on Beauty Talk Live Google+ Hangout. She is an expert in the field of Esthetics and she will be offering tips, tricks and advice. She will also discuss her new book Jump Start Your Esthetics Career – A Guide for Newly Licensed Estheticians!!! But don’t let the title fool you as this book has something to offer anyone who is looking to start a new career or has interest in the field of beauty.

So after dinner grab a drink, relax and hangout with me as I watch Beauty Talk Live with Gia Marie and special guest Grace Riley!!! MUAH


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My 1st Live interview on Beauty Talk Live


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Beauty Alert: Pamper Me Fabulous Ticket Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Ultimate Girl’s Day Beauty Experience

OMG…I am so excited to tell you about an upcoming event that will be happening in the Chicago area (sorry for those of you who do not live in my AMAZING city) LOL!!! On Sunday June 23rd, I will be attending the Pamper Me Fabulous event as a guest Beauty Blogger and 2 lucky winners will be attending with me, compliments of the Pamper Me Fabulous Team…IKR, don’t you just heart them???

So, in case you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, let me open your eyes to the ultimate girlfriend day of pampering!!! Pamper Me Fabulous is an inspirational experience for the mind, body and soul mixed with shopping, food, beauty, uplifting workshops and yes a few cocktails too!!!

There will be motivational speakers to learn from and ask questions. A spa corner for a littler relaxing and an activity corner to tone those muscles and oh yes…a cocktail or 2…LOL.  But wait…there’s more (in my infomercial voice) there will be taste testing, crafts if you so choose to take part in, a photo booth to share your memories and yes…more drinks!!! LBVS. Last but not least…there is a GIFT BAG full beauty goodies from the awesome sponsors of the event!!!

Whew…I don’t know about you but I am eagerly anticipating the weekend so that I can attend the Pamper Me Fabulous event this Sunday at The River East Art Center at 11AM – 5PM. Be sure to bring your ID as you will need to be 21 years of age or older to enter the event!!!

If you are want to purchase tickets because you don’t think that you will win the giveaway ☹…the cost is $42 for the entire event. But lucky for you…I have a coupon code for 20% off ☺ Coupon code for 20%off tickets: PMFCHIC 

BTW…this event will be in other cities soon. Go to pampermefabulous.com to see when and if they will be in a city near you!!! I hope to see you there!!! MUAH

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The Makeup Show Recap…Finally…LOL

A week ago today, I attended The Makeup Show as a Beauty Blogger and it was such an awesome experience!!! There was so much to do and so much to see in the 2-day span of the event. Makeup here, Makeup there…makeup, makeup everywhere; a beauty blogger’s dream come true!!!
The Makeup Show started on Saturday June 8, 2013 but there was a meet and greet party for bloggers and makeup artist at the Good Gyrrl Studio with the amazing James Vincent as the guest speaker. If you have never heard of James Vincent, then you are not a makeup guru or lover of all things beauty…LBVS. James Vincent is only one of the biggest celebrity makeup artists around. He has beat (makeup terminology as in painted the hell out of) some of the most famous faces such as Lady Gaga, Diane Von Furstenberg and Renee Zellweger just to name a few. As if that was not enough, he is also the Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine. Oh yeah and he has worked for some of the best cosmetic brands around. So to say that it was an honor to meet him is kind of an understatement…LOL.
I also met radio personality Demi Lobo from WGCI and she is also the owner of a new lipstick line called The Lip Station. It is a pretty cool line with major pigment and fun names. Each lipstick is named after a felony… my fave felony is Scandal if you want to find your fave felony, go to thelipstation.com.
Saturday, I was invited to an event just for Bloggers!!! We had a chance to hear James speak and tell us about some of his favorite products. We also received a swag bag full of products and I can’t wait to try them out with reviews to follow. I kind of felt like a little girl who just received a bunch of Lip Smackers Lip-gloss on Christmas Day!!! I need a DO NOT DISTURB…Beauty Blogger Testing sign because I will be trying a lot of products over the next few weeks or maybe months!!! LOL


The actual show started on Sunday and it was a mad house!!! Beauty junkies everywhere trying to get glimpse to see what all the different brands were offering and making purchases left and right. There were seminars with some of the top makeup artist for brands like Stila, Nars and Smashbox just to name a few. My favorite seminar was Industry Insight with the awesome Crystal Wright who gave a look on how you can better yourself and your business within the beauty industry. She offered some great advice like: “When you are afraid to ask for what you want, it says you are not worth it” and “the first step to marketing yourself is to set the standard.” Even though this seminar was geared toward makeup artist, the information was easily something that any entrepreneur could translate into his or her own business. I was so excited and motivated when I walked away. Crystal’s seminar made my vision more clear and attainable!!!
After the seminar, I shopped until I dropped!!! No really…I stopped, chatted and introduced myself to almost every brand I could. I tried and purchased things I thought you would enjoy learning and trying. My first stop was one of my favorite brands, Stila!!! I had to tell me how much I loved their Smudge Stick eyeliners (in case you missed it) check out http://www.rachelobeauty.com/stila-smudge-stick-eyeliner/J. They showed me the new After Glow Lip Color, which glow in the dark!!! OMG!!! Super freaking cute, I love, I want, I must have so I purchased!!! They also showed me the new Countless Color Pigments, which can be used on the eyes or cheeks as 1-2 colors or custom colors you create with the swirl of the brush…sold!!! Yep, I purchased that as well. They Stila team was so amazing, fun and nice, they even gifted me an After Glow Lip Color and Countless Color Pigment…FTW!!!
Next stop was Eye Kandy. As I was browsing, one of the makeup artists asked if I wanted to try it and I said yes. I was a little nervous but excited. Eye Kandy has beautiful pops of color glitters for eyes and lips and they look gorg!!! The owner was nice enough to gift me a color and of course, I chose red…a review soon to come in a few weeks ;-).
I could walk you down each and every aisle as well as all the stops I made but I don’t want to overload you with day 1…LOL.
Day 2 was just as amazing but my main goal was to listen to the social media panel with Afrobella, Awesome Luvvie and Niles from Beautylish moderated by Terez Baskin (author of 11 Beautiful Tools – The Social Media Guide for Beauty Professionals). They each gave great advice on how social media can enhance your business to get you to the next level. They spoke about the over usage of #hashtags and having one name for your brand on all social media outlets vs different variations as it makes it easier for people to find you.
I was so worn out from all the shopping on day 1 that I only did a little on day 2 J I had so much fun and met so many great people as well as spent so much money…LOL. It was an amazing opportunity and I am already looking forward to next year!!! If you are interested in the beauty industry, have a passion for it or work in the industry, The Makeup Show should definitely be a to do on your list!!! If you missed Chicago, don’t worry because Orlando September 28-29 and London March 2014…don’t miss out, I promise you will not be sorry!!! Go to themakeupshow.com for more details!!!

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Google+ Spa Party Tonight!!!

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