The Beauty of Courage and Giving


Yesterday, I completed a task that I had on my life list to complete; it was finishing a 5K race!!! This is something that I have been putting off for years but I finally did it and I am so proud of myself!!! Yay me… 🙂


I am sure that you may be asking yourself what does this have to do with beauty??? Well, it’s about the beauty of having courage to complete things and the beauty of caring of your inner beauty, which will allow my outer beauty to shine!!! How many times do you put things off that can benefit you in the long run??? Do you take tine to make time to care for your inner beauty like you do your outer beauty???

My 5K race will result on my overall health and wellness, which represents the beauty of living a more healthy life…. I will loose weight, feel more energized, drink more water, have clear skin and be beautiful from the inside out!!!

Not only will I benefit from the overall health and beauty in my life but I will also enhance the beauty of a child’s life. I ran for a cause called By The Hand; a Christian based organization that helps at risk kids who show potential to succeed in life in underprivileged neighborhoods in the Chicago area but lack role models or a helping hand. This is a great cause and I am excited to have the ability to enhance the beauty of a child’s life!!!


What about you??? How will you impact your inner beauty today??? What challenge do you need help completing??? Today, I will continue to enhance my inner beauty, have the courage to complete a challenge and enhance the beauty of a child’s life. If you inclined to enhance the beauty of a child’s life, please visit my By The Hand Race page and give the gift of giving!!! (Even though the race is over, you can still give). Thanks in advance!!! Have a marvelous Monday…MUAH





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  1. Congrats on completing the race! Yes, I am encouraged to go forth in passions which includes challenges to press through! God bless. Thank you.

    • Beauty School ScArlet says:

      Thank you Bonnie!!! I am glad that you are encouraged to follow through with your challenges and passion!!! Good luck and God Bless 🙂

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