Travel Friendly Beauty Tips

Do you ever have trouble packing the right beauty products for your vacation? Do you get confused on what to take and what to leave? Do you have to check your bag EVERY single trip because you just have too many products? Here are 7 beauty tips to help you overcome this problem ☺.

The travel section is your new bestie: If you are traveling for spring break, shop for your beauty products in the travel section. Every store has one these days. From the specialty beauty store to the drug store; you can always find what you need! The travel section offers sizes that are TSA approved. You will never have to check your bag again!


Ziploc your snacks not your beauty products: Forget the Ziploc bags. Get a plastic see through bag from a drug store and fill up with your fave travel sized products. A see through makeup bag holds more than a Ziploc bag and they last longer! As a Beauty Blogger, I can never get all my travel size products in a Ziploc bag as I am always adding more…LOL. Hit up your local drug or beauty store to find a clear bag with travel size bottles.


Space Savers: Use the space inside your bag for non-liquid items. Deodorant, pressed powder, toothbrush and liquids like contact lens solution or medication. Yes, this is okay, the TSA will not tell you but I will. You can have travel size contact lens solution or medication inside of your suitcase and get through security. Trust me, a TSA Agent shared this tip with me!


Double duty products can condense your load: Multi-functional beauty products will give you more room. Try products like a makeup palette with eye shadow and blush or eye shadow, blush and lips. Trust me, you are not going to use everything in your makeup kit on vacation. If you do, then you are a bigger makeup junkie than me and I’m not sure I can help you. Buy makeup wipes. But make sure they cleanse, tone and moisturize so you do not have bring a cleanser, toner and moisturizer; it saves time and money.


Perfume on the go: Take your signature scent and add it to a perfume atomizer. It is the perfect little travel size gadget to carry your favorite scent on the go.


Take advantage of the freebies: If you don’t have sensitive skin or if you are not picky, leave your shower gels and shampoos behind. You can use what the hotel offers or you can shop when you get to your destination. Most hotels offer decent brands for shower gels and shampoos for free.


Lost and found: Always have 2 of everything in case you have to check your bag or the airline misplaces (I mean loses) your suitcase! Keep one set at home and one in your suitcase. If the airline loses your bag with your favorite skincare inside or you leave it at the hotel, no worries, you have an extra set at home.

So there you have it; my top beauty travel tips! I hope this has helped you as much as it as helped me ☺. Enjoy your travels, be safe and have fun!



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