OMG! $1 Black Friday Nail Sale

Julep Beauty Inc.

If you are a mani Diva, this deal is all about you!

OFFER: Black Friday Special – $1 Nail Polish 

DATES: November 28 at 6 PM PT through midnight November 30


Use code BLACKFRIDAY when you check out before Saturday at midnight.

Fine print: Offer expires 11/30/13 at 11:59pm PT, or while supplies last. To receive polish for $1, select shade from Black Friday catalog and add to shopping bag. Promo code BLACKFRIDAY must be entered at checkout. Limit one use per customer. No exchanges or returns on discounted polish. No adjustments on previous purchases. Taxes vary by location.


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Julep Beauty Deal


Beauty Alert for all my Mani Divas!!! If you are a Nail Diva then you must take advantage of this awesome beauty deal from Julep one day before it goes public!!! That’s right Nail Divas this is an exclusive deal just for you!!! But don’t be selfish…spread to word to all your Nail Junkie Divas and schedule a mani party :-).

The Mani Essentials set includes Fiore – It Girl, Oxygen Nail Treatment, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, Julep Emery Board, Clean Slate Polish Remover 10 pc. Pad and Rock Star Hand Crème—a $70 value!

To receive the free gift, add the Mani Essentials set to your shopping bag in addition to $35+ of items. Use the promo code MANIGIFT at checkout.

(Offer not valid on gift cards. No exchanges or returns on free gift. Offer expires 11/23/13 at 11:59pm PT, or while supplies last.  Taxes vary by location.)

And don’t forget, shipping is FREE on all orders until December 24!





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Nail Art 101 with Char Miller of Couture Lux Nails

During my mani last week, I asked my Nail Stylist to do something different with an accent nail and she went above and beyond my expectations! I was so impressed, that I recorded an impromptu video for the 2nd nail (so no judging any shakiness or background voices…please and thank you).

With no further ado, here are the tools you will need in case you want to recreate this nail art.

  1. Bowl
  2. Water
  3. 3 – 4 nail colors
  4. Polish remover
  5. Nail art-dotting tool
  6. Nailbrush

*Click here to see the Nail Art Video*


Fill half of your bowl with water

Paint you accent nail with a sheer background color of your choice and let it dry completely

Let 1 droplet of polish drop in the water

Note: *if the droplet goes to the bottom, try it again* If it floats and spreads, add a 2nd droplet of another color and repeat until the droplets are full of rings of color to your liking

Take your nail art-dotting tool and gently swirl the polish to make a design and mix the colors

Take your face down and roll in into the polish quickly and pull the nail out of the polish

Use your nail art-dotting tool and finish the design on your nail

Use your nailbrush with polish remover to clean the excess around the nail


And presto…just like that, you have gorgeous, beautiful, glam nail art!!! Thank you Char for allowing me to video your work!!!


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My Luxurious Mani Monday

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of a nail polish that I had been wearing for 6 days!!! Today, I am here to give you the details on my journey, reveal the name of the brand and give you my final grade!!!


A few months ago I attended the Simply Stylist event in Chicago and I met the owners of a nail polish brand by the name of LVX. LVX is a luxury brand of polish that recognizes beauty with a fashion forward outlook. They have developed their polish line with a unique understanding of fashion trends, which can be seen on the runway…. I don’t know about you but I am intrigued!!!


I spotted the brand from across the room and I introduced myself to one of the owners, who then introduced me to his business partner – his sister. When I explained how I review and rate products, it was obvious that this was a match made in beauty heaven!!! I was surprised when they offered me every color within the summer collection to try and I could not wait to get home to put this polish to the test!!!


The following week I make an appointment with my awesome nail stylist Char for my mani and pedi. When I arrived, she was surprised to see that I had a new brand with such vibrant colors. I think she became more excited than I was to try the new brand…LOL.

Now that you have the background information, let me share my likes!!! The polish has a long lasting, chip-free, non-streak formula that is free of toxins and harsh chemicals. The products are free of formaldehyde, resins and camphor which can be harmful to the nails and skin. More importantly, LVX is vegan, socially responsible, cruelty- free and all products are made in the USA!!! I loved the opaque colors and longevity of the polish (after the 4th try…see the details in the dislikes).

Now this sounds like a winner but I would not be sincere if I did not share my total story of my journey with LVX polish. As I stated earlier…I tried this polish 4 times because I did have some issues with it on trails 1-3. The first time the polish lasted 1.5 days before it started to chip and peel. So I tried it a 2nd time and it lasted 2.5 days :-(. So I tried it a 3rd time because I figured the 3rd time has got to be a charm…right??? I am sure you may be wondering why I gave this a 3rd try??? Well, I am glad that you asked me that question. I tried it 3 times because every review I read was great and I didn’t understand why the polish did not work on me. Plus, the claims and the quality had me sold and I wanted it to work. After the 3rd time, I noticed that the polish lasted up to 4 days so, I knew that it was not the product that was not working, it was my nails that didn’t work with the polish.


After the 3rd try, I saw one of the owners again and I explained my issue. She was surprised and concerned. She wanted to make sure that I had the best experience because she stood behind her brand and gave me the 3-in-1 coat to try. Impressed with her customer service and concern, I had to try it again!!!


Okay, stop…let me rewind and explain before you give me the side eye…LOL. I have been wearing gel polish for most of the winter 2012 and spring 2013 without letting my nails breathe. I also picked the polish off instead of going in and letting my nail stylist remove it properly, which led to soft, brittle nails with ridges and that made to the polish peel as well as chip. BTW…the same thing happened with other brands as well so I know it was me and not the polish. So after the 4th try, I had success and the LVX polish lasted a total of 8 days!!! I was so excited that I shared day 6 with you, as well as with the owner as she was very excited to hear the great news!!!


My final grade for LVX polish is 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! LVX is an awesome brand worth trying and the customer service is great too!!! If you are interested in trying the new fall colors, you can purchase a bottle for $16 at Happy polishing!!!





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6 Days and Counting

OMG!!! I have been wearing this nail polish for 6 days and I only have a chip because my nail broke. Can you guess the brand???


Here are a few hints:

  1. It’s not a gel polish
  2. It is a high fashion luxury brand
  3. Chip resistant, non-streak and free of toxic and harsh chemicals
  4. A vegan-friendly socially responsible brand
  5. Only available online and specialty spas and boutiques
  6. The brand releases about 6 colors per season

So what do you think??? Who is the brand??? I will do the big reveal as soon as it starts to chip :-). Stay tuned…MUAH

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Sephora by OPI on Sale Now

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I could not this day go by without sharing this deal for all my mani/nail/polish addicts…LOL. Sephora is discontinuing the Sephora by OPI line to make room for the new brand Sephora X and it is supposed to be all that and a bag of chips teehee!!! And speaking of chips…word on the street is that this polish is going to be chip free and so much more (check out the this link for more deats… Sephora X)
If you are all about nails, you better get to getting (yep, I said get to getting…it’s from my past life of living in the south for a few years…shout out to all my Southern Gals J) to your local Sephora today as I am sure that supplies will not last long!!!
So what are you waiting on??? Go on-line if you know your fave colors or stop in a store and find some that will glam up your style!!!
SIDENOTE: Don’t be selfish, (click) share this post with your gal pals so they can save too or maybe have a mani party in a few weeks on your next girl’s night in (and don’t forget to invite me…LBVS)!!! Happy Shopping…MUAH

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Can You Guess the Brand???

I am trying a new brand of luxury nail polish that is non-toxic, Vegan, long-lasting, chip resistant and streak free!!! And the best thing is…it does not require a top coat!!! Any guesses???


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Sephora Nail Polish Beauty Alert

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! If you love nail polish then you must stop by Sephora…all Sephora by OPI polish is 50% off starting today!!! Hurry because when this gets out…you favorite color will be gone!!!

BTW…they are making room for the new polish I told you about last month called Sephora X. Click the link below to read the post…MUAH!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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Summer Beauty Tips

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I don’t know about you but I am ready for summer!!! I am not enjoying this mild winter in spring that we are having…LOL.
So, I started to think if we talk about summer…maybe the weather will start to get warmer!!! Right??? Well, maybe not but it’s worth a try!!!
Today will be all about summer beauty tips!!! YAY SUMMER!!!
Summer Beauty Tip #1…
SPF, SPF, SPF is a MUST!!! Every skin tone should wear SPF!!! This prevents burning as well as skin cancer. The rays from the sun are harsh and you can get sunburn in as little as 15 minutes during the peak of the day!!! OUCH!!!
I know a lot of people like to get that bronze or golden tint to the skin but sunburn is no joke…believe me, I have been there; done that and it was not fun!!! Besides the peeling after the burn is so not cute…IJS!!! You should wear at least SPF 30.
Summer Beauty Tip #2…
Bronzer!!! Bronzer is a safe alternative to getting to sexy summer glow!!! I love to use bronzer on my legs. It gives the appearance of hosiery without the hoise…LOL.
I prefer bronzer over self-tanning because some self-tanners do not offer a natural look and a bronzer will give you a J-Lo glow that will make even J-Lo jealous!!! *giggles*
Here are a few recommendations: Per-fekt body Perfection Gel, Sephora Illuminating Bronzing Gel and Nars Monoi Body Glow.
Summer Beauty Tip #3…
Exfoliation!!! Exfoliation for the face and body is the way to perfect looking smooth soft skin!!! Before you use a bronzer or self-tanner…you must exfoliate to remove the dead surface skin cells. This prevents your bronzer or self-tanner from streaking. It will give you an even tone, a closer shave as well as skin smoother than a baby’s bottom…well…not that smooth but you get my point 🙂
If you are lazy like me, I suggest you use an all in one product that will cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. Multitasking is definitely the key for me!!! LOL. Or you can add scrub to your shower gel for the same effect.
Here are a few recommendations: Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction, Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliator and Molton Brown Cassia Bodywash & Scrub.
But wait…there’s more (in my TV infomercial voice)!!! You should not exfoliate daily as you can cause sensitivity to the skin by overindulging. I suggest 2-3 times per week at the most. You also have to wear a sunscreen because you are removing the dead layer of skin, which is now more sensitive to the sun, and being the good friend that I am, I don’t want you to get sunburned!!! (Insert the sweet face here with an aww) teehee!!! Who knew exfoliation was so complicated??? LOL.
Summer Beauty Tip #4…
Manis and Pedis are a MUST!!! I don’t know about you Beauty Scholars but my biggest pet peeve is cracked dry heels as well as chipped and/or unpolished toes in any type of open toe shoes!!! UGH…SIGH…YUK…as you can read, this is a big huge NO NO for me and it should be for you!!! Yes, I am judging and I am not sorry but this is so unattractive on a woman as well as a man (not the polish on a man but the nasty heels). IJS
Never fear, Beauty School ScArlet to the rescue here!!! You can go to the spa and get your mani and pedi or you can do a DIY. If you choose a DIY I have a few suggestions you may want to try!!! The Diamancel Diamond Foot Buffer is an amazing tool to remove dry rough skin (insert disclosure here)…but it is not cheap!!! Even though it is more on the expensive side, it is well worth the cost of $49 because it last a long time and it works!!!
Now I am guilty of dry cuticles from time to time because I never get a chance to get a mani these days let alone a DIY due to the travel I do. Cuticle oil/cream is a great remedy and the one they’re quite a few to choose from. Julep has a Nail 911 Repair System, which includes a cuticle serum with peptides as well as a Nail Therapy polish to strengthen the nails…FTW!!! And don’t forget to exfoliate the hands during your weekly exfoliation of the body. Your hands need love too J
So there you have it Beauty Scholars…4 fabulous summer beauty tips to keep your skin safe, your glow glam, your body smooth and your feet neat!!! The one thing that is missing is…summer L the only suggestion I have for that is to wait and ask Mother Nature to bring on the heat but not too much!!! LOL

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Beauty 411 News Alert…

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I just heard that Sephora has been testing a new brand of polish in select stores called Sephora X.

What’s the big deal you ask??? Well, rumor has it that this polish will replace the Sephora by OPI brand and it is the best of the best polish around. This brand has the most effective high quality ingredients in the industry.

Supposedly Sephora searched high and low for the perfect polish and now they have a no chip, one coat, high shine polish that is resistant to both water and detergent!!! Hmm…really??? I can’t wait to put it to the test!!!

While I have not seen it in any of my local Sephora stores, I have heard that it gives the gel nail polish a run for the money and it last just as long!!! This 7th wonder of the beauty world is available on but will make its debut in all stores in the summer or fall.

So what are your thoughts??? Are you excited??? Will you purchase it before it officially hits the stores or will you wait for my review??? Whatever you choose let me know because I am curious too!!! LOL

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