A Mother’s Love

#ImBeautyInspired Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

The most important job in the world is the love and care from a mother. She loves unconditionally, she gives with all her heart, she picks you up when you fall, she’s there when you need her and she’s there when you don’t. She covers you in prayer and only wants the best for you. She’s your biggest cheerleader and she tries to give you the world! She wipes your tears away and suddenly you know that everything is going to be okay. She makes you laugh. She makes you cry but her love for you will never ever die. She is my mother. She is your mother. And she is you! Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms around the world and back! ‪#‎ImBeautyInspired‬ by your love, strength and courage! 😘 Mommy, I love you to the moon and back…you are my heart! 💞💗💖💝

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The Real Meaning of Beauty

The Real Meaning of Beauty; an Open Letter to My Mommy…
Mommy, thank you for teaching me the beauty of faith, life,
love, forgiveness and womanhood!!!
With the beauty of faith, you have taught me to believe and
trust in God with my whole heart. My faith is strong and grows daily which
keeps my spirit filled with joy and happiness!!!


You have given me the beauty of life as well as taught me
that life is precious and to never take it for granted!!! I thank you for this
wonderful gift and I hope that I will always make you proud. I promise to
always grow and live my life to the fullest!!!
The beauty of your love is unconditional and without
judgment; it continues to give me strength and protection!!!
You have taught me the beauty of forgiveness!!! Forgiveness,
is understanding that people will make mistakes so, it is better to forgive and
forget because it makes me a better person.
All of life’s lessons that you have taught me have given me
the beauty of womanhood!!! I am an independent strong woman because of the
morals and values that you have instilled in me. Mommy, you are an amazing,
beautiful and strong woman, you are the woman that I to aspire to be!!! I love
you with all of my being and thank you for teaching me the real meaning of
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