Just My P.O.V… A News Worthy Cosmetic Line Coming to a Store Near You!!!

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I just found out some interesting news. Fashion photographer and former America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker will be teaming up with his wife former fashion model and makeup artist Christine Barker to develop 2 new cosmetic lines according to www.thegloss.com. Wow, 2…that is certainly very aggressive for newcomers.
The first line is called Beauty Equation and it is intended for mid 20’s and older. The prices will start at $25 and the line will be sold as a high end prestige line (in department stores or specialty cosmetic stores like Sephora or Ulta).
The second line will be a mass market line (drug stores) geared toward teens and young adults or anyone who still claims to be younger than what they are…LOL. The brand will be called BE Cosmetics and it will launch in sometime in 2014.
I don’t know about you Beauty Scholars but I think this could be a winner because you have 2 industry people that have worked in the background with cosmetics and they have seen it all. If anyone should get this right, it should be the Barkers!!! Everything about this to me screams success (but that’s just my P.O.V.) and I sure hope that it is for their sake or they will become a joke in the industry. Either way, you will get the final grade from me…honest and upfront!!! Until then, we wait… (But on a side note) I love the name of the two lines. Beauty Equation sounds sexy yet sophisticated!!! BE Cosmestics sounds fresh and cute!!!
One thing is for sure…they will definitely keep it all in the family as I am sure that Nigel will be shooting all photos and his wife will be the lead makeup artist and you can’t go wrong with 2 professionals doing their thang!!! LOL. For more details, go to www.thegloss.com
So what say you Beauty Scholars??? Will you be eagerly anticipating the launch of Beauty Equation and BE Cosmetics??? What is your P.O.V.??? Share your thoughts below…
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