#ImBeautyInspired To Improve My Inner Beauty!

#ImBeautyInspired to improve my inner beauty!

Beauty is not a destination. It’s an exploration throughout life to keep learning, growing and evolving. Don’t ever stop your journey of self-discovery. The more you learn about you; the more you learn to love. When you start to love you; you open the doors for others to love you too. In turn, you’ll become a better stronger person.

When you take time to self-improve; you’re making time to self-empower. When you stop taking the time to self-improve; you’ve reach your destination for growth. Keep growing and explore! Others can only experience the beauty of you if you experience it first. Have a wonderful week! MUAH


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#ImBeautyInspired to Understand My Power!

#ImBeautyInspired to Understand My Power

When you open your eyes in the morning do you see and feel how beautiful you are? When you look in the mirror do you understand that your beauty has power? Do you breathe life into yourself or do you go through the motions and just to live?

Open your eyes to clearly see your beauty. Clear your mind to understand the power of your beauty. Don’t go through life not understanding who you are. You have a purpose – a purpose to live and love you.

Know that You’re worth it! You’re beautiful and You deserve to live! Others can only experience the beauty of you if you experience it first! Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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Newly Released Inspirational Beauty Book Gets a Nod From Iconic Feminist Leader Gloria Steinem

Newly released on Amazon and the authors website BeautySchoolScarlet.com, #ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations! gets attention from readers and icons alike.

#ImBeautyInspired abeauyscarlet_3d copyChicago, IL – August 24, 2015 – Written to inspire 12 to 25 year-olds to greater self-esteem, a new book by author Renee Bolton gets some impressive attention. Her newly released book uses the avenue of inner beauty to help young readers overcome damaging societal messages. In support of that message, a tweet from iconic feminist leader Gloria Steinem on August 11th shouts, “Looking for an empowering book for your teenager? Check out #ImBeautyInspired: A Keepsake Journal @abeautyscArlet”. At Steinem’s inspiration, Bolton joins the battle cry and incites a movement that empowers young women and girls.


Headed by seven quotes coupled with seven bits of wisdom each chapter of #ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations! inspires readers. Working in tandem as a keepsake journal, the book is an interactive way to teach a good self-image. Each affirmation leads to a call-to-action for the reader to journal their private thoughts on each motivational subject. Centered around beauty chapters cover strength, courage, wisdom, inspiration, motivation, dreams and self-love.

The new author and abuse survivor said of the empowerment beauty book, “I wrote seven chapters because seven is the number of completion. When my readers complete the book they’ll have a better appreciation of their own inner beauty. I want them to have a greater understanding of who they are and what they can confidently offer the world. With their journal entries we can do that together in a united, compassionate way.”

Bolton has partnered with the YWCA of Chicago and will donate 10% of the proceeds of every book purchased via www.YShop.org.

For more information visit www.beautyschoolscarlet.com. Click below to purchase the book on Amazon.

About Scarlet Beauty Media:

Scarlet Beauty Media is based in Chicago, Illinois and was founded by author and entrepreneur, Renee Bolton. With fifteen years in the beauty industry, Bolton is an abuse survivor dedicated to enriching the lives of young women and girls by giving them the inspiration to embrace a good self-image.


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