Fashion Fair Beauty Flash Sale – Today Only


Hey Beauty Scholars! Happy Friday! Here’s a beauty deal for you today… Fashion Fair is having a 20% off ONE DAY ONLY Flash Sale! Enjoy…MUAH

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Sephora News Flash…411 Beauty Alert

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Can you believe it??? Sephora is at it again!!! Just when you think it can’t get any better, they go and trial some new projects in select stores, yes I said projects with an “s” (you have scored and gotten the double daily today)!!! And yes, yours truly just so happened to get all the juicy details to share with you J
So, as you know Sephora is rolling out the Skin IQ system where you can do a Q&A about your skin on the computer and it pulls up the best product according to your concerns as well as skin type (but that’s old news). So let’s move on…shall we!!!
A few weeks ago I told you about the new Color IQ system that Sephora is testing in select stores. This is where the Beauty Specialist uses a special tool to find an accurate foundation match for your skin and you receive an email of all the foundations, powders and tinted moisturizers that match your skin tone. Yep, that’s right…100% accurate!!! In case you missed it, check out the link below of the post in its entirety (trust me…you will enjoy it) teehee 

And if this was not enough to send you over the edge…don’t forget the new polish they are launching called Sephora X. It is supposed to be the best of the best that will last forever (well, not forever but longer than the norm…you get my drift). See the details using the link below J
Okay, okay…. I know you are waiting with bated breath to find out the beauty 411…so here you go J (Drum roll please)… Sephora is currently testing Express Styling at the beauty studio!!! What is that you ask???  Well let me tell you…this is where the Cast Members (Beauty Advisors) will do a quick touch up on your hair or give you a consultation. Wait…before you get too happy, slow down and read the rest…LOL. This is by NO MEANS complete styling where any flat irons or blow dryers will be used. This is just a quick touch up with a shine mist or something of the sort. I don’t know about you, but I am down for a little hair refresher or consult while I enjoy my shopping experience!!! IJS


But wait…there’s more (in my infomercial voice)!!! Just in case you did not know, Sephora has their own collection of products and I must say, they give some of the bigger brands a run for their money (not only that, they are cheaper…but ssshh, that is just between us) LOL!!! Why am I am telling you this you ask??? Well, if you must know, rumor has it that Sephora will be launching a bath and bodyline that smells and feels delicious!!! Just in case you don’t believe me, go and check out the following link.
So there you have it Beauty Scholars, the beauty 411 on what’s to come at our favorite store. So what do you think??? Are these new upcoming launches something that will get you ready, set to go over and shop until you drop??? Share your thoughts because my inquiring mind wants to know J MUAH!!!

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