The Beauty Benefits of Water

Do you know the health and beauty benefits of water? Yes, water…it does a body good!


1. Clear Skin – it keeps your skin hydrated from the inside out

2. Anti-aging – it plumps the skin

3. Weight loss – you eat less because you feel fuller

4. Shinny hair – Cleanses the hair and leaves a shine with a cold water rinse

5. Flushes out the toxins – gets rid of waste so you can digest your food better

6. Gives you energy – it’s a natural stimulant for the body and brain

7. Calms the nerves – the sound of water can help you relax, relate and release. Melt the stress away!


So pick up bottle and get to drinking! I’m on bottle number 4 today and I plan on getting water wasted! What about you?

Please note: In order to see results you must be consistent and drink 6-8 glasses a day. Cheers and happy drinking!

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Beautiful, Bronzed and Glowing

*This post was originally posted on Rachel O. Beauty

A few weeks ago I attended The Makeup Show in Chicago and I had the best time ever!!! I was in a makeup paradise and I did not want to leave but I had to for 2 reasons…it was the last day and they were shutting the show down and I had spent so much money that I was about to go broke…LOL.  During my spending spree, I purchased several things but today, I am going to tell you about Body Glow by Nars.
Francois is the founder of the brand who had always been obsessed with colors, textures and purity, with the limited availability of the choices offered within the cosmetics industry, he launched a brand of lipsticks in Barney’s New York and the brand has expanded from there with color, skincare and a few makeup brushes.
I decided to purchase the Body Glow because I like to wear a lot of dresses and shorts in the summer to show off my beautiful brown legs 🙂 However, I don’t like the dull color of my legs when they have been hiding all winter and spring under a pant or tights 🙁 they just look a little pale and they need a little help. LOL So I have been in search of the perfect bronzer, as I want that beautiful bronzed sun-kissed look that offers the appearance of hosiery. Yep, that’s right…the right bronzer will give the appearance of hosiery…who knew??? LOL
So I have been testing the Body Glow and here is what I like: it’s not just a bronzer, it’s also a moisturizer that offers a hint of shimmer and glow to my skin. It feels like silk and it has Monoi Oil that makes it smell amazing!!!! The smell is not overpowering; it reminds me of a beach vacation…(ssh, I can hear the waves crashing on the beach with the sun warming the sand and I can picture myself enjoying the summer breeze with a tropical drink in my hand). Oh, sorry…I got carried away on my imaginary vacation but I could not help it, because that is where the smell takes me LOL. Back to the subject at hand…a little goes a long way, it’s not sticky, it dries quickly like a lotion and it will not rub off on your clothes. The best thing about Body Glow; it washes off so it is perfect as an alternative to lotions, potions and creams…LOL. And according to, you can use it to soothe, rehydrate and prevent peeling after a day of fun in the sun.
Now I know you are thinking that I don’t have any dislikes but sorry, pump your brakes…I do :-). I would prefer a little more color not much…just a little. I would also prefer different packaging because it’s in a glass bottle and it can break. It doesn’t have an SPF to protect you from sun or sunburn (whomp, whomp). Last but not least, I would like to have a slimmer nozzle to prevent me from pouring out too much product and wasting it as the price is a little steep (this is truly a luxury product) and in my Sweet Brown voice…ain’t nobody got time fa dat!!! LOL
Overall, I really like the Body Glow by Nars but because of the cost ($59), it would only be for those special date nights, girl’s night out or great beauty events…IJS. My final grade for Body Glow by Nars is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! If you are interested in purchasing the Body Glow go to or Sephora. Happy Bronzing!!!

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