Makeup Bag Madness; When to Throw Your Makeup and Makeup Bag Away

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend (who shall remain nameless) and she pulled out her makeup bag and I was in shock to say the least.

My friend knows that I love her and she understands that it is my duty as a Beauty Maven to share my thoughts on a makeup bag with issues, situations and circumstances. So she let me take pictures and allowed me to share her story as long as I keep her identity a secret!

I have said it before and I will say it again…you have to change your makeup, sponges, brushes and makeup bags on a regular basis to avoid breakouts, infections and germs! Here are a few tips to help you if you are in the same situation 🙂 .


Mascara has a shelf life of three months! Two months is really the best time to purchase a new tube but you never want to go past three.

When you start to see the mascara getting dry and clumpy that means it is time to say goodbye because air can push bacteria back into the tube, your eyes can become irritated or worse, you can get an infection like pink eye or swelling. My suggestion is to purchase two at a time this way; you will always have one in reserve.

Liquid foundations, pressed and loose powder could last up to a year if you are cleaning your makeup sponges and brushes at least every two weeks. If not, the shelf life lessens to 6 – 12 months for liquids and creams but one year for powders because you are adding bacteria; dirt and oil back into and on the product. When this happens, you will see the product separate, the color or consistency will change and or the product will smell. If this occurs, throw it out so that you can prevent breakouts and or skin irritations!


Lipsticks, balms, stains and pencils should be replaced every year. It is said that they can be replaced up to two years but if you think about it, your mouth is exposed to the most germs. You cough, you touch your lips with your hands, the air (smoke, smog and pollution) are all exposed to your lips. Then you reapply that gloss, lipstick or balm on top of everything. So, with that said, I say toss it after one year! Besides, four seasons have changed and new colors have come out so stop exposing yourself to germs and expose yourself to some new colors! However, if you are always applying with a lip brush and cleaning that brush on a regular, you can keep it up to two years. If your lipstick, balm or gloss starts to change in color, consistency or smell, throw it out!

Powder Eye shadow should be replaced every two years but I have to ask the question, do you really want to replace something that is in constant contact around the eye area every two years? I mean if you religiously clean your brushes and spay your shadow with alcohol, then I would say maybe. But none of us are that anal, not even myself.

Besides, how many times have you blown on the shadow brush before you applied it to the eye spreading all those germs instead of taping it on your hand? Mmm hmm, I know, I get it. So I say toss that shadow after 12 months and keep it moving. Let go and be happy that you don’t have any sort of eye infection! If you are looking to save money, purchase the quad shadows or shadow palettes with 8 -12 shadows and replace after one year. Again, if they smell or change colors, it is time to throw it out!


I have said it before but I will say it again and again… Makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once every two weeks! Breakouts are not always due to stress and eating the wrong thing. Not removing your makeup and or cleaning your brushes can cause breakouts! The dirt debris and oil from your face can build up in the bristles of the brush, which is the cause of the breakout. Here is a great video link on a how to below…

Real Simple: How to Clean Makeup Brushes


Change your makeup bag every six months to a year. Makeup can waste inside of the bag, dirty brushes and sponges harbor bacteria, which can cause breakouts and skin infections. Now just because it has not happened to you so far does not mean that it can’t; prevention is the key! It’s better to be safe than sorry 🙂 .


Makeup sponges need to be washed after every use! Think about those times you have contaminated your powder with your sponge by applying and reapplying without washing it. When the powder changes color fast, it is because of the oil, dirt and debris from the sponge. Ladies, throw it away now! You should not be that attached to a sponge, they are disposable you know…IJS! You can use a mild shampoo to cleanse your brushes or sponges as well as brush cleaner on a weekly basis if you are an over achiever…LOL.


To keep you safe, here are a few pointers to follow… If a product smells, changes colors, and or consistency, throw it away! If your go to product irritates you after the shelf life, toss it! Always wash your hands before you wash your face or put on your makeup. Keep your products in cool dry places and make sure they are closed after you use them. Just like a car depreciates once you drive it off of the lot… your products do the same once you open them as you have now exposed them to the bacteria in the air. Clean out your makeup bag because it will get dirty; don’t be a victim of makeup bag madness!


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Hair Care Tip…

Silicone coats the hair and does not penetrate the hair shaft; it can cause buildup and does not prevent breakage it disguises it. 

Silicone has similar properties to rubber and plastic…Do you know what happens to rubber and plastic when you heat them??? They burn!!! So when you continuously use products with silicone and apply heat, you can burn and damage the hair.

So, when you go to purchase your next hair product…check the label and make sure it is made without silicones!!!

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Ingredients 101

Are you in ingredient overload??? Do you want to know the features and benefits of the ingredients in your skincare??? Well today is that day, welcome to Ingredients 101, the benefits of skin and hair care!!!
1. Acai is a berry that is an antioxidant (think of the antioxidants as Pac-man eating the dots). It fights against smoke smog and pollution better known as free radicals (the free radicals are the ghost chasing Pac-man). It can also help to tighten and firm the skin.
2. Coconut oil is moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-aging. Because it is so moisturizing, it is great for dry hair and scalp and it helps to nourish damaged hair. It works wonders on extremely dry skin like dermatitis, psoriasis, or eczema.  Most importantly, it can be used as massage oil.
3. Argan oil is pressed from the nut of a fruit tree. It helps with healing scars, anti-aging, soothes skin and anti-inflammatory. It hydrates the hair, adds moisture, shine and tames frizz. FYI…Moroccan oil is just a brand of products that is made with Argan oil.
4. Peptides are amino acids also known as protein molecules, which boost the natural production of collagen and elastin. They help plump the skin and give it elastin as the skin starts to age, wrinkle or sag. They are anti-aging which helps to boost the collagen and elastin. Think of an old sweater and how loose and stretchy it is. When peptides are applied, it becomes tightly woven just like new.
5. Retinol is derived from Vitamin A, which improves the skins texture. It evens out the skin tone and can make the skin appear younger. FYI…products with retinol can cause sensitivity to the sun so make sure you wear an SPF.
6. Rosemary is healing and great for oily skin with acne to help clear it up. It is also great for sensitive skin as an anti-inflammatory and it helps to darken gray hair. Believe it or not, it stimulates the roots to promote hair growth and it helps combat dry scalp.
7. Green Tea Extract increases your SPF when worn under a sunscreen. It is also great for anti-aging
8. Kojic acid is derived from a fungus and it helps to lighten dark spots such as freckles, dark spots from acne, age spots and hyperpigmentation from over exposure of the sun.
This concludes our class of Ingredients 101, The Benefits of Skin and Hair Care. Thank you for joining!!! If I missed and ingredient that you are curious about, comment below and I will answer…MUAH

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PSA’s (Private Scholar Announcements)

Hey Beauty Scholars!!! Today is PSA (Private Scholar Announcement) tip day. This is where I post beauty tips and tricks, feel free to share your tips as well. I want to know what works for you…MUAH!!!


PSA Healthy Hair Tip: After you wash your hair, instead of using a towel, use a cotton t-shirt. A towel absorbs moisture, the little loops in the towel pull the hair out and when you rub it dry, it causes friction which in turn causes frizziness!!!
PSA Eye Shadow Tip: To help your shadow last longer and to prevent creasing use a shadow primer. It will also help the color pop as well.
PSA Eye Cream Tip: If you put your eye cream/gel or roller ball in the fridge, it helps to depuff the eyes faster.
PSA Fragrance Tip: To make your fragrance last longer, dab on a little Vaseline on the pulse points before you spray your perfume. Perfume fades on dry skin faster.
PSA Lip Tip: To get the look of a fuller pout, use a clear gloss in the center of the bottom lip on top of your lipstick or colored gloss.
PSA Lipstick Tip: If your lipstick breaks or you have used it all, scoop out the remainder into a pillbox and apply it with a lip brush.
PSA Dry Skin Tip: To combat dry skin during the winter months, layer on a dry oil to your body cream or lotion. Dry oils absorb into the skin without leaving it greasy.
This concludes our PSA (Private Scholar Announcements) today!!! I hope you enjoyed them and if you have a tip on any of the above, comment below; we would love to hear from you!!! MUAH

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