Photo Finish Shadow Primer

A few weeks ago I popped in to a Sephora to find new products to try. First, I did a once over on the store browsing each and every brand one by one saving some of my favorites for last. The first product that caught my eye was from Smashbox. It’s called 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer. And today, I am going to give you The Glam it, The Slam it and My Final Grade!


Since I have reviewed Smashbox products before, I won’t give you the beauty 411; instead, I am going to tell you why Smashbox is my beauty crush. They have innovative products that are highly pigmented with great staying power and all products are photo-shoot ready! And what girl doesn’t like a makeup that makes her selfie shine flawlessly? 🙂

Now that you have a better understanding on my beauty brand crush, let me share The Glam: This shadow primer keeps your regular dull boring eye shades from creasing and it makes the color look more vibrant. It’s able to withstand heat, humidity and fading over a 24 hour period (and I know because I tested it) LOL



I wore the primer on a recent trip to Miami and it helped my shadow stay in tact from early morning hours, beach time and to a very late night party. The weather was hot, steamy and humid all at once and my shadow lasted the entire day and night. Now don’t go judging how I kept on my shadow for the entire day and night…you’ve been there and done that too! I am not the only one. LOL But I digress…on to the slam!


The Slam: You have to use a pinch and let the primer dry. If you don’t, your eye shadow will be hard to blend. You have to wear it alone and not with a concealer. I tried it with my concealer and it smeared. My eyelids felt a little dry after I applied the primer 🙁


My Final Grade for the 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox is 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH! I like that my eye shadow lasted all day long without looking oily and creasing in the hot Miami sun. I just wish that it would dry faster to avoid the wait on applying my shadow.

If you are interested in purchasing the 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox, head our to your local Sephora or get it on line at for $20. Happy Priming!

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My Fall 2013 Makeover Experience


A few days ago I attended an event at Ulta Beauty for a fall makeover from Smashbox Cosmetics. It’s funny because I was really nervous, as I have not had a full makeover in years. Yes, I know…I am a beauty blogger and you would think that this would be the norm but I never make the time, I am nervous about the look I am going to receive and I am a closet germaphobe (don’t judge me)!!! Believe it or not, I have witnessed some makeup artists with dirty brushes, blowing on a powder to remove the access or not sanitizing the brushes. Plus, you never know what little kid or teen has been playing in the makeup when no one is around…. IJS!!! So, I usually stay clear and just apply products on my hand. However, last Saturday, I took a leap of faith closed my eyes (literally) and took a chance…LOLIMG_0532

When I walked in, I did not know what to expect and I was hoping that I would get the best makeup artist that would beat my face (as they say in the industry…meaning make it fierce) if not, this post would have a totally different tone… giggles!!!

Anywho, I was approached by Rose, the Prestige Manager who organized the event to check in and get assigned to my makeup artist. Moments later, I was introduced to Christine with Smashbox Cosmetics and she asked me what look did I want her to achieve. Fall, was my answer as it only makes sense so I can show you…my Beauty Scholars the haute colors for this season :-).

Here, you will see a collage of pics from start to finish…bare face and all :-).IMG_0528After my fierce, fab, glam look from the awesome Christine, I was able to take a mini photo-shoot in the Smashbox photo booth. Yep, I felt like I was on ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) and Tyra was about to tell me that I was the new winner…LOL!!!IMG_0534IMG_0538

I had so much fun and I must admit that I am mad that I have not taken the time or the guts to this a long time ago :-(. I was so pleased with my complete look that I purchased almost everything (and that my friends is how and when a makeup artist knows if you really love the look).

IMG_0530After my new fall look, I had dinner and margaritas too see if my lipstick would last like my lip stain and guess what… it lasted but not as good. Good enough for me to give it 4 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!!IMG_0531The overall look and the total experience was a 5 out of 5 smooches…MUAH!!! Ulta Beauty, I loved the event and Smashbox…bravo on your new fall colors!!! Beauty Scholars, I highly recommend that you get a makeover every season to change your look, get pampered and try some new products. It makes you feel great, look glam and be fabulous!!!

Special shout out to my fellow blogger in crime Ms. Travel Chic for joining me on my fall makeover adventures!!! IMG_0542





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Favorite Products from 2012

So, I could not let the New Month of the New Year end without sharing my faves from 2012!!! These are the products that are my MUST HAVES…I use them EVERYDAY!!!
1. Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge – Every time I use The Beauty Blender, I receive tons of compliments on my complexion and how great my makeup looks (and we all know that every girl on earth loves a compliment or 3) *giggles*.
The sponge is latex, allergy and odor free!!! It works great when used wet especially with my powder foundation. I really love my Beauty Blender and I can’t live without it. Now, I only use brushes for eye shadow, blush and lips. The best thing is…there are no streaks or lines on the face like some wedge sponges can leave.
2. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara – First off, let’s just say that I am totally smitten by the name alone and how clever it is. I love the unique packing of purple faux leather casing…just adorable!!! But I digress because the real question here is…did it work???
Here’s what I liked: It gave my lashes length that I have never experienced with any other mascara!!! I usually have to use 3-4 types of mascara to do the job of 1. As you can see, my lashes do not exists, so this gave me hope, faith and lashes…LOL. It also curls, gives volume, defines and conditions. I have been using this mascara for over a month and I can honestly say that my lashes do not fall out as much and my eyes are not irritated.
3. Smashbox Lip Stain – The stain last all day long and has an awesome burst of color. The lip balm gives a hint of beautiful color and shine. Worn together your lips will be topic of conversation from all the compliments you will receive from the evening.
Unlike other lip stains, the Smashbox lip stain applicator is great and easy to use. It is shaped like a felt tip marker and goes on with a glide.
4. Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser – This is my all time fave from Origins. Checks and Balances does exactly what the title says. It hydrates the dry areas and controls the oily areas to balance the skin. It is very gentle and very frothy!!! If you have combination skin…this is totally the cleanser for you!!!
5. No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes – I have used them on several occasions for those lazy nights when I don’t want to go through the whole skincare routine and I must say, these are by far the best makeup wipes that I have I used!!! They do what they claim and you can get it all done with the use of just 1 wipe. That’s right a full face of makeup in just 1 wipe. To validate my point, I used my Smashbox Lip Stain that I reviewed last week to put the wipes to the test and they worked!!! No traces of the lip stain were left on my hand as you can see below. And when I remove my makeup, I don’t have to use a toner and moisturizer afterwards. My skin is clean and does not feel dry!!!
6. Smash Box BB Cream – BB Creams are a twist of a tinted moisturizer and makeup primer with skincare benefits. Not only do some have a SPF but some also help with anti aging or evening out the skin tone. You can wear them alone or under your makeup as a primer or use a powder on top. I personally love my BB Cream by Smashbox!!! I wear it alone on my days off and with a powder for more coverage when I am working. This BB cream is available in 5 shades and I can get a sheer to medium coverage with a great even skin tone!!!
7. Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume (not pictured here) – The name of the scent is Not A Perfume and when I tell you that the name is so fitting, please believe me because the scent is so much more!!! It is a sexy, alluring, glamorous, gorgeous and captivating scent!!! I wish the Internet had smell-o-vision just so you could be as enamored with the smell as I am. Not only is the scent amazing but it is allergen free as well.
Every time that I wear this perfume, I get compliments throughout the day. It is scent that lingers but it is not overpowering where you are like OMG…she has on too much perfume. It touches the male senses where the hugs linger and the women want to know where can they purchase a bottle. It is innocent yet sensual. The main ingredient is Cetalox, which is usually used, as a base note is now the lead note here.

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Product Review: Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm

Product Review: Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm
I am a fan of a lot of Smashbox products; I cannot tell a lie. They usually never let me down and this 3 in 1 wonder is just amazing!!! It is…
  1. Lip stain – can be worn alone for a matte look
Lip balm with color – can be worn alone for a natural look

Lip stain + a balm with color – can be worn together for a haute evening look

The stain last all day long and has an awesome burst of color. The lip balm gives a hint of beautiful color and shine. Worn together your lips will be topic of conversation from all the compliments you will receive from the evening.
As much as I love this product most lip stains do bleed into the lines of the lips and can be drying as well as hard to remove and this is no different. The balm does help but it is not enough. To make this your lip stain of choice, add a little gloss to provide more moisture and reduce the color bleeding.
Unlike other lip stains, the Smashbox lip stain applicator is great and easy to use. It is shaped like a felt tip marker and goes on with a glide. It is available in 5 shades and it cost $23. You can find this 3 in 1 wonder at most department or specialty stores as well as online at Overall, I give this product: 4 out of 5 smooches!!! MUAH

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