My Top 10 Stocking Stuffers Must Haves

Christmas is just a few days away and you still have time to purchase a few items for your stocking stuffers! Here are my top 10 suggestions that I have tried, tested and approved!!!

LVX: The No chip, no smudge nail polish wonder of the world! It last up to 8 days; Beauty School Scarlet tested, Beauty School Scarlet approved!IMG_2106Hair 180 Whipped She Butter: Gives lightweight shine and moisture without weighing the hair down!IMG_2110Beauty Blender: A makeup sponge that puts any makeup brush to shame with a flawless finish! It’s not your mama’s makeup sponge…LOLIMG_2115

Big Girl Cosmetics Grapefruit Foaming Wash: Gentle foaming face wash great fro combination skin. Removes excess oil without drying the skin.IMG_2109Josie Marin Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain: Long lasting lip power that you don’t need to reapply!IMG_2116Smashbox CC Cream: A genius lightweight makeup that moisturizes, corrects dark spots, evens out the skin tone with SPF 30!


Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner: No smear, no smudge, waterproof eyeliner with fun colors for all skin tones!

IMG_4393Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel: Creamy clarifying shower gel that smells amazeballs!IMG_2108Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara: Long lasting no flaking mascara that makes the lashes look lushes!IMG_2119Peter Thomas Roth: The multifunctional Queen of Exfoliators! Baby smooth skin in just 5 minutes! IMG_1032


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Summer Beauty Tips

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! I don’t know about you but I am ready for summer!!! I am not enjoying this mild winter in spring that we are having…LOL.
So, I started to think if we talk about summer…maybe the weather will start to get warmer!!! Right??? Well, maybe not but it’s worth a try!!!
Today will be all about summer beauty tips!!! YAY SUMMER!!!
Summer Beauty Tip #1…
SPF, SPF, SPF is a MUST!!! Every skin tone should wear SPF!!! This prevents burning as well as skin cancer. The rays from the sun are harsh and you can get sunburn in as little as 15 minutes during the peak of the day!!! OUCH!!!
I know a lot of people like to get that bronze or golden tint to the skin but sunburn is no joke…believe me, I have been there; done that and it was not fun!!! Besides the peeling after the burn is so not cute…IJS!!! You should wear at least SPF 30.
Summer Beauty Tip #2…
Bronzer!!! Bronzer is a safe alternative to getting to sexy summer glow!!! I love to use bronzer on my legs. It gives the appearance of hosiery without the hoise…LOL.
I prefer bronzer over self-tanning because some self-tanners do not offer a natural look and a bronzer will give you a J-Lo glow that will make even J-Lo jealous!!! *giggles*
Here are a few recommendations: Per-fekt body Perfection Gel, Sephora Illuminating Bronzing Gel and Nars Monoi Body Glow.
Summer Beauty Tip #3…
Exfoliation!!! Exfoliation for the face and body is the way to perfect looking smooth soft skin!!! Before you use a bronzer or self-tanner…you must exfoliate to remove the dead surface skin cells. This prevents your bronzer or self-tanner from streaking. It will give you an even tone, a closer shave as well as skin smoother than a baby’s bottom…well…not that smooth but you get my point 🙂
If you are lazy like me, I suggest you use an all in one product that will cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. Multitasking is definitely the key for me!!! LOL. Or you can add scrub to your shower gel for the same effect.
Here are a few recommendations: Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction, Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliator and Molton Brown Cassia Bodywash & Scrub.
But wait…there’s more (in my TV infomercial voice)!!! You should not exfoliate daily as you can cause sensitivity to the skin by overindulging. I suggest 2-3 times per week at the most. You also have to wear a sunscreen because you are removing the dead layer of skin, which is now more sensitive to the sun, and being the good friend that I am, I don’t want you to get sunburned!!! (Insert the sweet face here with an aww) teehee!!! Who knew exfoliation was so complicated??? LOL.
Summer Beauty Tip #4…
Manis and Pedis are a MUST!!! I don’t know about you Beauty Scholars but my biggest pet peeve is cracked dry heels as well as chipped and/or unpolished toes in any type of open toe shoes!!! UGH…SIGH…YUK…as you can read, this is a big huge NO NO for me and it should be for you!!! Yes, I am judging and I am not sorry but this is so unattractive on a woman as well as a man (not the polish on a man but the nasty heels). IJS
Never fear, Beauty School ScArlet to the rescue here!!! You can go to the spa and get your mani and pedi or you can do a DIY. If you choose a DIY I have a few suggestions you may want to try!!! The Diamancel Diamond Foot Buffer is an amazing tool to remove dry rough skin (insert disclosure here)…but it is not cheap!!! Even though it is more on the expensive side, it is well worth the cost of $49 because it last a long time and it works!!!
Now I am guilty of dry cuticles from time to time because I never get a chance to get a mani these days let alone a DIY due to the travel I do. Cuticle oil/cream is a great remedy and the one they’re quite a few to choose from. Julep has a Nail 911 Repair System, which includes a cuticle serum with peptides as well as a Nail Therapy polish to strengthen the nails…FTW!!! And don’t forget to exfoliate the hands during your weekly exfoliation of the body. Your hands need love too J
So there you have it Beauty Scholars…4 fabulous summer beauty tips to keep your skin safe, your glow glam, your body smooth and your feet neat!!! The one thing that is missing is…summer L the only suggestion I have for that is to wait and ask Mother Nature to bring on the heat but not too much!!! LOL

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Product Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother PuckerTM Lip Gloss

Product Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother PuckerTM Lip Gloss
Did the name of this product catch your eye??? Well, it did for me and that is what made me try it!!! I learned about the Soap and Glory brand a few years ago from my former employer. The founder of the brand is Marcia Kilgore of Bliss Spa and after she left Bliss she launched Soap in Glory in the UK and it has grown only to cross the pond in the US to become available in select Sephora stores and online!
Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things that shine, sparkle and glitter and lip-gloss is always a must!!! Oh happy, happy, joy, joy; I could not have been more excited to try this product not because of the gloss but because I have small lips and I really wanted to know if it would work.
First of all, the name is just genius, but I guess what you really want to know is what I think. Well, I love this lip-gloss because it is not sticky, it last long and the shine is just amazing!!! It also has a hint of color for those of you who love a natural look or you can wear it alone or on top a lipstick to enhance the shine. It also gives more enhancements to the lips so there are no lip injections needed here!!! LOL
I know some of you are probably thinking but it says it is a lip plumper and you already have luscious lips so you don’t want them to look any bigger. I can’t say that I understand because as I said, I have small lips; but like they say in Texas, the bigger the better so why not give it a shot and see what it will do for you. Not only that, big pouts are all the rage in Hollywood…AKA Angelina Jolie and Kim K just to name a few so pucker up and try something new!!!
The only minus is, this gloss does tingle a bit when it is first applied to get the plumping effect but it does not last for long. It is $15, and it comes in 3 shades and I give it 4.5 out of 5 smooches!!! I hope you enjoy and love it as much as I do!!! MUAH

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